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Sunday, June 16, 2019

happy father’s day :)

hee hee hee, mom, well, after lunch and all, ontchoo think dad also deserves a visit to the freezy queen for a wolf cone ? :) 

Friday, June 14, 2019

projected personal usage rate

hee hee hee, omg yeppies these stickers are totally perfect for our new water bottles! 

thank goodness mom ordered them in weatherproof vinyl so that way they can be put on pretty much anything we want to really. 

hmmm, that is a very good question. we have two but they are both so different. i guess maybe u could the yeti on monday wednesday and friday, and i could take the hydro flask on tuesday thursday and saturday. 

then on sunday, we switch so that i would take the hydroflask on monday wednesday friday and u take the yeti on tuesday thursday and saturday!

wait...what? o.  i see your point. i guess we really need more bottles.  plus, shouldn’t mom have ordered like a zillion stickers bc seriously, by the time we will doot them along with our temporary tattoos this monday the 17th, we probably will only have like two left!  i mean, think about all the places that need a ferocious sticker like one of these - our pedal car, our laptop, our trebuchet...not to mention cassie’s furry butt.. hee hee well okay not really but u know what i mean.. okay let me tell her..

um, mom, two things. one, in order to properly share, may we please have another yeti and another hydroflask, preferably in racecar red and falcon beak yellow, respectively? 

and second, our projected personal usage rates indicate there might be a slight inventory problem for this monday’s semi serendipitous stickers n tattoos summer fun doot. so, maybe could u order like eleventy zillion more already? :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

top fun :)

hee hee, um, okay, mom,  i promise i will do my chores with duk duk, but can it please wait until after me and dad finish my plane rideys lesson for today? :)

Monday, June 10, 2019

summer school

what do u mean not taking my independent studies seriously, mom? cantchoo see i am practicing my spelling, just like u asked me to?? 

Friday, June 7, 2019

finders eaters

nopies, sorry, mom, i rawwrowed it. 


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

second tweensies

mom, dontchoo think it is time for second tweensies? :)

Monday, June 3, 2019

pop! smello world, it’s time to eat me :)

o, nopies, mom, i promise they are not poopies at all...

in fact, they are even more precious than poopie snakes. so precious, that me and duk duk traded four whole bags of gummy worms for them on our last day of school.   the only thing is...

well, to encourage them to hatch, we need to use the stove because the tiny baby boba bubbles need to sit in super bubbly boiling water for two and a half minutes, medium bubbly boiling water for another two and a half minutes, and the baby boba bubbles need to be dunked in cold water for half a minute, and then transferred to a dry bath of honey and sugar until finally, they wake up and go “pop! smello world, it’s time to eat me!”.

so, um, yeppies, that is pretty much kind of maybe why u found sugar all over the floor and the steppy chair by the stove and probably maybe why duk duk smells like burnt feathers really. is there, um, anything else u would like to know? :)

Friday, May 31, 2019

dinner for three

Standing by the open door, the little dachshund pleaded with his mom while the summer heat wafted in. “but, mom, it is not too hot for me to go outside. besides, cantchoo smell it? i can find the bunny and chomp him and bring him back and then u can make us all hasenpfeffer and voila, friday nitey nite dinner for three :) “

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

boingy boing boing :)

mom, can u put springs in my ramp so we can turn it into a boingy boing boing springboard? :) 

Friday, May 24, 2019

chomp train

hoping to catch the tiny bunny he had been spying in his yard lately, the little dachshund quietly practiced his sneaking skills. 

chomp, he gleefully thought to himself as each paw deftly touched the ground. chomp chomp... chomp chomp...chomp chomp, chomp chomp... chomp chomp chomp chomp, chomp chomp chomp chomp, chomp-chooooomp! 

soon, he became a silent blur, quiet chomping around his home until his mother put down his lunchy lunch. and then he made the loudest of chomps. :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

all u can chomp :)

mom, do u think maybe we can go pick strawberries after school today? duk duk says it is all u can chomp :) 

Monday, May 20, 2019

series finale

so we could be like..rawwwwwwwwr! rawwwwwwwwwwr! rawwwwwwwwwwr!
rawwwwwwwr them all!

and that’d be it really. well, except for the part where we make our throne out of gummy worms and fund our kingdom by charging for dragon rides. :)  

Friday, May 17, 2019

rebel with paws :)

...hee hee, aaaand nobody to the left ..okey dokey u know what that means...

put one paw in front of the other ...

and soon you’ll be crossed to the other side! :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

squeaky clean

Besides the usual noises that will cause tiny chumley to drop everything, run on over, and stay a while, there is one noise that is a little less common. Yesterday was window and windowsill washing day, and with it, came the enticing, glass wiping siren sound of what to a little wolf always tells him that I’ve just brought out the biggest squeaky toy on the planet. No wait, make that the universe. 

 After about five windows’ worth of ignored pleas, tiny chumley and his optimistic enthusiasm finally simmer down to a slow boil. But even then, the glimmer of hope never really fades. :)

mom, i can help u wash the pollen off the window sills if u buy me a hovercraft. :)

Friday, May 10, 2019

buttercup pup

hee hee hee okay i am trying 2 hold still so we can find out if i like butter, but it really tickles, mom, so please hurry! :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

24/7 :)

nopies, mom, i am sorry.  there is no off button for ferocious. just pauses, really. u know, like for lunchy lunch or dinner or, o say a delicious snackie or two or three? :)

Sunday, May 5, 2019

not on a school day

take them off? seriously? but, mom, the only difference in wearing our stinko de mayo outfits to school is the fact that everybuddy will know beforehand to hold their breath. the stink happens every day, really :)

Friday, May 3, 2019

planning for spring dootsday :)

hee hee,  okay okay, duk duk. i know u only have one wing and we both know how it got that way already so like i was trying 2 say before i was so ferociously interrupted, a wolf will count our spring doot inventory , while a falcon records said data so that way we can finally plan our work for the next two weeks. okay? okay. sheesh some dukkie totally  got up on the wrong side of his nest today.  alright, let’s get started. 

ooo! looky, first up, our super adorable magic double sided teeny weeny town and country play homes! put down three. okay i know u only see only one here,  but i remember we helped mom make these forever ago and you and i were supposed to make listings and get them in the shop before easter on account of how easter colory and fun they are but then we got distracted by - well, i do not even remember, but we but here we are and it still seems to fit nicely with the  spring doot, dontchoo think? and lucky for us, we already started making and posting the promo stop motion videos for them so - check! marketing plan donezo. well donezo enough - remind me to post out brownstone 5pm video this afternoon . hee hee, yeah, eeew. all that kissing.  but, i guess some people like those kind of endings and besides maybe at least this way they can get it all out of their system in present teeny weenie world and not in real life. oh yeah - make sure to write down optional play accessories. we will need to ask mom to hopefully make some so that way people can have as much fun as we did when we made those videos. o and we need to schedule a listing photo shoot.  okay, what’s next? 

ooo yes! made-to-order personalized holding hearts! put down 12 total, 6 large and 6 small 
split evenly across the noon and nine pm edt doot, with order completion estimated in 5-6 weeks. yeppies there is a lot of drying and waiting time.  o and we still need to figure out how many letters we can really fit on each heart but maybe for now, the best thing to do is let people tell us what words they want at checkout and we will see how to best fit it on there. and if we cannot fit it, well, hopefully they will read their convos so we can ask for alternate wording. i posted a pic on instygram and facebooky yesterday so check - first pass marketing donezo!  but maybe we should make a note to post about it again next week sometime because it is getting really hard to tell if we are getting enough eyes on our posts. o, and let’s see, as for photo shoot - luckily, i think we have pictures of the style differences already but we still need to make a new listing. okay, what’s next now? 

hee hee hee, why smello, my pee-utiful yellow key tidy friend! yeppies, this time it is all about color.  hmmm, quantity...i think we have two rainbows worth. but we should think on it more because i think mom said she can make more of the leather part and that means hardware on hand is really the supply constraint. okay, make a note to count how many posts and screws we have. o and also make sure we work up the instruction kit so it includes all the extra stuff we talked about to make sure things are easy to put together and stay together.  hee hee, i like the video we made for that, too. maybe early next week we can post it. and hopefully people will click for sound because it all really works well together.   okay, what’s next? 

ooo, our latest addition to the teeny weenie functional f(art)ware lineup! these turned out so cool!! i cannot wait for the world to find out what its top secret function is. mom made a video today that we need to edit so maybe we can release that midweek...oh, how many? seis for spring doot. but, we do have more on the workbench including a 2.0 mod that i think will be very nice for a later summer doot. yeppies, i like how clean lined they are, too. and they are so cheerful and useful! okay i think that’s it for the type of things we will have on may 19th, so how does the work tally up for everything? hmmmm...hmmmmmm...carry the one...minus the exponent... flip the sign and add infinity...times fourventytwelveteen. omg. that much work??  yeppies, duk duk, u r right. especially with our experience level and  quality of work. well, anticipated quality of work. okay, lemme tell her..

mom, based on our highly accurate and very scientific calculations, me and duk duk are fairly certain that the quality work contribution required to support spring doot requires an hourly raise of two bags of gummy worms per hour per falcon and per wolf, and a special one time bonus, payable either as one week access to your amazon prime account, or a three day all expense paid trip to the candy store. :)

Monday, April 29, 2019

pee eee arrrgh esss oh enn aaay ell esss pee aaay see eee

so, um, yeah, one of the main protection points in the daytime is the front door and seeing as how your fluffy butt is gonna b here for i guess a panty while,  maybe u can watch it while i help mom make some
stuff for our doot. but just remember, well u might not see it from where u r standing, but there is a blind spot over here in that corner and so u really have to - 

hey hey! per-son-al space, cassie. pee eee arrrgh esss oh enn aaay ell esss pee aaay see eee. personal space. 

sheesh! thank u. okay now where was i? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


okay, well, u will not be upstairs for long, right? okay..then i guess so. well, i promise i will try. but please do not take forever. i had hardly any time to..

hee hee, o looky.  speak of the azor poophai. the poop that was promised.  the poopsatz panterach. smela, goddess of stink. hee hee hee. u know the rules, cassie. fee fi fo hurl! i smell the stink of a cootie girl! whoforth ever so panty dares to traipse on the sacred ramp of ferocious wolfiness shall suffer the -

hey hey, i said whoforth ever dares to - 

i said -  aw come on! this ramp is only for - cassie u have plenty of space right over - 

moooom! can u please tell cassie my ramp is for little-  i mean ferocious wolves only?!?!?