Friday, October 13, 2017

u say potato, i say posmello


(sniff sniff)

(sniff sniff sniff...sniff sniff)

(sniff sniff sniff)

mom, what did u do with the potato me and duk duk put in here like forever ago ?? and why didjoo put all this charcoal and pee pee no no juice in there instead? i mean, it hardly even smells like concentrated morning death breath in here now..


Anonymous said...

Oh what things little boy dachshunds will try to hide away.

Wisconsin Klaus' Mom Krista

Anonymous said...

I think it did the magic metapoomorphis act and disappeared. Potatoes have a habit of doing that if left to their own devices.

Anonymous said...

I like that your mom has to buy stinky stain remover in the gallon size. That's impressive B!