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Friday, September 25, 2015

psst - pass it on :)

Hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to you today about something this is really not as far away as u think it might be.  That's right, I am reporting about Christmas, because me and duk duk and mom have all been working very hard to make sure all our duks, er, robots, are in a row and everybuddy who missed out on a super cool robot doxie ornament last year can get one or two or u know, more this year before we are all made out.   So whether u like your super cute robot dachshund ornament adorned with festive red toys or teeny bow tied gifts, or with glittery poop or awesome disco balls, hopefully we've got u covered.  Which is why we also thought we would start offering our first litter very soony soon so that way it is one less thing u have to worry about during the actual holiday season.  Cuz you know, why worry about whether your precious package will arrive in time when u can just get it now, with plenty of time to spare? So if you are thinking like us and would like to shop early and get while the getting's good, our first litter will be ready for adoption on Sunday 10/4/2014 at 8:00PM EST.  But why let me tell you that, when I've got super cute helpers that can do even better than me?....

hee hee, robot doxie litter numbero uno - assemble formation pyramid, salutations announce!!


Friday, June 19, 2015

psst pass it on: tiny pooper doots on monday and thursday :)

 wait, what? no okay, i am ready, mom....extra extra, poop all about it - super cool tiny pooper poop bag dispener and snackie holders, one litter of eight and one litter of nine, soon to be in my mom's etsy shop, just look below for details! extra extra poop all about it - plan your summer adventure and never worry about leaving your poop behind again, extra extra poop all about it!

hee hee, that's right my friends, now all u need to do while u r waiting for either doot is 
a) mark your calendars and set your alarms and
b)work on your let's go for a walkie stare. u know, like this..

 good lucky luck and i hope u have a wonderful weekend! :)

Friday, May 8, 2015

this is a test post but u may as well look at it bc the pictures are funny :)

hello my friends, it's me, baxter. i am just trying to figure out if Facebook is constipated or something else changed, so me and duk duk thought we might share some funny that might have been missed from our etsy listings.   

and just in case you were wondering, mom is planning to make more tiny pooper poop bag dispener and snackie holders and walking weenier wiener walker compact cross body purses once we get through a few outdoor projects currently under way. so stay tuned my friends! :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

there will be #poopiedoot :)

Hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to u today on some very special additions and surprises coming tonight at nine o'clock PM EST to my mom's Kalyxcraftopia Etsy shop.  Now, everybuddy knows the first rule of makey design and product development is to start with what u know and love, and figure out how u can add your own unique voice to it.  Like, u know, how a dog bowl is a dog bowl but some just seem way awesomer than others because they speak to u in some way?

So, when mom asked me and duk duk earlier this year if we could help her develop a new product for our shop, we started with this simple rule.  And, well, you know how me and duk duk know poop and snackies, and we know how everybuddy seems to like collecting poop and eating snackies?  We decided to design this for mom to make - (dunt da dahhhhh!) - say hello to our super cool, super new, super funny and super cute Tiny Pooper poop bag dispenser and secret snackie holders!!

Me and duk duk will be busy working on the etsy listings all day today not only for our first litter of Tiny Poopers, but also - for our friends who like to carry more than just poopie bags and snackies on their walkie, like, say maybe also an iphoney and keys and stuff, - we sized up our design and developed our new Walking Weenie Wiener Walker compact crossbody purse, which we will also debut tonight at nine o'clock PM EST.   So I hope u will watch for the #pootiedoot and be there because we have been busy coming up with awesome slogans and everything.

This is Baxter your roving reporter wishing you the Poopiedootiest of Mondays! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

etsy fresh: u know, for mom and dad, and like for anybuddy who was ever born

Let me start by saying the obvious. tiny chumley and I should be doing our taxes.  Which is precisely why we did everything in our power not to yesterday.   Laundry was folded, flowers picked, celebrity gossip googled, the floor swept, holes dug, paws washed, naps under down blankies taken, and a rather lengthy blog post on baxter's adoption was started then tabled because it was time to start thinking about dinner and how it probably would somehow be better if we ate out because of all the things I did think about, defrosting something and then preparing it for dinner was not one of them.  And yippee -  we even loaded some happy new little doxie cards to the etsy shop, which proves that there really is a pot of cuteness gold at the end of every procrastination rainbow.

Next week we'll really hunker down and do those taxes, but for now, happy shopping and happy thursday, my friends! :)

Friday, January 30, 2015

doot doot doot means: boxes tonight :)

dear diary,
yippee! although I will be sad to see them go,  I am very happy that me and duk duk will finally be posting mom's Valentine's day litter of teeny tiny treasure boxes tonight because a) hopefully they will all be adopted into wonderful homes, and b) our science project is due Monday and once again we will have nothing 2 show unless mom lets us go to the aquarium to borrow the baby whale we need to film making a poopnado in our bathtub. which she said she would let us do - well, the go to the aquarium part at least - if we posted all the boxes today. which we are on schedule to do at 9:00 pm est tonight.

anyhoo, I should get going but before I do, I just wanted to tell u that I am pretty sure I now know why little miss Julia had a tiny pink cupcake in each of her hands when she visited last weekend because with a certain degree of authority I can now tell u that those cupcakes were probably quite delicious. and I can definitely tell u that mom's hands are still slightly faster than my tongue. oh well, maybe one day little miss Julia will drop one. well I hope to see u at 9pm tonight!

b. :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

etsy fresh: valentines for the rest of us :)

dear diary,
Yippee! I am really glad mom has given me and duk duk more design responsibilities this year because not only did our two new Valentine's Day cards turn out supercool with pictures on the outside and the inside, but they are also the kind of Valentines we personally would be very happy to give and receive to just about everybuddy.  especially the bottom one for obvious reasons, and probably we would give mom the top one for equally obvious reasons. 

anyhoo, u can read more about these cards and pick and choose from our entire collection of Valentine's Day cards - including the i heart u, kaack,  the return of our teeny tiny pocket sized valentiney sets and more - by clicky clicking on this WORD

 or clicking here

 I hope u will consider sending some bc me and duk duk are hoping to earn enough gummy worms so we can take an evening robot electronics class. 

b. :)

Friday, December 19, 2014

i doot the robot dachshund cutetastic :)

okay mom, we will, but can u please let us say goodbye to them first? i promise it will not take long.  

well tiny shiny representatives of our second litter of tiny robot dachshund christmas ornaments, me and duk duk just wanted to say even though we have burned the midnight poopie oil for many nights now making you, it has been a pleasure and an honor bringing you into this world so that you may bring happiness and joy hanging on the christmas trees of your new families.  and, seeing as how our time left together is very short since we will be putting you up for adoption at NOON EST today in our mom's etsy shop, me and duk duk wanted to invite the entire litter to our very special christmas party in our heat cave, where the super special disco robot dachshunds, who will also be up for adoption, are already decorating and preparing for the big send off event!!! :) :)

 (ps - have a great wooty weekend my friends and hope to smell u at noon today in my mom's etsy shop!! :) :) )


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

still coming pretty soon

Still busy getting things together for what I think will now probably be either a very late Wednesday night or possibly Thursday's night listing of ornaments (sorry so flaky but tiny chumley's birhday is also coming up and hoping to make him a little sumptin sumptin too tomorrow). So today just a teeny behind the scenes peek at part of my workspace when it was actually less messy than it is now, and a pic of one of the later stages of the ornament making process. And of course a picture of a little certain someone who is more than ready and waiting to send out the super doot doot dooty doot.  :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

now doot this! our first etsy book and a peek u know what :)

Hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, happy to report to you today about half of our Etsy Christmas Wooty Project that me and duk duk have been working on for a very long time.  That's right, we wrote a teeny tiny Christmas story and turned it into a teeny tiny book! It's so tiny that you can pretty much read it in less than five minutes. You know, the length that all good books should be. Because, well, as u might be able to tell from our grades in reading this year, who has time to really read any more than that?

Anyhoo, are you ready for the great unveiling because drumroll please...

 Ta-daah! Just in time for the holidays and available now for a limited time only in my mom's Etsy shop, introducing me and duk duk's first ever book that is sure to become a treasured stinky holiday classic, ladies and gentlemen I give you, The Poop on the Stoop!!

Hee hee, yeah I know, it is so cool, right?  And yes, my friends, it is so tiny that you can hold and read it with just one paw.  Although since my legs are so short, I prefer using two paws, just so I do not accidentally roll myself.

Speaking of rolling, I had a wonderful time playing with my puppy Hank yesterday, which kind of explains why the second half of me and duk duk's Etsy Christmas Wooty Project is not ready today. But do not worry, if the sun comes out on Tuesday like the weather man thinks it will, then we can finish taking pictures and work on our Etsy listings so that our christmas ornaments will be in the shop on Tuesday or Wednesday night.  And as you might have already guessed, although there will be more couthy options available, me and duk duk made a very very special ornament to go with our story, which I will give you a tiny peek at here now.  I hope u saved room on your tree. :)

This is Baxter your roving rover reporter, tiny book author and ornament designer, wishing you a very merry Monday!

Friday, December 5, 2014

doot doot doot: B is for Brooches..and some necklaces too :)

hey friends, with any luck by the time u are reading this, me, duk duk, chocobot, lulu the tiger, and lil pink puppy will all be on the orion blasting off for a day trip to mars, so mom had to write today's blog post. i sure hope mars has poopie snakes, or at least they will by the time i leave  :)

There are stories to be told in vintage goods and the things that others often donate, throw away, or take for granted.  Sometimes the stories are obvious, yet most of the time, with only the signs of age and perhaps the remnant of a price tag or hand written inscription or other such cryptic clues to guide us, the stories are often left up to us to recreate, to imagine and reimagine as we see fit.  It's these sort of existential footprints that I now realize draw me to vintage goods and handmade items like a mischievous little weenie dog to kitty poop.  There is beauty in everything, but especially in things that make me think, remember, and reconnect.

I remember the the desire to fill my insatiable pre-kindergarten appetite of mental stimulation as being the primary reason I would wander as a small child into my dad's den at the first house we lived in.  The den, and the house,  I am sure are much smaller than I remember it, much like the greenish gray encyclopedia I thought was the largest, heaviest thing on the planet.  It was good for standing on to reach high places, good for pressing things, and good for tripping over it if I or my brother had so carelessly forgotten to put it away, as we so often did with everything.  Dad's den was filled with books on topics I could have cared less about as four year old, but I remember looking at them, the rows of mad men era paperbacks and hardcover technical books, the blue Webster's dictionary that we would in later years have to use when we made the mistake of asking what a word meant, and the Charlie Brown Peanuts books with super cute old school Snoopy that I would read over and over again after we moved to our second house. From the eyes of a four year old given the restriction to not touch anything, Dad's books were awesome.

Dad's books were never as neatly arranged again after the first move.  Many of the books I think stayed in moving boxes, pulled out only if they were absolutely needed, or otherwise left to languish in the creepy part of the basement where nobody wanted to go except for mom, who probably didn't really want to go either but was the only one brave enough to deal with the unfortunately placed washer and dryer and the random scary unwelcome live squirrel.  It was probably there at our second house that my family perfected the easier-to-buy-it-again-than-look-for-it habit that serves them still to this cluttered day.

We moved again for a second time with even more books in boxes, including my own growing collection of dyn-o-nite dynamite magazines and other scholastic book club purchases.  As empty nesters, Mom and Dad moved again, with even more books in boxes. In their current house, they have books overflowing not only in boxes but on every shelf and pseudo shelf imaginable.  When my dad fell gravely ill a couple years ago, the flickering prospect of him needing clear paths and a healthier breathing environment gave me something to ruthlessly do while we hoped and waited for better news.

Dad's doing pretty well for a fella his age now, thanks, and yes, books and I have a history.  A connection that runs deeper than I am old.  Which is why I think I find such beauty in books, regardless of their subject matter, and why I felt inspired to make with them.  They speak more than just the words on their page.  They speak of times gone by, representing not only thoughts,  but, by how they are designed and made, the craft, conscience and intentions of an era.  They are grounding and inspiring, comforting and sometimes disturbing, funny and heartwarming.  They do more than any precious gemstone could ever do.

The weather and our life lately hasn't exactly been conducive to helping tiny chumley finish his Christmas ornaments by today as we had hoped, but luckily my work with books and metal have been brewing for, as tiny chumley would put it, for forever now.  Which roughly translates to this past summer, when I realized I could give new purpose to the lovely thrift store books and kitchen countertop sample chips that nobody wanted anymore, and create new brooches with equally interesting backs, allowing meaningful connections for others.  The same others who also coincidentally love dachshunds of course, who maybe like to show their love like I do, in a fresh, modern, retooled vintage sort of way. A way like no other.

Today's scheduled doot doot doot that will activate in the etsy shop at 10:00PM EST tonight features the first three of these brooches as pretty updates on the cameo silhouette style, and three etched and enameled necklaces that really seemed go well without being all matchy matchy.  They're all labors of love, and hopefully they can share that love with with someone special this Christmas. :)

Friday, November 28, 2014

black friday + shop small + sunday funday + cyber monday :)

Extra! Extra! Doot all about it! Black Friday savings on super cool dachshund desk calendars now thru Cyber Monday! Twelve months of cuteness for less than nine dollars! Extra! Extra! Doot all about it! Dog and duk operators are standing by so clicky clicky now-ee now-ee before they're all gone-ee gone-ee :)  -->

hee hee okay mom, does that make up for me and duk duk's attempt yesterday to try and prove that frozen turkeys can fly? i really think it would have worked, by the way. we just need a taller deck. or a bigger trebuchet. :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

doot doot doot: black wooty monday is today :)

 Yippee! I love how this litter of doxie necklaces turned out, with their deep richly textured etch and oxidized black backgrounds giving them the look and feel of beautiful old press printing plates.  This is the first and only batch of little black beauties that I'll be able to make for this holiday season, and it seemed fitting that they should be offered up as part of the Black Friday fun.  But since tiny chumley will be busy entertaining his grandma and grandpa and uncle Thanksgiving weekend, he'll be puting this litter of pups up for adoption in the Etsy shop tonight, as part of baxter and duk duk's new and improved Black Wooty Monday. And then we can all rest until December 1st, when even more wootiful bounty will trickle their way into our Winter Wootyland :)


mom, please be sure everybuddy also knows that me and duk duk have been working very hard on this year's christmas ornament and we hope our friends will all save a spot on their tree because the ornament and the story we wrote that goes with it is sure to become a new tradition that will stink and delight for years to come! :) :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

some behind the scenes stuff and a doot doot dooty doot for know, a supercool print poster and my 2015 desk calendar

When a happy go lucky dachshund stands at the cusp of turning eight years old,  I like to think that his tastes begin to evolve. Boy adventurer detectives and blue boxed time travelers, though still very much close to his heart,  now give way to more complex characters who more often than not, ask questions and delve into topics that an eight year old imaginative dachshund has yet to fully comprehend. And so it seemed only natural that Baxter and his toyfriend duk duk, who by now would have exhausted all the G, PG, and PG13 offerings on Netflix,  would have refined their tastes and discover indie geek classics like the movie Donnie Darko.  And, even though some of the darker aspects of the movie would go over their heads, a movie as engaging and unsettling as Donnie Darko would still be something tiny chumley and duk duk would pick to serve as the awesome inspiration for this year's halloween trick-or-treatery.

I'd like to say it was purely Baxter and duk duk's inner geekiness that motivated their Halloween attire, but truth be told, the makey challenges also piqued my interests greatly.  I mean, it's not like there are many swell instructions out there for this for humans, much less for dachshunds, or for one winged duks.  The challenge would not only be in replicating the Frank the Bunny and Donnie Darko look, but also in adapting it for the actual head and body shapes and imaginative perspectives of an odd but perfectly matched pair of friends.

Today, finally, after months of off and on makey, a peek into the work that went into their costumes, and a link to Baxter's new super cool poster featuring it, that asks what we should all probably ask ourselves at one time or another, why are you wearing that silly human suit?

Happy Monday, friends! :)

PS if you missed the doot doot dooty doot yesterday, here is a link for our super cool and always budgety 2015 desk calendar too!


Friday, October 24, 2014

etsy fresh: may your days be merry and boopable

Pssst - there are only ten weekends before Christmas.  Yeah, I know, really.  I just counted, and that doesn't seem very long at all, does it?  So it makes sense, I think, to let you in on another secret today.  Not a super top secret like tiny chumley's Halloween costume, and not really the kind of secret that you need to keep to yourself, so much as it is the kind of secret that you did not know.  Until now.  And you can tell anyone you want who might need the kind of holiday help only tiny chumley and his super cute paper goodies can provide.  Because they should know that in addition to all the super cool Christmas cards tiny chimley has in the Etsy shop, there is a new one that he just helped me add.  And not only does our new card have a super cute picture of you know who on the outside and on the inside, but it is also very very boopable.  So if you or someone you know would like to send a little boop this holiday season, be sure to clicky clicky here to see the full view of his latest Christmas card,  or clicky here for a look at all the tiny chumley holiday cards available this season. 

And stay tuned, because in addition to desk calendars which should make it to the shop next week, in the coming weeks tiny chumley and I will be finishing up this year's new doxie Christmas ornaments, as well as litters of tiny treasure boxes and etched and enameled necklaces, and a few other handmade surprises. Everything you'll need to make this Christmas a doxie wonderland of delights! :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

etsy fresh: you are invited to our Top Secret Halloween Club :)

Hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to you today about a very important invitation me and duk duk would like to make to you, to join our Top Secret Halloween Club.  Do you remember seeing some top secret things about our Halloween costumes every once in a while say on our Instagram or our Facebook or on Twitter or maybe even here?  Were you like, hey, when are we ever going to see the results ? Well, ever since our mom finished our Halloween costumes a few days ago, we have been really wanting to show you as much as you have wanted to see them. We even dressed up in our costumes and made Halloween cards that turned out super cool. But then we were like, hey,  Halloween isn't til Halloween and top secret is top secret, right?   But, if some of our friends like you really want to see our costumes early,  or say you need a really super cool Halloween card that will totally be like nothing you have ever seen before,  well, how can it happen and not spoil the surprise for everybuddy else?

Well my friends, that's how me and duk duk decided to form the Top Secret Halloween Club.  If you and your friend can keep a secret and want to send or get our super cool - but kind of SCARY!! - Halloween card now,  you can do so by clicking here, to get the card from my mom's kalyxcraftopia etsy shop.  Oh yeah, did I mention it was kind of scary?    

This is Baxter your roving rover reporter hoping you will join us in super cool halloweeny weenie top secrecy! :)

PS - this is not the actual card although the actual card is sort of on there but like, so pixelated and covered up that u know, it may as well not be the card. :) #topsecretSCARY

PPS (10/22/2014) Wow me and duk duk sold out! Please be patient my friends as we will be ordering more the next time mom places a print order so stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


dear diary,
hooray! today me, duk duk, chocobot, lulu the tiger, and lil pink puppy all have special permission to stay home from school because guess what - we are going to help mom load a fresh new litter of teeny tiny doxie treasure boxes to etsy! and this time, not only is it a double litter of sixteen boxes total, but some are nakey nakey, and some wear bowties,  and some wear flowers,  and some are even playing with a supercool ballie this time!  yup, i know, it is very exciting, isn't it? i cannot wait to help them find new forever homes!

anyhoo, me and duk duk and chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy have not yet decided on how we post the listings but if i have my way, we will be posting eight as we finish them during the day and then save the last eight for posting all at once at 8pm EST. or something like that.  it really depends on how much gumption we have, and we will try to sound the doot doot dooty doots via our instagram and facebook and twitter as best we can.

well diary, i best get on with my morning paw stretches because already i can tell i have a lot of typing ahead of me.  i hope u have a wondeful day!!

b. :)

PS - the boxes all usually show up in a special section of my shop but I cannot provide you the link yet because nothing is in the section yet!  so here is a link my shop just so u have it :)  --->

Friday, May 30, 2014

etsy fresh: a super cool gift for 5 lucky dads

Hee hee hee, hello my friends, it's me, Baxter.  You may know me as your roving rover reporter, but did you know I am also super shop assistant extraordinaire for my mom's Etsy shop? And did u know that Father's day is only three Sundays away? 
If u do not have time to make your dad a super secret stinkeriffic poopie based father's day present like I plan to, then why not check out my mom's Etsy shop, where not only will you find a lovely selection of Father's Day cards, but also a super cute new get well cootie card, and also these extremely cool tiny handmade wire doxie head forms, or busts as I learned u call them in art class.  I thought they would be great Father's day presents for five lucky dads, so I put them in the Father's day section of the shop.  Here is a link in case the hot links do not work.

Oh! And in every bust listing description, me and duk duk posted a link to the tiny viney videos we made of each bust like the one below,  because sometimes we figure, even though pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth like, eleventy million!  And this way u can see how super cool the busts are from every angle.

Well my friends, my friends Madwilly and Henry Gumption are coming to town this weekend so I just wanted to also say if I miss a day or two posting, u now know why.  But do not worry, I will still be helping mom ship out Etsy orders on time.  And I will be having lots of fun this weekend, like I hope u do.. This is Baxter your roving rover reporter and kalyxcraftopia Etsy shop assistant, wishing you the foofiest of Fridays. :)

PS - if u need for a happy hound birthday part hat really soony soon please convo me via the etsy shop because mom just finished a batch for boys and girls but they will not be posted to Etsy for a bit on account of all the fun I will be having with Madwilly and Henry Gumption. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

let's take a rocket to the moon

Tired of waiting for seemingly forever now on his little yellow tuffet,  tiny chumley gently rested his little noggin at the edge of table yesterday while he watched me pack and wrap our latest litter of etched and enameled doxie necklaces.

mom, do u think we could move to the moon? that way, i could nibble on cheese all day, and basically feed myself lunchy lunch, and dinner too. and even snackies would be covered, so I would not be asking u like I might be asking u now for a teeny tiny snackie from my teeny tiny snackie jar.  which happens, I see, to be right over there. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

roy g biv


dear diary,
have u ever woke up and thought, there really are not enough rainbows in the world?  i do, especially on rainy days, when i think there should be a rainbow but all i get is wet when i have to go poop outside.  so i asked mom to make our just-in-time-for-mother's-day batch of etched and enameled necklaces super rainbowy!  it will be a few days yet before i can help mom finish them and put them on etsy, but i thought i would show you how the puppies are progressing, because who knows, maybe you could use a rainbow today too.  me, i am also hoping to maybe also get another snackie, so pardon me if i cut this entry short because i think my snackie eyes are finally starting to work on mom. i hope u have a wonderful thursday filled with rainbows! 

b. :)