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Friday, May 19, 2017

...over many a whiff of malodorous cooties galore...

...while i pleaded really ranting, despite my pleas and heartfelt canting,
arrived some one heavy panting, panting at my back room door...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


dear diary,
there is only one thing scarier for me to show you this wednesday before halloween and since me and duk duk's costumes are still #topsecretSCARY,  today i am showing you the kind of scary i like to call #dangerSCARY, because any second now, my neighbor puppy friend cassie could come up and lick you, or jump on you, or roll you, or slobber all over you. and you would most definitely get covered in cooties.  these are all of the kinds of dangerous and scary things that could happen to you, when you enter ...the Cassie Zone. 

doo-bee-doo-doo, doo-bee-doo-doo,
b. :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

mission impoopable

okay Cassie, remember this was not my idea and I only agreed to do it because your dad cannot walk u on account your mom is away visiting your grandypops and your furless sister little miss Sarah still has a super bad case of poison ivy. so my dad is walking u while my mom walks me. only u have to stay over there and walk behind me because even though technically u are still a puppy, I can already tell the cooties are coming in and me no needy that, what with poopie con only two weeks away.   

oh, and one more thing. do NOT even try to herd me from back there, got me?  my swirlies will see if u get too close and I've got a p-eeeew locked and loaded and ready to stink u up, capoops? and hey hurry it up already because the faster we walk, the faster we will get to bunny meadow and already I am worried that we might not get there before they all go back in there burrows for their mid morning naps and then there will be nothing to chase and it will all be your stinky fault for not walking faster. okay, not that there should be any after all that, but, u got any questions? 

say what?? sheesh Cassie, your dad said u did it twice already before we came and got u. we can't just stop cuz u gotta..I mean, who even does that? all poops should be safely deposited in a pup's  own backyard to preserve shape and stink integrity. that's puppy 101!  I have never pooped on my walkie. every poopie is precious. your poopie snake collection must be a sham-

okay fine. u do what u need to do but u are no longer part of this mission. me and mom will wait with u until u r done and then move on to finish mission while u and dad go back home that way. just follow the bend in the trail and be sure to stay clear of the foofie trap I set over by that tree. I laid it pretty low to try and pay back that big dog that barked at us. but since it is not very windy today, I bet by the time u pass it, the stink will still assault your nose pretty good. anyway, like I said me and mom are gonna keep walking to bunny meadow cuz there should be at least one bunny to chase and I have not chased one in forev-

oh Cassie, right there by the side of the walkway? mom do not even try to take a picture. that's like, so uncouth- wait, phoo-wee! is that as big as I think it is? Cassie that is massive. I mean, that snake is like, as much as I make in a day. only, massiver. impressively massiver. museum quality massiver! oo thanks dad. how did u know I was going to ask if u could bag that up for...hey hey, where are you going? hey wait up for me, wontchoo guys? that bag's for me dad, yes? we are all going home now, right? yeah let's go home. u lead, Cassie, and I will follow u. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

fountain of couth

ooooOOOOooOoOoooooo! thanks for showing me, sammy! when we get home me and duk duk are so gonna try that. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

brooches & pooches

Yippee! I learned a lot from the brooch class I took last weekend.  The possibilities are one size fits all endless, I think.  And very dachshundable. Not that you might be able to tell that from these brooches I finished this past week, but hopefully patience will be rewarded.

Patience is something that tiny chumley has had to have had in abundance this past week, sweet little boy that he was waiting for me to finish sawing this or hammering that. Til finally, he senses I am done, and then he becomes larger than life. :)

mom, now that these pins are finished and u are waiting to get supplies to finish the other stuff we are working on, can we please go to the pet store and get my cootie vaccine booster? little miss sarah's mom said cassie might be ready to play with other dogs as soon as monday afternoon and that is tomorrow. :) :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

say cheese :)

hee hee okay Sammy get ready to say chee-  oops! I hit the button too soon!

okay Sammy second time is a charm.  look into the camera and we will both say chee- oops sorry Sammy next time I will count to three.

ready? okay this time I will hold the iPhoney a little farther back. okay, one two three .. cheeeeeeeze! :)

hee hee hooray! now we will post our selfie to Instagram! :) :)