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Friday, January 25, 2019

coming soon: super ferocious holding hearts

hee hee, and that’s the last of our incredibly special prototypes, all nice and cootie protected now! now we just need to get mom to make a zillion more by january 31st for our winter megadoot and we’ll be set! 

yeah, okay, maybe not a zillion considering today is already friday and like everything we think up, they take forever to make. so maybe half a zillion. and we will talk to her about finally maybe taking special orders in batches.

o and i guess we still need to write up all the mooshy mumbo jumbo for our listing and decide if they should be called remembering hearts or holding hearts.  but i don’t feel like crying right now, do u, duk duk? yeah. maybe we’ll let mom write it up this time. (sigh) we really have lost a lot of wolf friends since we began blogging...

at least this way, if people want to, they can hold these heavy little hearts in their hands,  and they can close their eyes, and they can remember what it was like to (sniffle)...they can remember what it was like to their ferocious paws in their hands and - (sniffle) - okay okay.  no i’m not crying you’re crying. i said already we’ll get mom to write it up. besides, that was just my spring allergies anyway. wolves don’t cry...mostly. anyhow
o i think i hear mom coming. let’s ask her..

um, mom, me and duk duk think we are too ferocious to write up the mushy mumbo jumbo for the listing for our remembering hearts so do u think maybe u can do it? :) 

Monday, November 19, 2018

in a six (or nine) wolf open sleigh!

hee hee, yeah duk duk, i do not know which one i would pick, either.

i mean, well, with six teeny weenies, the mark six is already a powerful, above entry level option. and it is really cool, what with the tiny frosted gold chain reins...

and the rich red corninthian leather sleigh built for speed and comfort

but the mark nine in ferocious fang white with after market pro x4 internal methane combustion coupling system? well that’s just top of the line, isn’t it?

i mean, it is like the first vehicle ever whose interlinked coupling system relies solely on the foofie generated by teeny weenies. and no tiny chain reins means a quieter ride that allows u to truly enjoy the true and gassy noises of your ride. plus, i mean have u looked at the payload?

the mark nine red corinthian leather sleigh is capable of hauling eleventy gigsnakes to deserving boys and girls everywhere!

yeppies, duk duk, they take so long to make, we only have these two sleigns to offer for cyber brown wednesday, but hopefully we can get mom to make after the holidays. and besides, our storybook teeny weenie mecharamas will be available too and they would be perfect for leaving out all year round.

what’s that, duk duk? hee hee hee, o lemme check..

nopies, not smelly enough! i guess we know what we will be doing today!! :)

Monday, October 29, 2018

remember remember the first of november :)


hee hee, yeppies, mom, that’s it. that's our tagline.  me and duk duk really think it’s a winner. i mean, seriously. creatively i think it is our best work by far, and that is saying a lot considering our shop has been open for, what, ocho years or so now? trust us.  we didn't just binge mad men for all the kissy kissy u know.  

and besides, here, see? we already made up all the artwork and there it is for all the world to see, "now even more ferocious". all u have to do is post it and tell everybuddy that the magic starts dropping into our kalyxcraftopia etsy shop the day after halloween. u know, november first, when me and duk duk continue the tradition and update the shop with our supercool new 2019 desk calendars...

...and when we will expand our christmas card collection to include our latest masterpiece, Joy to the World, which we think is pretty neato because me and duk duk decided to recreate the mistletoe card  photo shoot from when i was almost five years old, only now i am almost twelve years old, and how cool is that?

so, yeppies, we even made artwork for our new wintery wolfy hello friend postcard that we would show u now if somedukkie didn't spit gummy worm juice all over our keyboard when we were watching funny you tubey videos.  but i guess that way it can be a supercool surprise everybuddy can look for in the shop, as will be the wallet sized, take it with u always everywhere little gifty surprise we will be including with all our holiday orders this year. 


so, um, anyhoo, yeppies.  i think u have everything u need for now, so maybe if u do not mind paying in gummy fish this time that would be swell because me and duk duk want to go to the creek after school today and hunt for gummy bears. :)

Friday, October 5, 2018

fifty shades of wolfiness

What happens when a certain little wolf decides on his own to turn his first day of calendar photo shoots into a free for all comedy hour? Pretty much this really. :) #comedygold

Friday, June 1, 2018

r u ready for the summer :)

The beginning of summer is always so full of promise and anticipation. There are books to be read, beaches to be visited, gardens to tend, and of course much fun to be had, even if summer mostly means sitting at a desk every day. I like to think that baxter and duk duk takes all these things into consideration when they dream up the little goodies for our shop, which is why their tiny summer cyber doot fair is so rich this time not only with the return of recent resin favorites, but also new goodies to delight the senses and help make summer as special as they think it should be.

Going to a summer wedding? Why, you’ll need cootie protection of course.

Looking to tidy all your keys to the house and rocket ship? We’ve got u covered!

Stuck inside the office all day? Do not worry, we can bring the sunshine and smelly flowers inside to you!

Got a lot of boring reading to do? We can keep your place and make it funner!

Need a little help enhancing your ferociousness temporarily while u work on your summer tan ? Hee hee, looky!!

Needless to say, we’ve got a lot of work to get everything into the shop for sunday night, and it might just be a little more than even I anticipated if a little wolf and falcon have their way...

mom, do u think i can borrow dad’s electric razor? just to, u know, shave a small, o, u know, 2 inch area on my hiney quarter ? for um, well, no particular reason really...:)

Monday, May 28, 2018

dooting june 3: smelly 2.0 peecret garden limited edition felt flower reed diffuser set and more!!

..hee hee, yeah me, too, duk duk. i mean, seriously, i do not know how, but we always seem to be able to come up with something super cool every time! i guess when u like smell as much as we so, the inspiration just comes sort of naturally really, even if they are inspired by something as smelly as the flowery stinks of the garden.

hee hee, yeah, i know, i wish we could have made more that 20 diffuser sets but mom said it kind of took a long time sewing all the pretty flowers from the wool felt. and then there was all that sanding and making all the packaging and well, we are using essential oils for the smell this time so, u know, there is that...

but i hope they all get wonderful homes because even after the diffusers are done smelling, a beautiful tiny felt flower garden will remain for people to enjoy forever. and if they want to, they can even cut out the stinkbugs we put all over the packaging. yeah, that was genius really.

speaking of genius, i am also really glad mom is letting us do a cyber doot fair so we can doot a bunch of things at once so hopefully people can save a few gummy worms on shipping. and that way, if anybuddy missed out on cootie protection amulets or weenie stack rings, or maybe they need a little F(art) for the home or office, or maybe they need some experimental cool things we made for father’s day, well, they can do all their shopping at once! yeah, i know, our marketing will be all over the place but i think we’ve made good progress on developing an angle for it. we really need to start photographing everything for our listings, too.

o, smello, mom. hey, me and duk duk were wondering if finally for our next smelly set, u know, not this one, cuz it smells of flower stink, well, we were wondering if finally we can make a poopie scented set. u know, cuz, it would smell amazing? :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Saturdoot is coming :)

..hee hee, well let's not count our snakeys just yet lil pink puppy. but yeppies, if we help sell them all this Saturday on Saturdoot at noon and nine pm EST,  then mom said we can have all the proceeds! and u know what that means - we can refurbish our trebuchet and goto the candy store and probably have enough left over to get flames painted on the pedal car.  well., i mean, if we are good about not spending too much on gummy worms.  which is probably like,, maybe instead of spending money to paint flames, we can just ask mom if we can borrow some paint and chocobot can provide the glitter if u know what i mean. hee hee yeah, chocobot.  wait, what's that, lil pink puppy? really? u think so? which one?

oh yeah.. i see what u r saying.  i guess even though they are all different, they are all like that really, what with the ferociously cute little wolfie dangle on each of them.  i mean, his face is almost as expressive as mine is, right? yeah, for something so deceptively simple in concept, well we all know how much work goes into making them, but for something so simple sounding as a gilded fetching stitch brooch,  there is so much depth to them when u think about it. so much meaning behind it. and look at all the texture and colors.  they are all so pretty, it's like take everything good about spring and summer and roll it up on a stick.

and, well, who says u have to pin them on your clothes, especially if u r like me and half of the year u go nakey nakey except for a collar? i mean, what do u do then?  u could put it on your book bag or a pillow or display it in a shadow box, or just keep it by your computer and play with the dingle dangle while u wonder why every day isn't take your wolf to work day.  yeppies, i can totally see why these would be good mother's day pre-..

-sents.  mom, did u happen to make an extra one for us to gi-, um, i mean, do u have a fav-,  is there one we can keep borrow for, well, um, no special reason? we promise we would give u back 2 sunday. :)

Monday, April 30, 2018

the fetching stick :)

tiny chumley was more than happy to oblige this past weekend after he had exhausted the possibility that a bunny might be in our backyard. fetching? for snackies? uhm, like, yeppies!

The grass had grown long enough that sometimes he would lose sight of the stick i threw and bring back a different one, or sometimes a leaf, or sometimes nothing, accusing me ever so politely of a ruse i did not commit, and fully expecting his payment in full.

I like to think that every little wolf owner has a story about fetching. Some little wolves love to fetch. Others, like tiny chumley, fetch out of a certain kind of love, and others, love not fetching at all.

This week tiny chumley and I will be working on Etsy listings for our newest creation, a series of vibrant gilded fetching stick brooches, made with carefully fetched and aged hardwood sticks, gold toned leaf, hand formed pin assemblies, colorful pretty bits and bobs collected over years of making, and each adorned with a dangly little weenie pup whose pose and eyes pretty much adorably say it all.

I love how these little pretties turned out. You might also say they are quite..fetching! Ha I suppose that’s why I usually leave the marketing to baxter and duk duk. Who most defintely will be working the channels this week to get the word out so do stsy tuned. The doot, by the way, will be this Saturday the 5th of May, at noon and nine pm eastern standard time.
Happy Monday !! :)

Friday, February 23, 2018

yippee there will be #supersundaydoot

do not worry, mom. we have it all worked out. duk duk said he will help u finish up the cootie protection amulet listings today while i go out and dig :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

if weather >=70 then todo= “dig” else doot=“sunday”

Though the little kielbasa and I are very close to finishing up another batch of cootie protection amulet necklaces (yay they’re so pretty by the way!!), tiny chumley’s ever expanding blanket of snowy white fur is wistful reminder that his pleas to go outside and dig in the loamy soil of spring should not be ignored. And so, with temps in the 70s as it has been with random irregularity, our makey pauses...

and we dig and sniff deeply into the soil...

and we wash..

and we look deep into the neighbor’s backyard, plotting our next ferocious fenceline fracas with stinky bassets.

and we think, we can probably start telling everyone we are planning to have a necklace doot this sunday at nine pm EST, but stay tuned because it kind of depends on the weather because there are many holes that need to be dug this week :)

Monday, February 5, 2018

tiny product tester

well, mom, i know it is risky, but a wolf’s gotta do what a wolf’s gotta do. especially with our cootie protection cyber craft fair being tomrorow nite and all. everything has to be substantiated and in order. just gimme a sec to take off my collar...

whoa..i can feel it protecting me already. this one is really pretty but it might be a little big for today though. i mean, in the miniscule chance that things go wrong, i need to be nimble, know what i mean? okay, lemme try another one..

hee hee, o yes, this one will do. it’s a little smaller so i won’t trip on it. i really like how they all turned out, dontchoo mom? i mean, like, they are all so pretty with the gold and the red stuff and the shiny and the matte and the subtle iridescence. nobusdy who does not know would ever know their true cootie protective powers, on valentine’s day or any other day really. and if they work on a ferocious wolf like me, then they would pretty much work for everyone.

well, i guess we should get this test over with so we can finish adorning some of them with dingly dangly pearls and make our etsy listings. lemme just ask duk duk 2 hide my collar and..

okey dokey. i think i am ready as i can be. cassie can come inside now. :)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

save the doot date: baxter and duk duk’s cootie protection cyber craft fair (just in time for valentine’s day) :)

dear diary,
have u ever found yourself in the awkward position of being surrounded by cooties and having no way to escape them? have u ever wished u could always have protection from cootie infested uknowwhos who will never understand how to go stand over there, without having to constantly get more and more anti-cootie vaccinations? do your anti-cootie booster shots seem less effective lately? well, do not worry, my friends, because me and duk duk have got u covered with all the super cool cootie protection items that we have made for our first ever cootie protection cyber craft fair.

that’s right, just in time for valentine’s day, we will be dooting in very limited supply a variety of items we designed and helped mom make to help protect u from cooties, capitalizing not only on the protective powers of smell and fun..

but also the mystical powers of amulets, which we made in a variety of shapes so that they will be perfect for keeping in your pocket or putting around your neck. here u see one we will be making into a necklace.

anyhoo, i suppose i should get back to helping mom finish the amulets, so, i would like to close my saying i hope u r able to save the date and join us for our cootie protection cyber craft fair doot this tuesday the 6th at nine pm eastern standard time! :)

b :)