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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

nyah nyah nyahnah poo poo

hee hee, hey, duk duk, guess who gets to go for a ridey to the park because he finished his homework already!

nyah nyah nyahnah poo poo!

wait, mom, what do u mean cassie is coming with us????

Monday, February 20, 2017

poopso facto

no u move it. u r the one that cut that big uknowwhat that made her leave in a hurry and if she never had to leave so fast she would not have left us in this predicament we are in. poopso facto, u touch it and u move it.

well, fine. if u are not gonna touch it, and i am not going to touch it, i guess that is it. i guess we are stuck here all day til mom comes home.

i sure hope tomorrow's as nice as it seems like it is outside today, dontchoo, duk duk?

Friday, February 17, 2017

halo :)

I love filters and photo editing software as much as tiny chumley loves chunky chicken water, but it's especially gratifying when a picture turns out all on its own, with happy rays of sunlight and a glorious halo highlighting what it seems we all could use a little more of nowadays - a calming peace, a comforting warmth, and of course, a generous dollop of cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness, here in behind the scenes world, tiny chumley and I have been furiously hand finishing what feels like a million tiny pieces of top secret coolness this week and the good news is that the hardest part is probably over. I say probably because as with all our fanciful little weenie makeys there are always aspects of haven't done it before so who knows how long it will take, but, with any luck, we will finish up and announce a doot date soon so stay tuned! And be on the lookout for some very special new cards, some of which were very obviously designed by a certain little mischievous wolf and his best falcon friend. So much fun, so little time! Have a super weekend, friends! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

where there's a wolf there's a way :)

hee hee, yeppies duk duk, i think this is exact the extra height we need to get to the uknowwhat at the uknowwhere. yessiree, this is what happens when a hungry wolf brings his mom a perfectly good pair of shoes for her to wear and she's all thanks but nopies and then she goes off leaving him high and dry without payment in full. i mean, seriously, who does that? but u know what they say, where there's a wolf there's a way. and with this extra height surely we can finally reach the snackie jar ourselves and finally we can become self-suff... duk? hey, duk duk, where'd u -

whoops. um, hello, mom. nothing to see here really. u look nice today :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

my smelly valentine :)

boy, duk duk, i sure am glad we looked thru the bag of valentine candies mom got us to pass out at school tomorrow.

i mean, there were only like..three, four, five - six. six acceptable messages in the entire bag! can u imagine the mess we would have gotten ourselves into? not to mention all the cooties we might have been exposed to.

hee hee, well, i guess u know what they say...

a wolf and falcon's work is never done :)

Friday, February 10, 2017

minimum cage

...poopabunga, THAT'S what cottonmouth is supposed to look like?? i mean, on tv i thought his nickname compared with his appearance was a already little preposterous and here, well here he just looks like he ate a bunch of cottton candy in a hurry and forgot to wipe his mouth. he doesn't have ferocious real fangs or a slithery body or really anything that merits the impressive name of our third most favorite snake in the world.... yeah duk duk, if this does not get better by the next page then we really need to..

hold the poop...what's this? "famous name prizes or cash the easy way. attention junior entrepreneurs of america. earn famous name prizes or cash simply by selling olympic brand greeting cards. fill out the slip, enclose two dollars and blah blah blah blah." omg, duk duk, look at all this stuff. i spy a tent, a dune buggy, scuba flippers, why there is even a race track set! look at all those awesome and supercool famous name prizes..just for selling greeting cards...just like..u and heeeeyyyyy...

um, mother, i think it is time we had a talk.... :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

fun with iphoneys

hee hee, i know u r having a hard time holding our new bigger iphoney, duk duk, but unless u want to experience both the stink and the fury of the great poopcano, i would hurry up and take the picture already! :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

hint hint

bee-dee-bee-dee-bee-dee. this is the voice of poopie control. klaatu barata pooptoe. danger danger! the poop must flow. all hands to foofiestations or by poopthar's snakey, u shall be stinked!

hee hee, um...okay, know that it's really me and i probably am telling u i need to go outside, right, mom?

Friday, February 3, 2017

brought 2 u by baxter & duk duk: tiny journals for big ideas

hee hee, okay okay, u got me, duk duk. but i cannot help it if they are wet.  it is the price a wolf must pay for digging in the back yard. and yes, mom thinks i need a nail job but let's not remind her, okay, dukkie who did u know what u know where but mom has not found out yet? anyhoo, i sure am glad auntie robin showed us how to do coptic book binding last week during her visit, dontchoo, duk duk?

i mean, the results speak for themselves really. and whoda thunk that the scraps mom let us use, and the old benjy thrifty store book mom let us cut up, and the papers from the scrap exchange, well, i mean whoda thunk that all that stuff would make the perfect size book for o, u know, tiny journaling, or for keeping secrets like our passwords, or well anything really.  plus u do not have to worry about mysterioso battery power drain like it still seems to be the case with our iphoneys.  yeah, that really stunk when my iphoney died before i could get that picture. i mean it had to be the biggest pile of - hang on i think i hear mom..

yes, mother, we are putting the last finishing touches on them now and i promise we will post them to etsy before we go to toyfriend cl-, i mean,  before we go out to the creek for our study group. okay, have fun at the grocery store and if u do not mind can u please pick up some puppy bites for lil pink puppy? i forgot to get it yesterday and lil pink puppy is almost out and u know how he gets if we feed him gummy worms.   bye bye, we love u too...

okay, where were we?


oh yes, i am so glad our new letter stamping kit came finally. because really, even when the pages of a book are blank, it still deserves a title, right? that way in case u r having a hard time coming up with the words inside, the title is always there to inspire. 

well, okey dokey, duk duk, time to work on our etsy posts! :)

(ps we only have three books this time so we will be posting them as random serendipity doots :) )

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

payment in full

I love that tiny chumley still brings me the random shoe and every other little thing he finds on the floor that he thinks might warrant a snackie.  And, here's a secret he's pretty much learned over the years, practically everything he finds and brings to me is fungible, though some of things he brings are worth better snackies than others. It's a system that works pretty well most days.  I haven't bent completely down to pick up a fallen receipt, a pen, or napkin in years, though my pile of mismatched socks has grown as they get brought to me one by one when he finds them, taking them to wherever I might be in the house, and I, of course, mindlessly leaving them up somewhere out of tiny wolf reach so he doesn't encounter them again.

Sometimes, we have to call a truce,  so a little wolf can take a nap by george or protect his lands, and so I can relieve myself of the concerns that he might hurt himself dragging something entirely too unwieldy my way.  And so our system is paused for a while, both of us knowing full well there will always something else for tiny chumley to find on the floor, that he can readily exchange for payment in full :)

Monday, January 30, 2017

hurry hurry hidey hidey :)

hee hee hee, okay, duk duk, now u draw the stink li- oh no, she's coming! hurry hurry hidey hidey!

sorry, mom, no peeking at the artwork until our masterpiece is complete :)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

just doo it :)

uh, no mom, i do not just do...

i Scooby Dooby dooOOOOooooooo it :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

desk wolf :)

hee hee hee, okay mom do i look more ferocious like this...

or like this? :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

sleight of paw

hee hee hee, no mom, come closer so i can pull a snackie out of your ear :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

something pretty this way comes :)

well mom, here, see? wolves can too use them. like this...

it is quite comfortable really.  especially for, u know, after a long day of digging, or,  say to warm your paws after a cold poopie outside. u know, stuff like that. and the purple flower stink i smell is actually quite relaxing when it is not in the form of a b-a-t-h. i have 2 say, i really like it!

but, if u insist, me and duk duk will write the etsy listings the way u would like and do everything u want. ..

...only, i am not exactly sure i can model them properly for pictures. :)


(hee hee, doot doot! come treat yourself to some lovely lavender and rice filled eye pillows by visiting our kalyxcraftopia etsy shop today! :) #notintendedforlittlewolvesorfalcons  #butperfectfortheirmamasandpapas)

Friday, January 13, 2017

table manners :)

(blink blink)...(blink)....(blink)...(blink blink)...(blink).......(blink)....(blink).......(blinkety blink)......(pfweeeeoooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOooop!)....(blink)..

mom, in case u were wondering, that makes seventy two seconds between foofies so technically i am holding up my end of the bargain and technically that means i get 2 lick your plate like u promised. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

lessons for little wolf puppies: snow days are even funner when u share them with friends :)

hee hee, little miss julia, read the part again where the ferocious wolf tells goldilocks her breath really stinks and she's like, well your breath's not any better and he's like, yeah, well at least i can lick my butt! and she's like, well, i never! and he says, exactly. then she's all huffy like, why am i even in this story? and he's like, beats me. bye felicia! but then he realizes she did not leave him the basket of delicious snackies she brought and then he's like, o snap!

Monday, January 9, 2017

little pink fuzzy wolf secrets :)

well, yes, mom, this one is really nice and i appreciate u making it for me from sleeve u cut from the cashmere sweater u got at the thrift store but...well...hang on...

nopies he's not over there...

...aaaand okay, i think the coast is clear...

so, do u think u can maybe make me a onesie with footies from the pink fuzzy angora sweater that i saw u also got from the thrifty store? and, u know, we can just hide i mean keep it in your and dad's bed and i can wear it when we snuggle in the mornings? :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

little contractors

see mom? even with all of us inside we still totally have room for the mini fridge and the tv nobuddy uses in the guest bedrooom. and, if u approve our west wing addition plans, we can start work today to have a separate power line installed because i am pretty sure the stadium lighting will really stress the capacity of the circuit we currently share with george and your iron  :)

Monday, January 2, 2017

hello 2017 :)

hee hee, a ferocious, heart shaped tummy hello to you, 2017.  i hope we can be really good friends. :)