Wednesday, January 3, 2018

puffy jacket weather

what?? i am not too big. i just look puffy because i am wearing the down jackie mom got me. and beaide, some dukkie should thank his luckee stars its not filled with his feathers, thank you.

now make way make way, let a wolfie in. it's freezing out-

(kaaack) here. foo-whee! omg, people, decency much? i mean, serously. it smells like, like.. fermented cheese in there . (kaaack).

hee hee, everybuddy knows to make a stink really spectacular u need the nuanced notes produced by a ferocious carnivore's biome. now lemme in quick cuz i think this instant pot's about to blow. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Baxter....I think Duk-Duk is jealous of your comfy-puffy coat. Stay warmy and stop with those crazy smelly phoofies, which I think are a hazard to air quality.

Little Wisconsin Klaus' Mom Krista

Tami Baughman Bequette said...

Really Duk Duk...everyone knows that a Wolfie needs lots of stinky smells to disguise his own beautimous smells!!