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Saturday, March 16, 2013

time paradachsnduks: rubber dukkie

"transformed into girls by the giant time bwoopsplosion, and now extremely concerned about cootie infestation, baxter and duk duk hold off on finding a solution to their girl transformation, and spend their saturday afternoon steeped in bubbles and song..."

to be continued :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

time paradachsnduks: never say never again

"merged back together into one set of baxter and duk duks but transformed into girls by the giant time bwoopsplosion, baxter and duk duk must now deal with the aftermath of their extraordinary time travel event..."

to be continued...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

time paradachsnduks: the after bwoop

"after experiencing a giant time bwoop in yesterday's cherry tomato bwoopsplosion, baxter and his toyfriend duk duk regain consciousness and assess their condition..."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

lunch a la mode

It's always fun when Baxter's little friend Lulu comes to visit and helps remind us that normal is really just a state of acceptance, shared between two willing souls :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

avalanche alert

In the awkward family photo album of our lives,  I am pretty certain this little snapshot would make the cover photo. :)

holey moley!  mom, are u sure those things aren't going to fall on me??

Saturday, November 3, 2012

daddy-tax evasion

(dig...dig dig)

Hey, Baxter, what are you doing?

(dig..dig dig dig)

(dig..diggety dig)

um, nuffin. i'll be with u in a sec.

(dig dig...diggety dig dig)

there, that oughta do it!

um, okay, can you please do me a favor and not tell dad where i just hid our gummy worms:)

Saturday, September 1, 2012


okay mom i'm ready to model these super cool hats for -- oh hang on a sec...

(nibbledy nibbledy num num num)
oh yes! (nibbledy dibbledy lick lick lick)

okey dokey! (blink blink) what's wrong, mom?  is there a problem here? :):)

(Hee hee, there will be no posty on Sunday as mister uncouthy and I will be busy working on filling the etsy shop with happy hound party hats this weekend, so if you missed out last time and need some for yourself or need a perfect one size fits all doxies gift this year, take a peek and get yours before they are all gone by clicking here :) and while you're visiting, checky checky all the cute cute goodies in our shop! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

la mia panacea

dear santa,
i know i am writing u early and i know mom says i do not need one but will you please consider giving me the D9000 mega super long extendo leash like my friend iris has for christmas this year if not sooner bcuz as u can see here i am totally missing out on all the bunny chasing action with the shorty leash that mom likes to use on our walkies and well, as you might imagine, not being able to satisfactorily fulfill my instinctual hunger to chase bunnies can lead to other problems like taking out all my wolfy aggressions on my toyfriends and getting all barky with the neighbor dogs, the actions of which i am hoping you will see should totally not count against me when considering my eligibility for nice list this year bcuz if i only had the D9000 mega super long extendo leash then i could chase the bunnies like i want to so all my wolfy needs would be met and all the naughty things i have done or are am about to do or did yesterday would not have happened. including barking at my friend toby and that puppy that i thought was scary and iris's friend biscuit.

anyhoo, santa, i hope u r having a wonderful summer making things like my mom is too which i will hopefully help her put on etsy soon and i hope u will seriously consider my request for the D9000 mega super long extendo leash and or amnesty from the naughty list for actions which are sure to be was and were beyond my control as i am and may forever be instinctually unfulfilled if i do not get this leash.

thank you for your consideration and toodleydoo!

ps - duk duk, chocobot, and lil pink puppy all say hi. :) oh and if u make the D9000 mega super extendo leash in iron man or scooby doo, that would be swell.  otherwise maybe green or black, but u know, in high gloss metallic finish with contrast reflective glow in the dark pinstriping and built in snackie comparment.  :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

baxter & duk duk's dangerously dubious skills for daring dogs and duks: lesson 24



oooo! didjoo heawr dat hduk hduk? i hthink hwee almoth goth it hthat time! othkay hmohm, hmehbhee hwee need htoo tryh it wif youwr hfingerth a liddle farthurh up thith time othkay? i am hpretty hthure thoon i will bhee able htoo hail a khab hfor hyoo hin hnew york thitty!! :) :)

- baxter, 5.5 years old, on spending his lazy Sunday afternoon trying to learn how to whistle :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mister bubbles


why, no, mom, i am not aware of anybuddy here who needs their nails done.  perhaps u meant the stinky bassets next door?

- baxter, 5.4 years old, with paws folded, and smelling fresh and clean from his after stinko de mayo bath. :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

stinkebration stagnation

dear diary,
well diary, here it is the wonderful morning of stinko de mayo and can u believe me and duk duk have not been able to start stinkebrating yet?? all bcuz mom said our guess whose foofie event from last year was so noxious that we now have to do anything stinky outside.  which is a bummer bcuz it is already hot out and only going 2 get hotter.  And even though i put the first tee  i could find so i would not get sunburned, mom says we have to wait til it gets cooler out and well, quite frankly, i am not sure how much longer me or duk duk can keep some forms of the stink we planned waiting if u know what i mean.  

anyhoo diary, i hope u are having a wonderful Stinko de Mayo Saturday and i look forward to hearing all about how u celebrated your day!

b. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

u r invited : stinko de mayo

 Hey everybuddy, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, only today I am not reporting to you, I'm inviting you, to me n duk duk's first ever worldwide Stinko de Mayo celebration on this Saturday, May 5th.  Now, you may not know about the ancient Mayo aliens that visited our planet long ago, but we do, because we just turned in a report on them for our history class  (thank goodness for dukkipedia!).  Anyhoo, the aliens chose to land in what we now call Mexico 5 gajillion years ago on May 5th and needless to say because their journey was so long that when the door to their spacecraft opened, well, let's just say the only thing that people remember about them other than introducing poopie snakes into the planet's ecosystem is how stinky they were.  And just as quickly as the Mayo aliens came, they left! And although the people of earth were very sad to see the Mayo aliens go, they were equally happy that their stink was gone and that the they left such wonderful poopie snakes.  So to honor this occasion they carved out a great canyon in the arid region of what was then upper Mexico,  and vowed to celebrate this occasion annually on the day of their arrival, May 5th.  Only for some reason as millions of years passed, people forgot about this wonderful holiday and not very much is known about how it is celebrated.  So yeah u know after reading all that we had to do something about it.  Only we thought, why limit the celebration to Mexico when the whole world can celebrate? So this Saturday, May 5th, me and duk duk hope you will join us in celebrating this very special day in however fashion you see fit.  And, we even created a Stinko de Mayo facebook event so u can put it on your  calendar and everything!  Just remember though, as the surgeon general reminds us,  please stink responsibly.

This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you a very happy Wednesday !! :)


Sunday, April 29, 2012

every move u make


attention squirrels outside this window! 

 even though i have not been able to fully perform my chasing duties at all lately and you have taken over the bird feeders,
and even though i no longer have a kitty perch upon which to jump so that i can bark at u, 

and even though u are ignoring me right now.. know this my bird seed stealing friends...

i will be watching u..

...even if it means my mom's legs are going to fall asleep!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

tarzan boys



hey duk duk of the jungle! watch out for that -




eee hee hee hee hee heee!

Monday, April 16, 2012

study buddies

dear diary,
as u might imagine i have tons of school work to catch up on from having been in the pokey so long and mom said if i do not start it soon then i might have to go to summer school which would really be da pits bcuz me and duk duk have already decided that once we earn enough gummy worms to buy our pirate ship which could be any day now we would spend all summer pirating the seven seas in search of the fabled lost treasure of princess petunia of poopythia.  so needless 2 say yesterday i started on my studies and duk duk even helped me with as much as he could remember before he fell asleep in class.  which as it turns out was quite a lot bcuz really he could not help me much at all with my astrometabiology homework but lucky for us we are only taking that class pass fail. 

anyhoo, as u can see by the stack of my books, i will be very busy this week so if you would please help me out by letting me know what's going on with the wonder pets and scooby doo i would really appreciate it bcuz i do not think i will be able to watch tv much at all this week and even though scooby doo still stinks at solving real mysteries, he still manages to solve them on television and  now i am wondering if the secret to scooby doo's powers lie with his scooby snacks and if so maybe i should ask mom to get me some so i can power thru my schoolwork.

b. :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


a-a-a...achOO! um, okay mom maybe we better close the window after all but may i please keep george on?  :) 

- baxter, 5.25 years old, on having to give up on the notion of having his cake and eating it too, or in this case, having the window open and running his heater friend george also

Yep, the pollen is a little heavier than usual for this time of year....

Friday, January 20, 2012

easy as 1-2-3

Hey boys and girls, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, and I am here to talk to you today about my easy 3 step plan to total toyfriend fun! Tired of all the squeaking your toy makes when you bite down on it? Worried that your toyfriend might be gaining weight from a little too much snackie toss practice? Maybe your toyfriend is just in need of a total toyfriend makeover. With my easy 3 step plan, not only will sll these problems be addressed, but you will also have the best time of your life.  And, boys and girls, it only takes less than three minutes.  But why talk about it when I can just show you?  Are you ready?  Don't blink or u might miss it....


Ta-da!  But wait, want the fun to happen all over again?  Why,  just ask mom or dad to help u put everything all back inside and voila - you're ready to start back at step one again!  Super cool, right?  

Well boys and girls, speaking of super cool, it is time for me to say goodbye because I see my new toyfriend Mr Greyhogg is all ready to play EZ3 again.  And see, just like that, I am already at step 2.

This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you a very happy playtime! :)

(hee hee, thank u miss steph and charlie for the wonderful hedgehog.  as u can see i had a LOT of fun with it and i will again!!  :) )

Friday, December 23, 2011

north pole confessional

please forgive me santa it has been 2 weeks since i last was naughty and i am very sorry for what happened yesterday even though it was technically duk duk's fault but mom says there are no room for excuses in apologies so me just wanted to tell u how sorry i am about spilling monkeychow nog on the rug yesterday and i am sure u know since u see everything that me n duk duk cleaned it up real nice even while everyone else had a fine time at our after charlie and the chocolate factory foofie party and  i hope u will agree that we still deserve all the things we asked for christmas.  well, except duk duk's request for the cowabunga 540 xtra distance wing action master blaster super disaster water cannon  because i forgot to ask u for the megamotion 890XD4 power shower multispread body shredder aqua pro rifle and u know he would cream me without it but if it's not too late can u go ahead and add the megamotion 890XD4 power shower multispread body shredder aqua rifle and optional quik change clip grip with steady paw sling in blazing camo green to my list?  and do not worry if all this is too much for u to bring on christmas eve, i can totally wait to get it on boxing day. :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

bowwow to your sensei

Hello! It's me, Baxter, your not so roving rover reporter. Not reporting to you today because I am training to become a luchador.  And even though it is raining out, a good luchador must train everyday. Rain or shine.  Would u like to come inside and join me?

To fight his enemy, a good luchador must be very patient and focused.

He must not let temptation distract him from his very important goals.  To defend his honor and fight for his country.  To live another day so that he may lucha again.

(blink)  (blink)...



But an even better luchador knows how to recover after he has fallen to temptation, dontchoo think?  :)

Hey mom, how do u turn the camera off?

(hee hee hee, thank u ramsay for the super delicious giant snackie and fun fun hippo toy!!!!!)

Friday, September 30, 2011

party poopered

(sniff sniff..sniff sniff sniff)

hee hee hee, (sniff sniff) oooh,  fruity.. (sniffy sniff) with slight hints of glitter - green i think - and monkey chow and, wait,..

(sniff?) is that jelly bean?  no, no, wait, more circusy...hmmmm.... ooo - cotton candy!  i guess chocobot!

hee hee okay u go now chocobot..

now remember chocobot, with lil pink puppy out of the game now it's best 6 out of 7. wait'll i get my mask on and i will tell u when u can go, okay?


pheeeew! real funny. i said wait!

(muffled) okay let er rip!


HEEE hee hee hee hee hee hee - uh oh wait.

yes mom?

Baxter Babydog, I hope you and your toyfriends aren't playing that awful guess whose foofie game up there.  Is that why you wanted me to make you green beans and cabbage for dinner last night? mom?

Well whatever you are doing up there stop. You're making the chandelier shake.

okay mom.

(blink....blink)  (blink)


(foop foop foop!)(pssssssh!) (pshooooooo!)

ooo - anybuddy wanna go outside and make poopie snakes with us? :)