Wednesday, November 7, 2018

turnout 2018

hee hee, yeah, hey thanks for voting, mister, come back next year....thanks for voting, other mister, hope it was swirly...o yeah, i see u earned a sticker, too. thanks for voting..hey lady, come back next year. o and miss, thanks for voting...what’s that? this? no, this is for next year’s election. u see..

wolves are so ferocious, they have to vote early so as to not scare off or influence any other voters. and falcons, well, they can early vote, too, but like i was telling duk duk - sometimes the danger in mixing falcons and wolves is that their, um, votes can be so sm-

wait, what’s that? o sorry, i did not mean to keep u - thanks for voting and do come back next year. in fact, come sooner because we can always use more votes, no matter what shape they are. yeah, okay bye bye.

hey thanks for voting, hope it was delightful. yeah thanks lady and mister smell u later...

mom, i do not see any gas masks. r u sure everyone gets a voting sticker for being a good boy or girl and pooping outside today?


Sharon O said...

Oh no - I knew I forgot to do SOMEthing yesterday :( No, not voting - I did that early - but I forgot to poop outside!

Jill Scoggins said...

Vote for Baxter for Stinker of the House!