how to order

 PLS READ UPDATE 9/3/2012:  Hello friends, my crafty schedule is booked for the rest of 2012, so please know I am unable to accept new orders or start fit work for duds until Jan 2013. But I hope to hear from you then and look forward to squee-ing with you! :)

Thanks for considering working with me on a custom made Kalyxcraftopia doxie vest harness! The dapper doxie harnesses I like to make are one of a kind creations fitted to your doxie's specific measurements, using inspired fabrics and unique embellishment.  Most everyday inspired harnesses fall into the price range of $45-55.  All duds are bound with double fold custom bias cut binding I make myself and sewn as one would for a quilt, complete with mitered corners.  And my happy harnesses are interlined with a bottom weight twill & webbed spining to minimize stretching, and are made with heavy duty quality hardware & fasteners.

Here's how the process works....
1) Initial consultation: Drop me an email at kalyxcraftopia at Tell me about your dog, its gender and name, neck and chest measurements, its back length (base of neck to base of tail), its weight, whether it's a mini, tweenie, or standard, and what preferences or dislikes you might have for your dog's custom harness (you can read ahead to step 2 and include any of that info here too if you already know it). Include images of your pup, and any others you think might be helpful at this stage to illustrate your ideas,like, say, a vintage necktie you inherited or found at the thrift store that you'd like incorporated, or maybe you're looking for a swell 70s leisure suit feel. Or let me know what strikes your fancy from my portfolio.  And do also let me know if you have any critical timing goals and we can discuss feasibility - the entire process seems to average about 6 to 12 weeks turnaround for a new customer requiring a fit model, and can be shorter or longer depending on my workload, what we decide for materials, how quickly we can find them and where they are sourced, your availability for the fitting process, and of course, the post office. :)

2)Pricing, fabric & design: Hee hee, let teh fun begin! Unless you have a specific vision or look already in mind, it's often helpful to take a moment to describe your pup as though he or she were human.  How old would they be, what would their hobbies and interests be, what kind of crowd would they hang out with?  Do they have any fashion heroes?   If I am providing the fabric, I can either come up with a few fabric selections and send you image links or samples, or you can leave the choice up to me if you'd like a pleasant surprise.  This step is all about establishing design boundaries, if there are any, and it also helps me provide a better estimate final cost of the dud as I'll have a better idea of the materials required and work involved.  Sometimes this process can overlap with the fit model work, depending on whether or not I've found or dyed fabrics I think will fit the bill. So, sometimes step 2 is step 3 and vice versa.

3) Fitting: Unless there is a fit model on hand from previous work, I typically make the prototype fit model, process a paypal invoice for the required downpayment of $20 per dud, then send it to you via first class mail. If we've progressed far enough in our design discussion and I have samples and or drawings to include, I will also send these along with the fit model. Once the dud is at its destination, I'll ask you to email me images of the dog's side, top, and front photos of the dog wearing the prototype (videos can also be helpful). I'll also ask you to mark or pin a couple of key spots on the harness to ensure good fit. (see How to Pin Your Fit Model) Don't be alarmed at this stage by the harness's design or fabric. It was only made for fitting purposes, not for everyday living. This step ends with the return of the prototype to me (and samples if they were included) so I can fit the dud into my crafty work schedule and make the finished product.

4)Hooray it's done!: I'll email you upon completion of the harness, at which time you'll be invoiced via Paypal for the balance due plus postage for first class or priority mail shipping plus insurance (it's mostly a weight based thing unless you have a preference) . Once we're all squared away, your package will be on its way!! :)