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Monday, February 19, 2018

lessons unlearned :)

kaaack! kaaaack! hee hee hee. fooowhee, even with my mask on that was a doozy and a half, duk duk. thank goodness we made sure fresh air is only a tent flap away. what’s that? o, yeppies, i totally agree. although even if we could get gjetost, i am not really sure there will be a next time because technically we promised mom that we would never play guess whose foofie inside the house again much less in the bedroom where we all sleep at night. hee hee, yeah, i guess we do make that promise every time. but seriously how could she expect us not to play after she made us this incredible blankie fort? it’s pretty much like she was telling us to play, right? i mean - uh-oh, i hear mom coming...

um, mom, before u lose consciousness from the overwhelming stench we just made, me and duk duk just wanted to tell u..whoops, there she goes. too late.

u know, u think she’d have learned by now to put her gas mask on before she starts looking for us.

Monday, February 12, 2018

hypoopthetically speaking

..well, if it had 2 happen, i suppose i would be like..

“eeeeew thanks for the smelly valentine flowers i guess, but next time just wear gloves and leave some gummy worms in my locker cuz that way me and duk duk can share them okay?”

yeppies, i am pretty sure that’s what i would do. :)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

etsy fresh: baxter & duk duk's guts and glory dachshund xray secret story valentine's day card

hee hee, omg, duk duk, our super new xray guts and glory valentine's day cards turned out really swell, dontchoo think? do not tell mom, but this totally makes up for actually having to get that darned xray from the scary special tushie man so long ago.  i cannot wait for everybuddt 2 find these cards in our etsy shop!

what's that, duk duk?  yeppies, i agree.  i am glad we resisted the temptation to color that part brown like we really wanted to.  it is definitely more subtle this way.  and that way it can be a secret that nobuddy will know except u and me and anybuddy who knows what we know if they know where 2 look.  

 so on the outside, when u r giving out valentines, u can look all innocent and be like,  "hi howya doin? my what a pretty dress u r wearing. cooties, what cooties?  here's a valentine's day card, see ya. "

and on the inside u can be like, hawhaw, the jokes on u - i just gave u a valentine with an xray of my incredibly packed poopie filled colon on there, too. 

well okay, intestines.  but colon just sounds better when u think it, doesn't it?

anyhoo, i sure hope our friends think this will be a unique and swell valentine's day card to send to their friends this year because i know we do! :)

clicky here to score yours today! :) -->


Friday, January 19, 2018

pee-coy pooper

um, well, dad, i guess...well... okay, i guess maybe it could be almond roca...and, well, i guess maybe it could be possible that the almond roca was coincidentally deposited on the snow yesterday night during a time when it appeared i was fulfilling my promise 2 poop outside...

but technically it was not wasted
and tecnically i did drop a load outside. so i feel i met my quota, dontchoo?

Monday, January 15, 2018

i think, i thank, i thunk :)

hee hee hee. oh yeah, this is totally going to work.

what??? snufflupagus? okay fine, duk duk. roll it up so my nose shows but that’s it. besides, if ima gonna wear it all day at school i guess it would be good to have a second blow hole. well, i mean a second smell hole. wait, i guess i still need to clarify. a blow hole slash smell hole for breathing in. which technically makes this new hole the one (and only) blow slash smell hole for that particular purpose. because the other blow slash smell hole that we already accommodated is really more of an blow out-

(sniff sniff) mom?

um, o nothing really. just getting ready for school. and well, u know how my ears get really cold ? and, well, the rest of me really? and u know how i cannot wear my puffy coat during class anymore for, well, reasons? well, tadaah - solution. say hello to the shai hulud 3000. now with two blow holes.

wait, what, mom?




nopies, mom. i do not think that wearing this will affect my ability to learn any less than i already do in school :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

puffy jacket weather

what?? i am not too big. i just look puffy because i am wearing the down jackie mom got me. and beaide, some dukkie should thank his luckee stars its not filled with his feathers, thank you.

now make way make way, let a wolfie in. it's freezing out-

(kaaack) here. foo-whee! omg, people, decency much? i mean, serously. it smells like, like.. fermented cheese in there . (kaaack).

hee hee, everybuddy knows to make a stink really spectacular u need the nuanced notes produced by a ferocious carnivore's biome. now lemme in quick cuz i think this instant pot's about to blow. :)

Friday, December 22, 2017

baxter and duk duk's infinite christmas playlist

okay, that one..o, maybe a million times. no wait, a million and one times.

hee hee, what's that, duk duk? oh yes, by apples in stereo. i will look that one up next.

oh no, not again! seriously why bother even making an app for something that may as well be easier and more reliable if u trained a monkey to do it using punch cards and an abacus.

now we have 2 start all over again.

boy, i sure hope santa appreciates how busy we been spending all this time trying to stay good. how many days is it til christmas again??

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

orNOmentally speaking

hee, hee, well, mom, technically i did hang our new ornament :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

be kind rewind

hee hee, okay, okay, duk duk. just give me a couple more minutes with this fresh hot pile of laundry and then i can help u with the thanksgiving centerpiece for our table.

what? no, those are my gummy worms fair and square. it's not my fault u stink at playing monkey chow mambo chugalug chewdown. i mean, seriously, i feel like i am so full of monkey chow gas bubbles right now that the only thing keeping me from literally exploding is...hmmmmmm. well, nothing real-


-ly. hee hee hee. foo-whee! um, mom, i think we might have to hit the rewind button on this load of laundry if u know what i mean :)

Friday, October 27, 2017

ask a wolf a silly question:)

hee hee, really, u do not know, mom? here, i will show u..

see? they do it like this...(nibble nibble..nibble nibble)

and then, if they run out of leaves, they just turn their head, and they eat more!
(nibble nibble. nibble nibble nibble)

and that is pretty much how giraffes eat. :)

Friday, September 22, 2017

a brushy a day :)

ooooOooOooooOOOoo! duk duk, r u stinking what i am stinking?? quick go get it..

hee hee hee... a brushy a day keeps the butt licking breath at bay :)

Friday, September 1, 2017

quack three times

hee hee, no, duk duk, u can go if u want to but i toldjoo already i am not moving an inch until mom starts another hungry games. last time it was chicken jerky versus mackerel and greens and before that it was cherry tomato vs chicken jerky. i did not know it was even possible, but the stakes seem to be getting higher and even more deliciouser.
besides, what r u even doing back there by my tushie? u know how dan-


-gerous it can be. hee hee, whoopsie. um, i cannot really see u so quack once if u r still conscious, twice if u need urgent medical assistance, and three times if u do not want me to eat your share of dessert tonitey nite. :)

Monday, August 28, 2017

partial scene from the morning of the first day back 2 school (insert poop emoji here)(insert second poop emoji here)(insert third poop emoji here)

...well, i guess when u put it that way, mother, i guess the answer is yes. but it is hardly like i really have a choice in the matter when it is patently obvious that picking the alternative would engender a thick and gooey, conscience smothering layer of motherly disapproval, is it? it's not my fault she's reeking with coo- fine, okay, okay. i know she has been standing right here the whole time. let's just get this over with. (sigh). i cannot believe i am saying this, but yes, cassie, u can go to school with us in our pedal car. cooties and all...


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

summer reading list

"...and the smelly girl kissed the unfortunate boy and they supposedly lived happily ever after..."

sheesh, duk duk! that's like the eleventieth kissy book we've had to read this summer. and thanks to all the reading we did not do last school year, we have like eleventy hundred more to go.

yeppies, i think u r right. if there is going to be any lesson learned, we are pretty much learning it now. well, we will be. go ahead and hit it, duk duk.

hee hee hee, yeppies it really is true. some things are definitely funner in comic book mode :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

now always ready :)

well, technically, it has always been always ready, but sometimes it helps to highlight our important qualities, dontchoo think, mom? :

Sunday, January 29, 2017

just doo it :)

uh, no mom, i do not just do...

i Scooby Dooby dooOOOOooooooo it :)

Friday, April 8, 2016

#trueWolfStories part 2 (guts and glory) i'm like "hrop thith one thoo?? dhad, you're kiddingh hme. the whole reathon hwhy hwe hwent thlooking hin hower backhyard hwas hthoo theck and hthee if there were henny more. i caughth hit hfair andh thquare." 


then the hungry wolf in me decided, "hnope. hnope. hnoth afther hlast thime no thirree. hnot gonna hrop it. hen-oh-capithal peeth."

it seemed like things were going nowhere, but then i had an idea. "hey hmom, hdo u hrememberr hwhat hwe talkedth habout hearlier? hafter the hfirth bunny? hif u hlet me do hthat hthen i hwill hrop it.  do hew haff a hdeal?"

"i hthaid, do hwe haff a hdeal?"


and that, my friends, ends the reenactment portion of our #trueWolfStories for today. thank u anton the little lion for volunteering to play the role of bunny numero dos. 

now duk duk, if you would pull the blinds so we can start the video portion of our - what's that, lil pink puppy? oh yeppies the second bunny i caught was like a whole week older so naturally it was bigger, just like anton here. it was probably my biggest catch to date as a wolf, really. i know, so impressive, right?  and, yeppies it hopped away, back into the periwinkle patch where i cannot tinkle in for the next few weeks because mom says they need to get bigger and smarter.   any more questions?

well, lulu the tiger, u see, me and duk duk pretty much knew mom would never let us record and post what we really would want to if i ever caught a bunny and gave it the real wolf treatment, so we came up with a discreet but awesome design we could use to post a picture of my wolfy success facebook and instagram, and we came up with a plan on how we could make a video that would pretty much capture the essence of what we know would happen when a wolf uknowhats a bunny, without it, being, well u know, too #rawwwry. so mom agreed to let us do all that. speaking of which, without further ado, please now enjoy the video portion of our #trueWolfStories.  Ladies and gentlewolves, me and duk duk present to u, guts and glory. :)