Thursday, September 17, 2009

thursday's forecast: goofy with a chance of woof

The weatherman says it's going to rain today, but I say he's all wet. Today's forecast is all about the goofy. Woof!


sadermaxx said...

You look so cue Baxter.
Are you sticking your tongue out at the camera

chloejessica said...

This def made me smile! Nothing is better than being goofy! Love all the pictures especially the first one! :)

Erin and her Dogs said...

hahahaha I love the first err biggest picture :))Too cute!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Baxter!
You had a goofy day!
I love your pictures. The first one is pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

hi everybody! i even got to go for a walk today cuz it didn't rain too hard! :)

Sandra said...

These pictures are hilarious. Baxter is beyond adorable.