Wednesday, August 2, 2017

step one: u make a pattern

hee hee, yeppies if mom follows our specs carefully our new flippy flops are going to be so cool! just look at how ferocious my paw shapes turned out! okay okay, duk duk. after u help me do my hiney feet we will do yours next. what? oh right. let me ask her.

mom, may we have more tracing paper? enough for two wolf hiney feet and one set of falcon talons please :).


Jane said...

Baxter, I can't wait to see the flip flops your mom will create for you and duk duk! I don't see how your mom could ever deny your requests because you always ask her so politely for what you are needing. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your flippy floppies, Baxter. They should bring a lot of comfort to those cute little toes of yours.

Little Klaus and his Mom Krista

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom sees what a design genius you are little b. Wally and B