Friday, May 18, 2018

an aye for an eye

mom, i feel like all my life has been leading up to that moment. like, well,  me, earning all my badges in pupscouts, and all the patrol walkies we've been on. and. um, toyfriend club, of course, which i can't really say much about.  but, i mean, seriously, my point is...

 ..every wolfie knows when the Peeing Bush gives u a bunny, no matter how small he is, u chomp it. which i did fair and square. but then when i pulled it out of the bush, u screamed so i dropped it. and then the baby bunny hopped away.  so, yeppies, i do think i deserve at least as many snackies as would have filled my tummy if i ate him. and i would like payment in full now, please. :) 


Jill Scoggins said...

Baxter, you are a compassionate wolfie! The wolfie in you made you chomp the bunny but the compassion in you made you drop it! You are a champion among wolfies and we all love you. And I agree, you deserve all the snackies snacks that would make up for the bunny you gave up!