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Monday, April 17, 2017

fun with thrift store scores: kids tee edition :)

hee hee...finest quality....superior workmanship...

...there are letters...f-e-e-d-m-e.    ...interesting....


not for someone else. 
this dud is for me!!

yippee!  thank u, mom :) :)



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

hold me, like u did by the lake on naboo

well, mom, i guess we can, but u have to promise not to tell duk duk.

especially since technically, this outfit is pink, and princess amidala technically never ever wore pink. not in star poops one two or three. and u know what a stickler duk duk is for detail. i would never hear the end of it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

wednesday's doot is full of woot :)

hee hee, yeppies i am happy how our swirly glitter weenies all came out too, duk duk.  

what a stroke of luck that chocobot and his unicorn friends decided to have their pre-easter eatsterparty at our heat cave the other week.  i mean, we both know that chocobot can really make a massive pile but who knew that a group of unicorns can make like, literally an olympus-sized mountain glittery poop. and in all sorts of colors too. yeppies, even our museum was not going to be able to hold that much. we were really lucky they used their magic to help us bottle some for our swirly weenies, weren't we? 

my favorite combination? well, i surprise myself by saying this, but i am not sure i have just one.  i mean, on the one paw or wing, u have the chocolatey poopie brown series, and they are all actually very pretty - not just the poopie gold and browns glitter mix which everybuddy pretty much knows i would like, but the other ones too - falcony greens and blues, and even cootieful pinks and reds. those combinations we made all go nicely with the brown they way grass and tomatoes do when show up on the back end if u know what i mean.

and,  on the other paw - no wing - we have the princessy purple series, with your choice of unicorn purples and holographic glitter, falcony greens and blues, and of course cootieful pinks and reds.  i just want to swirl them all and stare at them forever, dontchoo, duk duk?  what's that, oh right.  sorry mom 2 keep u waiting. let me go ahead and finish getting ready so we can get this photo party started and get everything ready to post for this Wednesday. it'll only take me a minute, mom.... (shuffle , shuffle)...okay that's on nice n snug.

now one last thing. i think i have my lines pretty much memorized, but, duk duk, if u would just hand me my script, we can tape them to the back here where i can see them if i need a remin-


-der. wait, what??? mom, we can't lose the mask.  u said this time me and duk duk had full creative authority on this project and what with spring and easter coming up,  i mean seriously, what better time for a ferocious bunny to be selling these sparkly incredibly awesome -

...okay FINE, he says with frost visibly dripping from his words if that were only a thing in real life.  but, a) the change notice is going 2 cost u 5 extra gummy worms for each of us  b) we are going to need an extra 20 minutes to prepare and c) can u please go downstairs and get my purple plaid top hat while me and duk duk write and rehearse our new script? 

okay, c u in a few. 

hee hee hee, that went even better than i expected.  and, thanks to the fact that we totally already wrote our plan b script ahead of time,  now we have a whole 20 minutes to goof off. :)

(hee hee, don't miss tomorrow's doot for our super special sparkly swirly glitter weenies, let's say around 11:00AM EST. and please remember, as these goodies are partly made from glass and contain small parts, we like to think of these as goodies for grown ups.  please enjoy responsbily. :) )

Monday, February 6, 2017

hint hint

bee-dee-bee-dee-bee-dee. this is the voice of poopie control. klaatu barata pooptoe. danger danger! the poop must flow. all hands to foofiestations or by poopthar's snakey, u shall be stinked!

hee hee, um...okay, know that it's really me and i probably am telling u i need to go outside, right, mom?

Monday, January 9, 2017

little pink fuzzy wolf secrets :)

well, yes, mom, this one is really nice and i appreciate u making it for me from sleeve u cut from the cashmere sweater u got at the thrift store but...well...hang on...

nopies he's not over there...

...aaaand okay, i think the coast is clear...

so, do u think u can maybe make me a onesie with footies from the pink fuzzy angora sweater that i saw u also got from the thrifty store? and, u know, we can just hide i mean keep it in your and dad's bed and i can wear it when we snuggle in the mornings? :)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

goodbye 2016

mom, do u ever feel like u sort should have a lot to say but then u realize it will only bum u out so all u can really say is...
goodbye 2016. u were really weird.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

making spirits bright :)

hee hee, let's walk faster, dad! this cheer ain't gonna spread itself u know :)

Friday, December 9, 2016

final draft review

 ...hee hee, well of course nobuddy really likes him, duk duk. but he's the guy with all the presents so what can u do, really?

 yeah, i am glad that mom does not make us go see him in person either. my friend hankie says with every passing year he gets scarier and scarier,  and if hankie thinks he is scary, u know what i would think. and i am pretty sure santa would not take very kindly to an impromptu meeting with agent brown, if u know what i mean. 

yeah, it is so much better just to write him a letter, even if we do have to write it all by hand still. 


oh yes, where were we?  oh yes, final draft review. let's go back to the first page.. "dear santa....howya doin...technically good all year...blah blah blah...duk duk's fault..."  turning to next page...


"...mutually resolved to each party's satisfaction...laser guided mega monster trebuchet...block of cheese...robot walrus submarine...cannot take delivery until the 3rd for obvious reasons ....regards to the missus...enjoy the carrots and cookies..hope u did not step on the u know what by the stoop.  yours truly, baxter & duk duk".

well, i think that's pretty good, dontchoo duk duk? i mean, concise and to the point with just enough pleasant chit chat to hopefully smooth over some of our more notable infractions this year. which we clearly did not hide or cover up and in fact i think we explained ourselves pretty well. but, i guess don draper is right about changing the conversation.  i mean like, we never ask for cheese and santa i am sure will be like, cheese? what's a wolf and falcon going to do with cheese? i guess i will just have to find out! and then he will give us everything on our list because our list is so short, like seriously, he should be embarrassed to give us anything less than all of it really. then come christmas morning, bwoop! megamonstertrebuchet-robotwalrussubmarine!

hee hee hee, i love christmas so much, dontchoo duk duk? :)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

happy thanksgiving 2 u :)

um, mom, are we finished taking pictures yet because because we have been waiting like all month for this :) #thankfulforthanksgiving

Monday, October 31, 2016

saving halloween (part 3: a new beginning)


no, it's okay,  mom, really.  halloween is pretty much like the only day we want 2 ride the bus instead of pedaling 2 school.  well today and tomorrow on the bus because The Great Candy Exchange is tomorrow and that is practically the only day we can get rid of any smarties we collect, outside of us smashing them into candy dust. which i admit is pretty fun, but at least on TGCE Tuesday, we can turn our smarties into gummy gold. so, thank u for the offer, but we will stick with going 2 school on the bus.

okay, we will c u later....


hee hee hee, yeppies i know, right? like nobuddy's gonna ever gonna guess it is me because really, a wolf in a wolf costume? who would expect that??

well, technically that's true, duk duk, i'm a wolf in a wolf slash bunny costume, but seriously, everybuddy at school will be so busy saying like, my what big teeth u have, and oooo what smelly breath u have,  that i hardly think anybuddy will notice anything past the ferocious head gear mom helped us frankenzombiewolf from the zombie wolf we got at the thifty store...

hee hee hee, yessiree, my friends, today we are going 2 have a fantastic day at school. :)


Friday, September 2, 2016

thank u miss Debbi

the hmmmm. left eye. right eye. left eye. right eye. both eyes...left eye. right eye...left eye... 

yeppies dukduk, even though the dizzy is kind of nice, I think maybe for now I should just put my old ones on so we can read the letter miss Debbi included with our lovely package. 

oh yes I can see one hundred and threeventy nine percent better now. left eye. right eye. left eye. both eyes. yup totally better. okay, where were we?

dear Baxter and, o I see, mm-hmm mm-hmm, love miss Debbi! oh how swell - that was really really nice of miss Debbi to send us these super cool goodies. my neck feels better already. doesn't yours duk duk? 

well okay be that way. but u know I know u know I know u know whose fault that was and u know what they say about wolves and full moons anyway. it is not my fault u did not get the memo. 

what's that? oh yeah we should totally ask her...

mooom - if we promise to write miss Debbi a thank u note tonitey nite after we finish our chores, may we please go ahead and play with the cards and eat the snackies she sent us? :) 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

pirate quality assurance

..hee hee, okay duk duk take your time getting the shipping box from the garage because this pirate's gotta arrrrrr! arrrrrr! arrrrrrr! arrrrrrr! arrr-

oh why, hello, mother.  yes, do not worry me and duk duk promise to pack and ship this special order puppy pirate hat out today. I was just testing it to make sure the puppy could still wear it even when he is full grown.  see? it may not be as big as our regular sized hat, but it is still equally adorable, dontchoo think, mom?  :) 

(psst - if you are interested in getting an adorable pirate hat for your tiny tennis ball sized noggin wolf, tiny chumley and  I made two extra and they can be found in the shop in the links below)

Friday, June 17, 2016

art of deflection :)

hee hee, yeah they are so cool, right duk duk? I wish we did not promise mom that we would wait until she got back home before we could play with them. 

I mean, technically right now I am only trying them on so that is not playing with them. nopies, nosiree. just trying them on. 

and technically, we are not playing only trying them out. and super technically, this is not me going rawwwr rawwwr and holding u in a ferocious crusher claw and pincer grip. because I am a wolf and wolves do not have -  

whoops.  why hello, mother. it is so nice to see u again. I did not hear the door open else I would have enthusiastically greeted you as I always do. did u see the poopie snake I made u? u passed it on the way in and it is a doozy! 

(ickquay ukday ukday, ovemay ackbay otay ymay idesay ndaay iay illway rytay otay seuay ymay owerspay foay eflectionday erhay enwhay eshay omescay ackbay)

oh u did not find it? o that is right, I forgot. dad took me out and I pooped outside. other than that, we have not been doing very much really, besides looking at facebooky and texting and stuff. did u maybe get anything supercool from tj maxx or homegoods while u were out? :) 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


whoa, duk duk, déjá vu . :) #jedilaserlightsabertherapyagaintoday

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#trueWolfStories as reenacted to friends (part 1) she finally comes back to the deck and by now i'm at the door waiting to for someone to open it and i'm like, 'hmom, hlooky!! hno hinner hfor hme hthankth cuth i cauth hmine! hcan hyou pleeth hopen hthe hdoor hnow htho i can heath hit inthide hon hmy hthnackie blankee?'  

only i do not think she could hear a word i said over all that screaming.  then,  when she finally stops and tells me to u know what...

..i'm like, 'hrop it? harr hyou hidding hme??'  but i do,  because i thought maybe she just wanted come close and see it better because really who would not want to see that, right? especially since otherwise i am pretty sure all she could see were tiny feet sticking out, what with my mouth being so ferocious and wolfy big.

anyhow,  i dropped it, but she stayed where she was standing and she called me to come to her which i'm like, well, okay, duk duk's inside and none of the dopeys are out, so yeah, sure, let's go get dad bcuz i bet he will want to see it too.
so mom carries me to the front where dad was mowing the lawn and she blah blah blahs then dad blah blah blahs and then we all go back to admire it but dad gets the shovel and next thing i know and long story short, no bunny stew for dinner ...


...but yeppies.. (ptoo)... thank u, blinky,  for volunteering to help me with my reenactment and maybe now if u could just lie still on the plate i brought for just another minute,  just so everybuddy can get a feel for size, yes?  yes like, oh yes like that... now, where was i? oh i know! what happens a week later.... (to be continued) :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

vitamin D


mom, you know how they say you are what you eat...well, i just wanted to ask, well, okay, i like my kibble and all but... u think maybe i could start eating more dinosaur meat? :)

Friday, March 4, 2016

candy dish

mom, are u sure these are for guests only? :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

je suis un loup

oooOOOoooOOoooo, classic breton stripes! and a dapper dyed red silk scarf and hand blocked cashmere beret, all in me size! i guess u are right mom, with all this stuff u made, we will not need the plan b outfit for our card project at all!

Friday, February 26, 2016

scenes from makey world

This week between appointments and the demands of real life, tiny chumley and I have started work on a tiny commissioned card project, which not only promises makey challenges and tons of cuteness, but the gratifying reward of being able to help make someone's special occasion even more so. :) 

well, I think this works pretty good, mom. but let's go ahead and make one with our Plan A fabric so that way we have options when we do the photo shoot :) 

Friday, January 8, 2016

blah blah blah axe and light saber :)

  A nicely fitted sleeve has been my makey moby dick for ages now as far as tiny chumley's wardrobe is concerned.  Each year, I find myself pulling out the pattern I yearn to perfect, and refine it more, redrawing the shoulder line and adjusting the armscye and sleeve cap, sewing fit model after fit model to test my tweaks and futz some more.

 Late last year, the sewing gods finally saw fit to allow me achieve to my goal of sleeve nirvana.  But the irony, of course, is that I now realize that sleeves, even nicely fitted sleeves that highlight a magnificent shoulder ham, are hardly something a little wolf wants or needs when he goes on his walkies.  A little wolf needs freedom of movement when he goes out in the world, an unhindered ability to move his shorty legs upwards and downwards and every which way in between, so he can be ready at a moment's notice to chase bunnies, or run away from big noisy dogs.  Sleeves are great for jammies and dress up, but not so much for a wandering weenie wolf's walkie wear.

With old man winter finally making an appearance, this week's makey project for tiny chumley was two fold - make a simple sleek winter thermal hoodie that would allow him to walk unencumbered by bulk, and, rusty though I have been in this department, make him a new super cool winter harness that he could wear over his new cashmere duds.

 Today, a peek at part 1, Baxter's cashmere hoodie, which I made from a sleeve of a thrift store sweater for the main body, and part of the sweater's body for the hood itself, plus double fold bias binding cut from fabric I had scored long ago in the NYC garment district.  The basic concept is fairly simple and, since there are no set in sleeves, no pattern is required.  In fact, the basic concept is simply to find a cashmere sweater whose sleeve is slightly smaller in circumference than the tubular size of your pup's body.  I wanna say maybe 10-20% smaller for a nice snug fit.  Cut the sleeve off at the shoulder seam.  Then cut two slits where the arm holes should be (just cut slits, not circles else the arm holes will stretch too big).  Consider making one release cut into the cuff ribbing if the neck is tight - this will also allow for a cute turn down collar as well.  Then cut for body length as needed, and  bind all the cut edges, or leave them unfinished as I did in his first sleeve based blue sweater .
Add a hood if you'd like using a stretch stitch on your sewing machine and voila, instant winter jedi viking cashmere hoodie! :)

ps - It was cloudy all day yesterday so in the next post, a hopefully much less wordier peek at tiny chumley's awesome part 2.

hee hee, mom, speaking of jedis and vikings, next time u make me a hoodie can u please add loops so a wolf can carry a light saber and an axe? otherwise this patttern is pretty much perfect and thank u so much for making it for me:)