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Monday, October 28, 2019

baker’s dozen :)


mom, r u sure i can only pick one ? they all look so delicious! :)

Monday, October 7, 2019

technically speaking :)

hee hee hee, and to think mom said i am not allowed to do it...

hurry, dad - i cannot wait to tell mom i pooped on the beach!! 

Friday, August 16, 2019

leg room

...and that’s why u should never bring a monkey with u on an airplane. mom, i know we have been on the road for like three hours now and it has only been two minutes and eleventy eight seconds but while we are waiting for dad to get whatever it is u got off facebooky marketplace, can u please check the baby wolf n falcon cam again? i know duk duk said his tummy hurts and he promised he would not touch our gummy worm stash while he is home alone but my spideywolf senses are tingling and - 

o m g what the heck??eeeeeeeeeEeeeeEEEEEeeeeeEEEEEeeeek! bwoop bwoop!  

mom where the heck are we and who said anything about demagorgons? all hands seek immediate cover! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! make way mom, make way...

phew that was close! chocobot says demagorgons eat wolf tushies for breakfast. 

um, mom, for the record, chocobot also says that screaming is really the only way to scare off a demagorgon. but anyway, u won’t tell duk duk about this, will u??:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

pack wolf :)

see, dad? it is ezPz really. but i should stop talking now so i do not drop them. :)

Monday, October 8, 2018

chasing rainbows

hee hee, hurry, dad! chocobot says at the end of every double rainbow lives a dragon that foofies gumdrops and poops gummy worms!! :)

Monday, March 5, 2018

sun soaking :)

A tiny adventure to score some bulky items meant the little kielbasa couldn’t use his snoozer when he accompanied me to our desination this past weekend, leaving him feeling quite disappointed that he couldn’t exactly see where we ended up, but blissfukky happy thar that he could soak up the sun :)

Monday, October 9, 2017

backseat riddler

hey, dad, what do u call a ferocious poopie snake with two front teeth knocked out?

a ferothith hoopie thnake!

aha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee! :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

filet of seoul

When you find yourself in a foreign land, stripped of your ability to quickly and conveniently communicate with others as equals in a common tongue, when you land in a world in which there are gaps in what otherwise would be grounding elements of a common upbringing, life becomes a series of slow, untethered, and often mysterious moments.

I posted these pictures of my recent trip to South Korea on instagram with little explanation, and do so here, at least initially, for the exact same reason - to generate the same sensations of mystery and wonder, and to let your brain fill in the blanks as mine had to, sometimes with the help of spotty google translations, but more often than not, without the symbolic aids and cultural cues we've grown accustomed to. Besides, at the end of the day, it's all about the shopping and eating, isn't it? :)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

it came from behind

hee hee okay, mom i promise i did not peek at all when we were walking here so just let me know when i should turn around and look at what i am sure will be something very cool but not necessarily as spectacularly ferocious as me because really, and i am not bragging here but have u seen how white my paws have gotten? i mean any day now i think my fangs will be geting longer and sharper and my ears will get all pointy and my tail all bushy and ..what's that? oh i can start turning around?

so anyway like i was saying, i can hardly thing of anything as ferocious as me so whatever u want 2 show me must be really really super...

scary!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! run people, run it's a giant bunny!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

wolf island

dear diary,
earlier this week, mom and dad took me to the beach, and needless to say we all had a lot of fun.  it was mostly a delicious eating trip, but we also got some quality beach time walkies in and it is very amazing what a difference a day makes. in fact, i wish duk duk could have come with us instead of choosing to go with chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy to the land of make believe (which is very real than u very much, but not very accommodating to ferocious wolves because, well u know, ferocious. plus really where can u hide from a ferocious wolf when all the castles and forts and even the best hiding places are made of edible pink sparklepuff?).  anyhow, like i was saying i wish duk duk could have come with us as i am pretty certain we could have gotten him to fly on the second day we were there on account of the hurricane coming even though it was still pretty far off. plus parking was free because all the meters were wrapped up, so we could have stayed as long as we wanted to.
but even without duk duk and even with the hurricane coming, the beach was still a very nice place to visit and walk on because all that salty air can really clear a wolf's head and help him think and stink.
so, even though our stay at the beach was very brief, all in all we had a very lovely time. in fact, there is pretty much only one thing i wish could be just a little different, if only for just like, oh, thirty seven seconds...

hee hee, okay so i will probably be posting more about my visit on instagram and facebook later because now me and duk duk have to study for the test we have in ten minutes. i hope u have a wonderful day, diary.

b. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

opie n me :)

hee hee, okay I will pose but let's hurry, mom, before that big dog comes over here. 

okay, now, let's see, one paw here and one paw there and..okay, what do u think, should I turn my left paw just a little more? :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

little souvenirs


oooOOOoooOOOOOooooooOooo! me so likey, dontchoo, duk duk? i do not have my reading glasses on but let's see if i can read what it is. - pet.. key.. cover. oh, pet key cover,  for pets who have keys! yesss, finally we can stop mixing up my key with your key for the u know whats because u know whating u know whats the u know what and then u know what u know whats. hee hee let's see what else mom got us...

wooty! a tiny crankshaft music box!  we can mount this on the dashboard of our pedal car,  hook the crank up to the driveshaft, and voila, sunshine even on the days when we have 2 pedal to school in the rain!! 

oo nice! mom even got us a book  that looks interesting enough to actually read. i sure hope google translator works on printed books. but if not, i guess we can always just look at the pictures like we always do anyway, only this time we will have to turn the pages from left 2 right i see. i guess wolves in japan are predominantly left pawed maybe? anyhow, this supercool book sure looks interesting and i sure hope it is scratch n stiff, dontchoo, duk duk? with plenty of butts in it, for obvious reasons. 

wait, is that it? okay okay, no need to beak me, duk duk. lemme ask her..

 mom, a) thank u very much for these lovely presents u got me and duk duk on your trip. b) they were very thoughtful and we very much appreciate them.  and c) um, well, didjoo happen to maybe also get us something, o, u know, something gummy for our tummies? :) :)


Friday, March 13, 2015

poopiesmell island

dear diary,
although me and duk duk's stowaway spring break vacation to the beach with mom and madwilly was very short and now we will be on our way home shortly, at least it was very long in memories. i hope one day me and duk duk can pedal back 2 this beach for real, maybe inside a giant hamster ball because a) there were big dogs  b) we could walk on the water and float around c) me and duk duk could have a picnic inside and not worry about getting sand all over our gummy worms liek we did this time, and d) we would be protected from the eagles and ospreys that seem to like lurking about.  oh and the hamster ball would need an ez access panel bc i found out some people bait their crab traps with pig bones and the bones wash up to shore from time to time.  i am pretty sure the bones would be delicious because toy me saw a big dog snitch one while on a beach walkie and he was very disappointed that his mom told him he had to drop it.

anyhoo, before we leave the beach completely, me and duk duk hope 2 sneak off to the souvenir store today and get some saltwater taffy and some shark teeth and maybe if we are lucky, some sea glitter and manatee poop in a bottle for everybuddy back home.  and then we will be back on the road so be sure to check our instygram and facebooky  because i am pretty sure the drive back will be especially boring, especially since we will be packed in mom's canvas tote again since somedukkie forgot to pack our magic transformation potion. which is probably just as well because we are really hoping to be packed next to the stinky shell bucket.

b. :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

yummy yummy :)

hee hee, what is the best thing I liked about staying in a hotel while I was at the beach? why, the yummy banana room service, of course! :) 

Friday, October 10, 2014

the beach is very windy

dear diary, 
unfortunately me and duk duk really really need to work on our essay before it gets any larger so I will make today's report about my visit to the beach short  and show u a supercool picture and some more videos of me at  the beach. I hope u enjoy them very much and I hope u have a very cool weekend. 
b :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

girls stand over there no matter where they are

Hello it's me, Baxter your roving reporter reporting to you again today from the beach, which I visited for the very first time with my mom and dad this past weekend. Today I am wearing my annoyed face, because nobuddy told me I was coming and nobuddy for sure told me that there would be dogs on the beach. Girl dogs in particular, that neither mind their own business or know where to stand. 

Here is the girl that came long after we set up on the beach. 

She kept getting me in trouble because she had one of those extendo leashes and I had to keep keep telling her where to stand.  But at least she was on a leash like she was supposed to be which is more than I can say for that big dog that nearly caused me to poop the entire contents of my esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, alimentary canal, and colon too.  That big dog tried to run up to me and dad picked me up before I could send out the poop signal. Pretty sure he was brewing friendly but, well u just never know so better evacupooped than sorry. 

Anyhoo, going to the beach is very informative because it also reaffirmed my belief that in a world of Caladan fishes and dune sand worms, I would definitely be a sandworm. A sand worm knows better than to let the ocean touch your body  and that pretty much summed up my interest in those giant waves that could wash me and wash me away. I will take a paw wash any day over trying to wade in that big ocean and get lost, thank you. 

This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you a very happy Wednesday! :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

meet me at the planetary intersection of Caladan and Dune

Hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, interrupting me and duk duk's super cool poobery award winning monster short story series with a very special report this week on my trip this past weekend to the beach. Which I did not even know I was taking until I got out of mom and dad's car and I'm like, water and sand everywhere - did the space guild accidentally fold Caladan and Dune together?? 

Anyhow, this was my first visit to the beach and I will do my best to report to you all the highlights of my trip on my next two posts because today is Monday and not only do me and duk duk have a ninety page essay to write in the next ten minutes, but we also have to pack our lunchy lunches and figure out how to pull a hefty bag full of wet sand and seaweed to school, which will be especially hard since our pedal car does not have a hitch.  This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you a very happy sandweenie Monday!! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

video cuteness: cash n carry

dear diary,
even though it is superfun for me and duk duk to take my pedal car and pedal to the pet store ourselves, sometimes i think it is also very nice to go to the pet store with mom and dad, mostly because when me and duk duk go, we eat all our gummy worms on the way over and by the time we get there, we can never afford anything. and when me and mom and dad go like we did the other day, they give me cash so i can buy a bag of snackies and then i carry it to the car all by myself.

anyhoo, i must go now so i can ask mom if she will make me a pair of cargo pants that i can wear to school that has extra extra big pockets. that way, well, let's just say some movies have the best ideas. toodleydoo! b. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

while we are waiting for frenchy fries :)




okay dad, guess it. 

hee hee nope. a drooly stinky snorey basset sleeping on his back! your turn! :) :)