Friday, March 2, 2018

under the bus

hee hee hee. omg, duk duk, i am really impressed with how these turned out.

i mean, just look at them. and they are stickers, too. yeah, i think we should print at least eleventy gazillion more, too. this sprocket thingy is so cool.

uh-oh, i think i hear mom’s car!
(shuffle shuffle shuffle)

why hello, mom. looky - while u were gone we made u a sticker of us for your car so that way we are always with u even when we are not. can me and duk duk help u bring in the groceries? i am certain u must be tired. not that u look it or anything. u look fresh as a poopie snake. i mean, in a good fresh made sort of way. not like a poop mushie or anything.

wait, what’s that? take the sticker picture now? well, um....o i forgot , can u give duk duk a bath first? he really stinks because i think he stepped in uknowwhat and well, i know how u do not like us being stinky and all... :)