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Monday, August 3, 2015

il bassotto flatulento aiuta suo padre a rendere mozzarella

...hee hee, okay dad, now that the curds have formed the next thing u have 2 do and this is very very important...


hee hee hee, u have 2 cut the cheese!!  :) :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

we built an outdoor sink :)

A few months ago I was wandering around in the Habitat for Humanity Restore, minding my own business, when right there before my eyes was a Kohler stainless steel drop in sink.  Not just any sink, mind you, but one where one of the basins actually looked long enough to accommodate all of tiny chumley's enlongated cuteness without him having to curl into a donut.   And, it was only five dollars. Five dollars! Clearly, this was a message from the shopping gods. All I had to do come up with a plan,  wait for all the other stuff I needed to show up at the Restore and blammo, tiny chumley's make shift paw washing station would be upgraded to the ergonomic outdoor sink of my dreams.

Of course, it didn't quite work out that way.  Research and planning took forever, and apparently treated wood doesn't show up that often at our Restore, or galvanized pipe for that matter (though ebay does so, yay for pipe fittings by mail!).  And amongst other things, I learned you sometimes have to go to three different Lowes on three different days to find a working pipe cutter machine, a Kreg Jig really is handy, and friends with drill presses are indeed very valuable friends.  Yeah, the shopping gods didn't exactly give me a simple quick and easy project,  but what a super cool project it turned out to be. And yes...just in case you were wondering...

tiny chumley fits perfectly. :)

hee hee mom, since we are outside and all, after we wash my paws do u think it would okay if me and duk duk filled the sink all the way to the top and played 20000 poops under the sea? :) 

Friday, March 6, 2015

fun for a boy or a girl: ezpz doxie sleeve sweater makey project numero dos

Why hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to you today about a very special and ez pz weekend project.  You see, even though winter will be over in no time, it still seems spring is pretty far away. And if where you live is as cold as it has been here, then u just might want 2 try this too.  Because today's project is the ez pz sweater numero dos.  To do this project, all u really need is a sleeve from a very nice and soft cashmere or merino wool sweater that u can get for just a few gummy worms at the thrift store.  Make sure the sweater has a sleeve that is long enough and wide enough to fit your sausagey body.

Now, u can measure to make things more exact but if u want to spend more time playing on your wii and less time, u know, measuring and stuff, u can do like me and mom did and just eyeball everything.  Cut the sleeve longer than u need, and, with help from your mom, stuff yourself into the sleeve and have her mark where the arm slits should be with a sharpie.  Take off the sweater and cut the slits, then retry on the sweater. Mark the length of the sweater u want, cut that, and voila. 

For this particular sweater, the knit sleeve binding was a little tight on my neck meat, so we cut down the seam and looky, the binding turned into a really cute collar. 

And that's pretty much it, eyeball, fit, snip snap and you're done!  But, say if u want to go the extra mile..

Here is what me and my mom did with my friend Hank's turtleneck sweater.  It's like mine only the edges are finished with doublefold bias binding. 

And the best part about this project? If u mess up, u still have one sleeve left to work with AND u have enough sweater to make the original ez pz tube sweater I reported about this same time last year! So really how can u go wrong? 

Anyhoo, I would give u more details but I sort of ran out of time bc I am helping mom pack for one of her adventures and so if u have any questions please feel free to comment and I will try to answer them as best I can while she is gone.  This is Baxter your roving reporter wishing you a very happy makey weekend! :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

thursday was another snow day :)

hee hee now remember, mom, our foothold in the north is severely threatened by the early onset of winter. our men have only three weeks rations and a raven from castle black has indicated trouble is coming from beyond the wall.  our negotiations with little miss julia targaryen are critical and the utmost of secrecy and privacy must be upheld here in our camp. no one must know she is talking with us.

 oo, i think she is here.  will you please show her to the lovely heat cave we just finished for her,  whilst duk duk and i finish our nice cup of hot monkey chow cider? i will be along in just a minute...

mmm that's good chow...



remember, mom, do not under any circumstances listen in on our conversation.  the fate of two houses depends on the success of our negotiations.

...hee hee hee! no hit the right button and then hit the left button and..jump! juuuuump! ooo now dash..nice! oh u missed the golden ring but that's okay the giant should be along any minute and if u dash him u get like way more tear drops than...eeek - no, u fly by holding down on the jump button until u -

ummm, well mom, we plan 2 start our negotiations like, after we earn enough teardrops to buy the pink robot unicon attack armor.   does she really have to go home now?  :) 

Friday, November 7, 2014

winter is coming

hee hee hee, hooray - phase two of our heat cave project is now finished, duk duk! i am sure glad mom figured out how to make everything from our drawings.  especially this supercool awning, right?  no medieval tent is really complete without one. the starks had them. and i sure bet the lannisters did too. 

only i bet theirs did not retract!

last one in's a rotten poopie snake! well, a more rotten one anyway.

(shuffle shuffle) (shuffle shuffle) hey hey, pheeeeeeeew! duk duk, didjoo just..oh nevermind i just did one too so we are even.

okay,  maybe at in phase three we ask mom for a pull cord so we can pull george over whenever we wanty want. :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

some behind the scenes stuff and a doot doot dooty doot for know, a supercool print poster and my 2015 desk calendar

When a happy go lucky dachshund stands at the cusp of turning eight years old,  I like to think that his tastes begin to evolve. Boy adventurer detectives and blue boxed time travelers, though still very much close to his heart,  now give way to more complex characters who more often than not, ask questions and delve into topics that an eight year old imaginative dachshund has yet to fully comprehend. And so it seemed only natural that Baxter and his toyfriend duk duk, who by now would have exhausted all the G, PG, and PG13 offerings on Netflix,  would have refined their tastes and discover indie geek classics like the movie Donnie Darko.  And, even though some of the darker aspects of the movie would go over their heads, a movie as engaging and unsettling as Donnie Darko would still be something tiny chumley and duk duk would pick to serve as the awesome inspiration for this year's halloween trick-or-treatery.

I'd like to say it was purely Baxter and duk duk's inner geekiness that motivated their Halloween attire, but truth be told, the makey challenges also piqued my interests greatly.  I mean, it's not like there are many swell instructions out there for this for humans, much less for dachshunds, or for one winged duks.  The challenge would not only be in replicating the Frank the Bunny and Donnie Darko look, but also in adapting it for the actual head and body shapes and imaginative perspectives of an odd but perfectly matched pair of friends.

Today, finally, after months of off and on makey, a peek into the work that went into their costumes, and a link to Baxter's new super cool poster featuring it, that asks what we should all probably ask ourselves at one time or another, why are you wearing that silly human suit?

Happy Monday, friends! :)

PS if you missed the doot doot dooty doot yesterday, here is a link for our super cool and always budgety 2015 desk calendar too!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

heat cave for two :)

There are a few things yet to be completed on the heat cave I started to make for tiny chumley late last week, but try and tell that to a shivery little boy and his duk, on an ever so slightly chilly morning in autumn.  :) 

hee hee mom, we know it is not done yet but our new heat cave is still so very comfy and can you please turn george up to 80?  low breeze please. oh, and a hot cup of monkey chow cider would be nice too :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

etsy fresh: you are invited to our Top Secret Halloween Club :)

Hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to you today about a very important invitation me and duk duk would like to make to you, to join our Top Secret Halloween Club.  Do you remember seeing some top secret things about our Halloween costumes every once in a while say on our Instagram or our Facebook or on Twitter or maybe even here?  Were you like, hey, when are we ever going to see the results ? Well, ever since our mom finished our Halloween costumes a few days ago, we have been really wanting to show you as much as you have wanted to see them. We even dressed up in our costumes and made Halloween cards that turned out super cool. But then we were like, hey,  Halloween isn't til Halloween and top secret is top secret, right?   But, if some of our friends like you really want to see our costumes early,  or say you need a really super cool Halloween card that will totally be like nothing you have ever seen before,  well, how can it happen and not spoil the surprise for everybuddy else?

Well my friends, that's how me and duk duk decided to form the Top Secret Halloween Club.  If you and your friend can keep a secret and want to send or get our super cool - but kind of SCARY!! - Halloween card now,  you can do so by clicking here, to get the card from my mom's kalyxcraftopia etsy shop.  Oh yeah, did I mention it was kind of scary?    

This is Baxter your roving rover reporter hoping you will join us in super cool halloweeny weenie top secrecy! :)

PS - this is not the actual card although the actual card is sort of on there but like, so pixelated and covered up that u know, it may as well not be the card. :) #topsecretSCARY

PPS (10/22/2014) Wow me and duk duk sold out! Please be patient my friends as we will be ordering more the next time mom places a print order so stay tuned! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

hiney hole

well, okay mom, since we are still developing the pattern and this is only practice fabric, u can take a couple of pictures so we can study them for fit and make adjustments but remember, mum's the word because my Halloween costume is top secret and even though he thinks he knows what it is, not even duk duk knows what it really is. capoops? 

so, okay, I was thinking now that the front half looks pretty good, maybe we can focus on my back end because I think the hiney hole could be just a little bit bigger, dontchoo? but not so big that it would collect leaves and junk when we go trick or treating because that would be really scratchy. oh and not too small just in case I need to make a know whattie snake. :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

fit to be spied

It always seems to me that little dachshunds are often left out in the cold when it comes to nicely fitted attire.  Something is always too short, too long, too small, too wide, too narrow, or too big.  And sleeves and shoulder lines are practically always a problem, so misplaced and often so big that our stubby legged little friends inevitably - albeit adorably - ensausage themselves.

The little gray hairs sprouting like weeds on tiny chumley's face told me it was time to tackle this Moby Dick of sewing challenges, and so the little kielbasa and I have spent the last two weeks reading and futzing drawing and cutting and sewing and seam ripping and cutting and sewing and seam ripping and, well you get the idea.   It's been a lot of work that has caused me to face many a sewing demon, but it has also been very rewarding in terms of developing my spatial thinking.  And of course, it has also been very rewarding for a happy go lucky, bottomless tummied little boy, who also has some rather grandiose ideas as to what his halloween costume will be this year.

shhh shhhh shushy shuush! mom, please do not say anything more. u never know if the stinky neighbor bassets might be listening with their big ol ears, and that would just spoil everything me and duk duk have already been working on!!  remember, u make the - u make the thing we talked about, and we will take care of the rest. now, shall we start on the back - um, part b?  :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

fun for a girl or a boy: ezpz doxie tube sweater makeyproject

Yesterday while goofing around upstairs,  tiny chumley and I stumbled across a simple and easy way to keep him warm when George or a heat vent isn't nearby. Behold the ensausage-free ezpz cashmere twisty tube sweater! It's really just tube, formed from the cut body of a thrift store cashmere sweater.  Big enough to slide on to his midsection, then twisted once on his back and fed back over his head so that it covers his neck in a snug but not too snug way.  Think of it as forming a figure eight, with one hole filled by his midsection, the criss cross resting on his back, and the other hole filled with his head.  Futz a little with all the folds and twists of the sweater so that it covers the back and chest and such, and voila, an i-made-it-in-two-minutes happy little doxie sweater guaranteed not to hinder movement or trap little forepaws in an unfortunate ensausagification incident.

If you're inspired to follow through or have questions, please feel free to ask or send/link me your results! The little kielbasa wore his all day yesterday so needless to say his is a more than little rumpled up and throughout the day i refutzed to keep things smooth, but I love how toasty he felt when it finally came time to take it off, and I have a feeling he loved how toasty he was in it. :)   

PS - don't worry - thift store cashmere is your friend! go ahead and treat the cashmere as you would a cotton tee - no special handwashing necessary. I just throw ours in the washing machine, and if I remember, I put it on wool cycle, but even when I forget, cashmere turns out fine.  The fibers are soft and smooth enough so that there isn't quite the felting action (and therefore shrinkage) as there is with rougher wools.  :)

PPS - more helpful info added below.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

jiffy pup pupcave

Cold and rainy Mondays are hardly a welcoming way to start the week, but with a little help from a happy-go-lucky sausage boy now thrilled to have made his own little heat cave, at least Mondays can be a little cuter. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

brooches & pooches

Yippee! I learned a lot from the brooch class I took last weekend.  The possibilities are one size fits all endless, I think.  And very dachshundable. Not that you might be able to tell that from these brooches I finished this past week, but hopefully patience will be rewarded.

Patience is something that tiny chumley has had to have had in abundance this past week, sweet little boy that he was waiting for me to finish sawing this or hammering that. Til finally, he senses I am done, and then he becomes larger than life. :)

mom, now that these pins are finished and u are waiting to get supplies to finish the other stuff we are working on, can we please go to the pet store and get my cootie vaccine booster? little miss sarah's mom said cassie might be ready to play with other dogs as soon as monday afternoon and that is tomorrow. :) :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

rrrAWWrr means hello my friend :)

Today a peekypoo at the things that will be keeping me and the little kielbasa busy this week.  Finishing brooches like this one from this past weekend's class, making progress on some experimental wienery goodies I've posted a peek or two previously on Instagram and Facebook...


...and doing all sorts of elf work to replenish old favorites and add new paper goods into the kalyxcraftopia shop, so that tiny chumley's happy little postcard can go out with each and every Etsy order.

hee hee hee,  mom, after school today, to help u take pictures of our new paper goodies, i will get all the fans in the house and point them at the sky, so we can blow away the clouds and bring the sunshine back.  do not start without me, okay?? :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

as good as it gets

There's actually been a really good reason behind all my visits to TJ Maxx and Marshalls and HomesGoods lately.  I mean, not just to see what there is to see in doxie stuff, or to smell candles, or lament that they usually carry rather unreasonably designed and totally undersized ladies undergarments.  I've been visiting because it was time to take back my makey spaces from the messy monsters, and I needed storage stuff.

I'm glad to say that after a very long two weeks, and with one armoire still in an imperfect state and an entire room next door still prone to falling like a house of cards into a state of disrepair,  I'm as done as I will ever be with the Great Crafty Purge and Organization War of 2014.  Next week it will be time to crank up the make factory again, and I know a certain little helpful boy and his dukfriend will be there, giving me helpful advice all the while.

hee hee - hey mom, this is great, but, where is the shelf for me and duk duk's crafty supplies? u know, our bins for poopie snakes and monkey chow and, u know, glitter and stuff??

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

let me eat cake

Tiny chumley had a fine time helping me start his birthday cake yesterday

even if it did mean he needed a little help of his own. :)


hee hee mom i can already tell justby licking the utensils that my cake is going to be dee-licious! are u sure we have to invite everybuddy bcuz my tummy and i are pretty sure we can eat the entire cake all by ourselves!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

coming soon :)

Yippee, weeks in the makey, all that's left now to do with tiny chumley's super cute top secret Santa project is to have him take photos and work on the etsy listings in the next few nights.  

psssst - hints I will give you in numbers of three, tidings of joy and presents of glee, this next surprise Mom made with some help by me, and I hope u will save some room on your tree! :) :) #comingthisweekend

Thursday, November 14, 2013

workshop elf

mom, are u sure i cannot help u use the drill?

please?  :) :)

Hee hee, more Tidings of Wooty and Glee coming soon my friends so stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

little statues

hee hee, what a great idea to turn ourselves into wood today, duk duk!  now not only do we not have to worry about our walrus report, but nobuddy will recognize us and we can skip school and everything!! there's just one test we have to pass before the bus comes and...

ooo here it is - mom's coming! quick - places everyone - operation little statues is now under way!! and remember, no sounds, no stink, no nothing til the coast is clear!!



(hee hee hee, to be continued...hopefully :)