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Friday, July 18, 2014

woke up this morning

Our free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime ends very soon, which I suppose bodes well for all of us couch potatoes, save for one little dachshund who perhaps has become a little too enamored of a certain family drama that he won't be able to finish.

but mom, it's like this.  u pay the annual fee, and me and duk duk will make sure it is worth your while, capoops?  no poop strings attached or nuttin.  how can it get better than that? now do we got a deal or what? :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

once in a blue moon

well, i am not sure, lil pink puppy. it was a long time ago when i overheard her say it and mom was not very specific at all. only that it would happen when this day came and the day has definitely arrived because before she told us we had to stay right here, i saw her take the bucket out and she put all the kitchen stuff in the family room......i wonder if he will do it on his own like superman..or maybe he will sprout tiny wings...yeah i think wings too because really if u do not have wings, it is not really flying, is it? 

ooh i think mom's trying to say something..

yes mom, we promise to stay out of the kitchen until the floor is dry. and besides we are busy!

hee hee, didjoo hear that my friends? mom is finished so u know what that means hopefully.  houston, prepare for liftoff...

u can do it, mister piggy! flying is your destiny now that mom's finished mopping the kitchen floor!! :) :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

public service announcement: stinko de mayo

Why hello my friends, it's me, Baxter your roving rover reporter!  Today is the day we all celebrate the most glorious of stinky holidays, stinko de mayo!  And while it is a day of much fun and foofiefoolery, my toyfriends and I want to take a moment to remind everyone to please be considerate and stink responsibly.  Otherwise, you might get in trouble with your mom and not be able to celebrate it at all in the way that u would like to. And be stuck with a lot of leaky cans of foofie that u cannot even take to school on account of having already been warned by your teacher to clean up your lockers because of the stink from the secret tadpole tank u are keeping at school for the little misses because their mom did not want them to keep any more tadpoles than they already have at home. So, there you have it my friends.  Unleash the stink, but please,  this Stinko de Mayo, remember to stink responsibly.

My name is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you the super stinkiest of stinko de mayos :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

sign language

dear diary,
you know how somedays u think u are so luckee because you wake up and find out from your mom that u can stay home from school, but then u find out the reason why is because the tushie man is coming to give you a three year rabies shot and then u do not feel so lucky after all?  well, today is one of those days.   and since he will probably be working close to u know what and i might be too excited to remember to say anything beforehand, i figured it was very important to make up and post a reminder for the tushie man where a reminder is most necessary.  i hope it does the trick.

b. :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

the bees and the birds

do not worry, mom, you do not have to tell me because I figured it out already.  first, birds lay eggs so we can paint them for Easter. second, bees fly into flowers to appreciate them better, u know, the way I stick my nose into the dirt so I can sniff it better.  oh, and third, even though it is very obvious from one and two that they have nothing in common, birds and bees must find a way to live together and share the land, no matter how buzzy the birds think the bees are, or how chirpy the bees find the birds. so in order to peacefully coexist, they make sure that each of the other flies over there. just like boys and girls have to do, only by standing and with a lot more cooties involved.  is there anything I missed? :)