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Friday, April 19, 2013

the tiger sleeps tonight :)

wow, duk duk, for a tiger he sure is friendly.  yeah,  i cannot  believe he does not have home yet either.  i guess that is why he let us catch him.  tigers are usually pretty tricky when they are not eating their frosty flakes.  it is too bad we are going to have to untie him and let him go.  mom said we already foofie too much and unless mister tiger starts to learn english and eats less meat and more grain, well, let's just say every day is going to be stinko de mayo around here and we already have to beg mom just to celebrate it one day a -

...year.  but..tee hee, that tickles a little! well, i suppose we could ask her anyway and maybe he could come to school with us to learn non-foofieous forms of communication..oooh dat's nice...
(bup fweet buh squeeEEEeeeEEEEE)..and maybe if we promise mom to always do our chores without being reminded, and that  we will not play guess whose foofie inside anymore...

only, there is already a mister tiger at school.  we probably need to find u a new name...

 oh i know! (mister tiger, floot ploopy pssssssseeeoooo pip foofa foof eeeeooop. buh blap blappy puht puht , lulu?) 

hee hee, he said it would be an honor!  okay, lulu the tiger, not only are you our new friend, but every time we say your name,  we can also remember old ones too!  (blap blap buh squeeEEEEEEeeeEeeoo!)  ♥ :) :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

a lulu lookback :)

It has been a few years now since the little kielbasa and I started this blog.  As with so many things I never imagined would happen, I never imagined we would be here, mourning the passing and celebrating the life of a little friend whom we would not have met where it not for this world we created.  Today, just a few pictures of Lulu, some new, some old, but all I can assure you, cherished for the perfect foil to Baxter's unusual happy go lucky lifestyle, and for happiness and love she brought to us all. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime tales: dedicated to lulu, the little kielbasa helps a bunny (part 4)

Before our story begins tonight, me and duk duk just wanted to say that tonight's story is dedicated to the memory our friend Lulu, who passed away today without our even being able to say good nitey nite one last time.  Until we can say hello again, good friend, know that we will miss you very much, and that you can watch from above all the secret toyfriend clubs u want, without even having to stand over there.   ♥

(sniffle sniffle).  Okay,  on with our story...

"Strik's in trouble, Pussycat!" barked the Little Kielbasa. "He is trapped with his cousins inside their cage and if he does not get out soon, our pancake and salad party will totally not be happening. Please come with me to Farmer Wells's farm!! Oh, and bring your gas mask, because the air is pretty thick if u know what I mean."

Ooooh look at that, duk duk! Pussycat's got some skills.  If he were real I think we would totally offer him some gummy worms to help us get into the pantry so we can get more gummy worms! Oh, okay, so on with the story...

Pussycat elegantly opened the cage, striking a pose so the Little Kielbasa could take a picture with a camera that made a klink sound when he pressed the button.  Strik the bunny hopped out, happy until  he looked down at his paw watch and saw that now the big hand was on the eleven and the little hand on the five.  "Well, Little Kielbasa, there are only five minutes left until Bugs Bunny is on. How bout we go down to the lake and do a few cannonballs instead?" "Sure, Strik, and maybe while we are down there I can show you how to make underwater bubbles!"  The End!

Well boys and girls, I am sorry but that is the end of our bedtime story.  I hope you enjoyed hearing it as much as we enjoyed reading it.  Good night my friends, and to Lulu and her mom. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

crunchy crunch crunch :)

It is time to start work on my taxes today, and so while I am crunching numbers, it seemed only fitting to dip into the photo vaults and post a little happy crunchy crunching of cuter kind, compliments of Baxter and his kitty friend Honey Bear. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

je me souviendrai de toi

Howling, as I undestand it, is canine speak for "I am here, where are you?".  A means to locate another when they are missed.   And I think with Joey's passing, our hearts are howling as loudly as they ever could.

joey, my friend, in celebration of the joy you and maggie gave us,  and the love of everything long and short with which you united us, we bow our heads as we bring out our biggest and best snackie in your honor, and we bid you one last, lonely, and heartfelt.....


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

lunch a la mode

It's always fun when Baxter's little friend Lulu comes to visit and helps remind us that normal is really just a state of acceptance, shared between two willing souls :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

weather forecast

Hee hee, the forecast here at the motel park n bark today? Why sunshine and snackies of course! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

get well lily belle

dear diary,
today we might might get snow which is super exciting because finally all the work me and duk duk and chocobot and  lil pink puppy put into making our giant poopnsnowball chucker will finally pay off.  well, at least until the stinky bassets next door tell their mom and then she calls my mom and then the fun's all over.

meanwhile, i heard my blogfriend lily belle might be having back problems and so while we are waiting for the snow to fall, i think i will take a few minutes now to think of her and send her some happy friends-only sunshine.   and let her know that she does not have to return it on account of the cooties n all.

well, it is time for duk duk to relieve my snowwatch post so i must bid you a fond..

b. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

goodbye my friend

I know our existence in this world would not be as rich or meaningful were it not for the crises and events that wound our hearts and give us reason to pause, but such knowledge hardly gives comfort in times such as these when we lose the ones we love.  Today, condolences to all those affected by loss this year, including hugs for a very special friend.

mom, for reading practice, may we read about german shepherds today?  because even though molly's brother max is gone,  and even though he was a very big dog, i think i would really like to remember him.  ♥

Friday, December 7, 2012

hello hello :)


Today, just a little skype-y hello from two happy little munchkins, both anxious to be with their respective moms again.

 i am so glad we got to talk again today and oh, mom, can u please bring me home a snackie? and maybe one for lulu to take back when she goes home, so that way i do not have to share...okay, lulu, now it is your turn to say hello to your mom. but make it snappy bcuz i need to say nitey nite to my mom and then we can play princess ponypup with chocobot n lil pink puppy. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

gift rapt

Although here in mom and dad's world  I seem to be getting at times the rapt attention of a very different and much older boy and girl, it would be nice to be in two places at once, so that I could also spend some happy go lucky time in my home world, and feel the rapt attention offered by the rumbly tummies of  a certain little furry boy and his little guest friend lulu.

hee hee mom, it is not the same without u here at the motel park n bark! maybe next time u leave and my guest lulu checks in, u can also leave a giant pile of snackies and me and lulu can skype train with them!! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

all barked out

Even though they didn't get a chance to go walkies, two little tired wiener dogs were too sleepy to say hello on skype yesterday night. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

do u see what i see?

Even though hundreds of miles separate us, I am happy at least that video chatting affords me the opportunity to check in on my big and tiny boyfriends, and hear all about what's going on in their happy little world.

...and then, mom, lulu said i stinked,  and so, i said  -  (whispers)  come closer so u can hear me bcuz she is right under the desk  -  i said, thank you very much! and now u go stink over there with chocobot n lil pink puppy bcuz me n duk duk have to work on our secret christmas list for santa claus  but when we are done,  we will all play poops n ladders!! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

field trip

Our tiny trio took a field trip this past weekend, visiting the super cool design-your-own fabric and print-on-demand mecca of Spoonflower, where as you might have guessed, we got to see fabrics being printed, treated, and cut for shipment to places far and near.

Tiny chumley of course, was hardly impressed with this  portion of our field trip, but he did enjoy our next stop at his little friend lulu's home, where it was fun to catch up and play...

...and then invade her toybox :)

o that was fun mom! next time we go to lulu's i think we can totally have a toyfriend clu-- um, a toyfriend meeting, dontchoo!! :) :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

baxter and duk duk's scary stories: the tell tale poop (continued)

I was asleep by the time Harley came home, so we caught up the next morning.

"It was my pooper!", he proclaimed with a voice that conveyed both relief and a sense having been probed in an alien manner. "The Xrays showed that I was super full of poop!!  I was consti-pooped!"

"Wait, what? Really??" I asked with a spine tingling blend of envy and surprise.

"Yup!  No acorns, no pancreatitis, no allergic reactions or anything - my pooper was just full of poop!  The vet said I should have remembered to drink more water on the long drive to our new home.  I was shivering and panting because I was in pain, because when you have that much poop in you, well, you know, it hurts.  And yeah I could not tell u either why I was still pooping even though I was constipooped, but there u have it.  Or should I say, there it was, all over the..well, let's not talk about that part.  Apparently an enema does not mean what I thought it meant. "

"Wow, that is so scary, to think that your own poopie could do that to you.  I have always thought of poopie snakes as our friends, but I guess they're friends only if they don't overstay their welcome! Hey now that you're all empty, let's ask mom for a snackie!"

"Yeah I am famished!" 

Well there you have it, a tale so scary and real it had to be told. This Halloween, drink plenty of water, my friends, and avoid a visit from the grim pooper.

Friday, October 26, 2012

baxter and duk duk's scary stories: the tell tale poop

Doo dee doo doo,  doo dee dooo doo..Well hello, it's me, Baxter, and welcome again to baxter and duk duk's scary story zone. Yesterday, we took you inside every dog's nightmare, and found a food bowl filled only with anticipation.  But today, in honor of halloween, our story will take you into the scariest place of all - reality.  Doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo doo...

Night had fallen in the Harley n Hayley household where I was staying for the night.  Cool crisp air crept in through the cracks and crevices of my borrowed home, invaders that formed the first battalion of the army of darkness.  The humans in their household were many that night, and I knew that my friend Harley, his sister, and I would all be jockeying for spots on the sofa, for places on blankies nestled on our humans' laps to warm us through the cold autumn evening.

"Hey, u stink.  Go over there," Hayley told me when I tried to sit with her and her mom.  And so I nestled in with Harley and mom at the opposite end of the sofa while the television filled the room with an eerie blue glow.

Minutes passed. I had just begun to nod off when I was jarred by what I thought was a slight shaking sensation, causing my chub to reverberate like a plucked violin string.  What the heck?, I wondered, but the warmth of my blankie quickly lulled me back into a dream like state.

The sound of heavy panting woke me up next, and the strangeness of my sensations could no longer be denied. I opened my eyes and turned my head over to my friend Harley, who by now had already come out from under our blankie and was starting to settle himself in my mom's arms.  Oh, yeah, longer hair will do that, I thought to myself.  But I still wish I had long long hair.  Hmm, note to self, be sure to put long hair on my year list this year for San...zzzz.  I dozed off again, certain this night was not as peculiar as it was trying to tell me it was.

The sensation of shaking woke me up again.  "Hey, Harley did you feel that-" I started to ask as I turned my head and noticed my friend shivering. Do papillons normally shiver like teeny tiny dogs do or is he just cold, I wondered.  "Get back under the blankie, my friend, you'll be warm again."

But Harley stayed up where he was, shivering, then panting, then shivering again.  Alternating modes unless my mom or his mom looked at him, at which point he would stop.  Then do it all over again when they weren't looking.  Uh-oh.

Mom and his mom took turns examining him. He wasn't gassy, and he had recently pooped and peed normally, his mom said.  And he was eating just fine, well, except for when I was shoveling food from their bowls because his mom would leave it out for them all day and O what joy it is to find a giant bowl of food on the floor with nobody else interested in eat---um, yeah, back to the story.    Mom felt Harley's tummy and had no idea what normal for him felt like, but at least his tummy wasn't tender.   His eyes looked glassy, his mom thought.  But by now he had stopped shivering and panting and he was wandering around on the floor, going this way and that as a dog normally does.

"These past few days, Harley hasn't been his normal self because we've only recently moved here from far away and Harley misses his old home," said his mom had told me when I first met up with him.  "So don't feel too bad if he doesn't want to play with you."  I remembered that conversation when I saw him walking around, and decided to stay on the sofa where it was at least warm.

Mom and Harley's mom kept talking, and I kept listening.  The shivers and the pants came back.  "Are you sure he hasn't vomited? Was his poop solid?  Nothing bloody?"  "It looked just fine" "He didn't get into any weird food, did he? Did he have anything fatty?" "No he's on a high fiber diet.The only thing I can think of is that he was sniffing at the acorns up front. But I didn't see him eat any."

Uh-oh.   My friend Otto ate sumptin he should not have and ended up getting emergency surgery. 

Harley kept panting and shivering at home, but of course didn't do any of that while in the car on the way to the emergency vet, or while waiting in the waiting room, or while even the vet poked and prodded and checked him out.

After listening to Harley's mom's account of Harley's otherwise normal day,  the vet said, "Well it is definitely possible Harley ate an acorn this time of year. But the first thing we need to do is X-ray our little fella here to see what's inside."

Dollar signs hovered over every conversation Mom and Harley's mom had while they waited. Pancreatitis?  Obstructed Bowel?  Foreign object caught somewhere?  Thyroid problems?  Cushings?

The vet came back with the news...

Doo dee doop doop! It's me, Baxter again. Are you as go-hide-nder-the-blankie-scared as I am?? Tomorrow I will tell you the actual results but can you guess what Harley was diagnosed with? Let's review the symptoms & scenario just to be sure...

Alternates between panting and shivering, but not at the vet's office
Tummy not tender
Poop looked normal
Pooped about an hour before the symptoms showed up
Glassy eyes maybe
Eating fine (especially my food because we both think each other's is tastier)
Drinking fine and he was peeing ok
Sniffed at an acorn
Had been buried in blankies
It was a cold night

If u have any other questions I can try to answer them as best I remember, but in any case, please feel free to post your guess at Harley's diagnosis and I will tell you tomorrow the ending to today's scary real story! :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

scenes from a pumpkin patch

A wiener dog festival full of happy distractions is hardly the best place to get two little punkins like Baxter and his friend Lulu to cooperate in posing for pictures, but luckily, sometimes all you need is a little kibble to make the perfect recipe for cheese. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

wiener dog festival 2012

dear diary,
after all the fun i had yesterday, i am pretty certain that the best way to spend a sunday afternoon is at wiener dog festival in the company of friends, especially if they are new friends with moms sitting on the ground whose pockets are full of snackies, or new friends who stink but stink in a way that says, please smell me more, and your new friends actually let you. even if u never did get their names.

yesterday at the festival was also swell because  i got to catch up with old friends, like cricket n pepper, who i did not get to see or smell for very long because,  boo hoo,  they had to leave early and, well, i got there late, and like jewel and quintin, whom i had never really met before but i felt like i met them because i got to model their duds.  quintin and i caught up on everything stink and snackie related...

while jewel had a fine time with a nice tummy rub from my dad.

i also met up with my friend lulu, which i can tell you more about tomorrow because with first my uncle skritchy being in town and then with all the fun i had at the festival and all, i sorta forgot about doing my calculus homework til now and apparently i am going to need the toes on all my paws to help with some of the problems teacher assigned us.  so for now i must bid you a fond..

b :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

minus two

sharing, sharing, it could be caring, 
except when your friends get overbearing, 
and leave u staring
at an empty bowl.

- baxter, 5.8 years old, sorely disappointed that he did not get to lick the bottom of the apples n sweet potato baby food container all by himself while visiting his friends harley n hayley :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

walkies three do we

dear diary,
it has been raining a lot lately but finally the sun came out yesterday and i am glad to say i got to go walkies with my new friends hayley and harley.  and yes as u can see,  me n harley walked ahead of her bcuz of, u know, the girl stink.  i hope santa does not find out.  or at least he gives me and harley both cootie proof outerwear.

b. :)