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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

a feast for wolves

as he spied the little puffs of smoke and fire poofing out of the magnificent beast before him, the ferocious little wolf could not believe his luck. the battle would be fierce, he knew. and it would take forever, as dragon skin was practically impenetrable. but little wolf was confident that the day would be his, and that all the scars and wounds would be worth it, for he would finally know the taste of pink dragon meat. :)

Monday, June 18, 2018


stop?? but dad, me and duk duk have been eating monkey chow for forever now and if there is any day to be doing it, it’s today. i mean, (pftoooeeeeEeeEeeeek) they don’t call it fa- wait, what? oh. (pfeewwweet-eeet-ooop)

well, i guess (pfweeep) me and duk duk would like 2 wish u both a happy father’s day and a happy farter’s day, dad. :)

Friday, June 15, 2018

jamón and please sandwich

hee hee, omg, duk duk. he’s so cute. i mean, he’s just so plump and chompy..

...and his curly swirly tail is so dreamy!

hee hee, what’s that, duk duk? yeppies, i will ask her..

mom, i know we asked u to make him and i know it was a lot of work and all...

but maybe could u please make little miss julia another soft leather birthday piggy and we can just keep this one because jamón says he does not want to live in a house full of cassie cooties. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

by the dawn’s early light :)

hee hee, i know it is early but u know what they say, duk duk, the early wolf and falcon catch the bunny :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

capital offense :)

hee hee hee, new snackies!! b, b, b...

mine mine mi- hey!

no snitching, turkey breath! it’s not my fault some dukkie played hooky while me and mom filled orders yesterday. i earned these birthday cake snackies fair and square. besides...

with the b and all, they practically have my name on each and every one of them. so no sharesies and definitely no snitching.

wait, what? nopies. nope, no way nosiree. nope. how can u even say that? look. they are too. fine, we will ask mom.

mom, are these snackies shaped like a capital b or two capital ds??

Friday, June 1, 2018

r u ready for the summer :)

The beginning of summer is always so full of promise and anticipation. There are books to be read, beaches to be visited, gardens to tend, and of course much fun to be had, even if summer mostly means sitting at a desk every day. I like to think that baxter and duk duk takes all these things into consideration when they dream up the little goodies for our shop, which is why their tiny summer cyber doot fair is so rich this time not only with the return of recent resin favorites, but also new goodies to delight the senses and help make summer as special as they think it should be.

Going to a summer wedding? Why, you’ll need cootie protection of course.

Looking to tidy all your keys to the house and rocket ship? We’ve got u covered!

Stuck inside the office all day? Do not worry, we can bring the sunshine and smelly flowers inside to you!

Got a lot of boring reading to do? We can keep your place and make it funner!

Need a little help enhancing your ferociousness temporarily while u work on your summer tan ? Hee hee, looky!!

Needless to say, we’ve got a lot of work to get everything into the shop for sunday night, and it might just be a little more than even I anticipated if a little wolf and falcon have their way...

mom, do u think i can borrow dad’s electric razor? just to, u know, shave a small, o, u know, 2 inch area on my hiney quarter ? for um, well, no particular reason really...:)

Monday, May 28, 2018

dooting june 3: smelly 2.0 peecret garden limited edition felt flower reed diffuser set and more!!

..hee hee, yeah me, too, duk duk. i mean, seriously, i do not know how, but we always seem to be able to come up with something super cool every time! i guess when u like smell as much as we so, the inspiration just comes sort of naturally really, even if they are inspired by something as smelly as the flowery stinks of the garden.

hee hee, yeah, i know, i wish we could have made more that 20 diffuser sets but mom said it kind of took a long time sewing all the pretty flowers from the wool felt. and then there was all that sanding and making all the packaging and well, we are using essential oils for the smell this time so, u know, there is that...

but i hope they all get wonderful homes because even after the diffusers are done smelling, a beautiful tiny felt flower garden will remain for people to enjoy forever. and if they want to, they can even cut out the stinkbugs we put all over the packaging. yeah, that was genius really.

speaking of genius, i am also really glad mom is letting us do a cyber doot fair so we can doot a bunch of things at once so hopefully people can save a few gummy worms on shipping. and that way, if anybuddy missed out on cootie protection amulets or weenie stack rings, or maybe they need a little F(art) for the home or office, or maybe they need some experimental cool things we made for father’s day, well, they can do all their shopping at once! yeah, i know, our marketing will be all over the place but i think we’ve made good progress on developing an angle for it. we really need to start photographing everything for our listings, too.

o, smello, mom. hey, me and duk duk were wondering if finally for our next smelly set, u know, not this one, cuz it smells of flower stink, well, we were wondering if finally we can make a poopie scented set. u know, cuz, it would smell amazing? :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

advanced smellfare :)

“, miss debbi.”

omg, duk duk, looky at what miss debbi sent us!

have u seen anything more perfect for us? it’s candy, it’s a poopie, it’s a fan - it’s a candy poopie fan!

hee hee hee, peeee-eeew! duk duk, i thought we agreed, no secret stench foo- hang on, r u stinking what i am thinking?

hee hee, do it again, duk duk. i bet with this thing, we can blow our stink all the way to poopbuktu! :)

Monday, May 7, 2018

finders eaters :)

hee hee nopies, duk duk, i am pretty sure this one has only my name written all over it :)

Monday, April 16, 2018

split decision

...hee hee, no they’re not. no. no they’re not. nopies. nope. nope. nope...duk duk! no, they’re not. no they’re not. nopies. nope. nope. nopes. capital n-o-peees. nope. no they’re not. duk duk, what u r suggesting is totally ludicrous. i mean, not only is your assertion scientifically unfounded, it’s just flat out delusional. no. nopies. negapoopies. what, did we wake up in bizarro world because well, sure, in that case, maybe. but not here. not here in the only world that matters because newsflash, my friend, bizarro world is not real. so nopies. no. never. nien. nunca. okay, fine , we’ll ask mom...

mom, are wolves are less ferocious than falcons?

Monday, April 9, 2018

white duck :)




hmmmm...okay on the count of three we both pick our favorite. ready? one, two, three!

hey, we both picked the same one! but how could we not, really?sw7010. aka, white duck. hee hee, yeah, i like how they misspelled duk, too. makes it more pizazzy. and with this new paint on our bedroom walls, maybe when we go to bed a night, it will help us dream even more ferocious dreams. okay, should we tell mom?

mom, i think we have a winner. :)

Friday, April 6, 2018

say it

...hee hee, say it!...duk duk, i said, say it! hee hee hee nopies, there is no way i could even be crushing your trachea because we both know for reasons i have already apologized for multiple times that u do not have one.

besides, that’s what u get for being best friends with a ferocious wolf. now, say it and i will let go, so say it already!! boy, for a one winged falcon u sure are strong... but luckily, i am stronger! so say...peeeeee-eeeeeee-eewwww. kaaack. kaaack. hee hee hee, okay u win. omg duk duk that was a doozy.

o hi mom. um, nothing really. we were just reading and..wait, what do u mean stop playing silly smelly games? we were just sitting here and suddenly out of nowhere this giant foofie cloud came up and...okay, fine. i said okay. pupscouts honor. have a nice time at the grocery store and we love you too bye.

hee hee, and that concludes another smellytastic meeting of the royal order of falcons. :)

Friday, March 30, 2018

easter, finally :)

well, we were just thinking, mom, that he probably really deserves it on account of all the eggs he takes without really asking. and then, when he gives them out, he gets all the credit when what did he do, really? i mean, he has all year to come up with something original that he can make himself and he has all year to come up with something fun to do but what does he do? every year he gives out chicken eggs he stole from, u guessed it, chickens, and every year if u r really not luckee, he makes u scary santa sit on his lap for pictures at the mall. only it is worse because u do not even get to ask him for presents or anything so u pretty much dressed up and stress pooped for nothing. not to mention the humiliation of the whole experience really - i mean, u probably do not understand that on account of not being natural born predator like me and duk duk, but trust me, wolves and falcons do not just sit on their prey’s lap if u know what i mean.

o, and the jelly beans that everyone thinks he poops? not even. chocobot says he poops pellets just like every other bunny cuz he saw him pooping at last easter’s invitation only tgiafter easter disco party. which he only started holding after he found out about our tgidiscofriday parties and u know he knows we know which is why he did not invite us.

so, anyway, i guess what me and duk duk are trying to say is, yes, we think it is perfectly fine to ask if u would help us rent a backhoe so we can finally dig a big enough hole to finally trap him and finally when we do, we finally can go rawwwr on him and finally that would be that. cuz ima wolf. and he’s a falcon. and rawwring is what we do. :)

Monday, March 12, 2018

love, miss debbi

we promise to read the letter first. now may we open it, mom ?

okay okay, i am going as fast as i can, stink butt. besides if some dukkie didn’t sit on my glasses we would not have this problem, would we?? alright now where was i? o yes...’and even though duk duk is a poopie butt, please enjoy this very special gift. love, miss debbi.’ oh looky and over here is a clue! ‘unlock the secret of the wizard, and seven special wishes will be granted.’

whoa, duk duk. a supercool magic wizard!! i wonder what his secret is...

Friday, March 2, 2018

under the bus

hee hee hee. omg, duk duk, i am really impressed with how these turned out.

i mean, just look at them. and they are stickers, too. yeah, i think we should print at least eleventy gazillion more, too. this sprocket thingy is so cool.

uh-oh, i think i hear mom’s car!
(shuffle shuffle shuffle)

why hello, mom. looky - while u were gone we made u a sticker of us for your car so that way we are always with u even when we are not. can me and duk duk help u bring in the groceries? i am certain u must be tired. not that u look it or anything. u look fresh as a poopie snake. i mean, in a good fresh made sort of way. not like a poop mushie or anything.

wait, what’s that? take the sticker picture now? well, um....o i forgot , can u give duk duk a bath first? he really stinks because i think he stepped in uknowwhat and well, i know how u do not like us being stinky and all... :)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

told the pet sprocket

yes, mother, do not worry about a thing. we know it is only borrowed and we promise not to touch it in any way whatsoever until u get back from the grocery store. poops honor. okay, we love u, too. bye bye.

is she gone? hee hee hee, right? like, seriously, it’s a bluetooth device. why would we even need to touch it? okay, duk duk, u go get the tripod while i pair up and then we can get this party started...