Monday, January 1, 2018

goodbye 2017 / hello 2018 :)

So, I haven't really taken the time to figure out if I've become more cognizant of the world's craziness, or if the world is indeed, crazier as we close 2017.  But I do know this, for as long as I am able, for as long as tiny chumley, my big boyfriend, and I are able, we will work to keep our little cyber world as safe and merry and loving as ever.  A place where a happy go lucky little short legged wolf can be best friends with a tattered one wing falcon, where there are happy disco parties every friday, and where poopie snakes and gummy worms are the currency of fun. I honestly have no idea what 2018 will bring for our tiny family or the real world, but I'm ever so glad you're along for the ride. Happy New Year, friends!! :)


cece said...

Happy New Year to all of you too. I am sure the world is crazier, but my doxie, ruby, and I are together and that is what matters, same as your family is....Ruby wants Baxter to know that her best friend is fox.

Lisa Walsh said...

Happy New Year to your family too! Thank you for brightening our days with your adventures!

Jane said...

Baxter, I always love your New Year's picture with you standing up with mom. You have worked hard this past year when you were helping with makies and coming up with great ideas. I wish your family a wonderful new year and stay safe and healthy. Sambo's favorite friend is a bear that was bigger than he was as a puppy, but not anymore. :)
Jane and Sambo

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a resolution worth keeping for all of us! Love you little B. Your antics and your mum's musings and curation of your adventures have been the highlight of my mornings for years. Bless you and your family for this year and years to come. Wally and B

Anonymous said...

Dear Baxter,
The world is indeed crazier!....but we wish you and your mom and dad a very happy new year. And we thank you for your blog, which gives us a small bit of time to escape from that craziness.

Little Wisconsin Klaus
and his moms (who are sisters)Krista and Mary