Monday, February 17, 2020

b is for bathroom

well, do u think the bathroom demo will be very loud today because me and duk duk have a toy- i mean an important meeting planned for after school today. 

Friday, February 14, 2020

happy smellentine’s day :)

i know we agreed that if i stood by this eeew word then i would not have to dress up all valentiney goofy floofy but can u please hurry up with the shot already,  mom?  

i mean, seriously, like, i’ve only been standing here for three seconds and already i feel dizzy. and not in a fun fun woozy way but, more like, in a slobbery, cootie contaminated sort of way. 💩

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

the stinker :)

hee hee, o. m. g...

mom, don’t look now, but i think that statue is p o o p i n g :) 

Monday, February 10, 2020

outside voice :)

hee hee, mom, i said...can we please strap this thing onto the roof of our car and take it home with us?

Friday, February 7, 2020

stink not, waste not

well, i was stinking i mean thinking maybe instead of throwing them away, well maybe if i ate my fishy snackies outside, it would not matter if it made my u know whats overactive and, u know, p-eeeeeewy.  :) 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


with the undeniable signs of an early spring warming the air, the little dachshund shed his down puffy jacket and happily skipped as he walked,  his shadow jauntily bobbing up and down while an invisible trail of tiny poots  silently pooted from his hiney with every bouncy bounce of his paws upon the pavement.

hee hee, the little dachshund thought proudly to himself. being so small and ferocious, and so often out of gummy worms, there were few things he thought he could do in this world to help make it a better place. but on pretty days like today, at least he could make it a smellier place. :) 

Monday, February 3, 2020

stinkfalcon day

okay, mom, we’ll be leave in just a couple seconds. i am watching duk duk lock  up the poopie snake museum as we speak and then we will get our books and pedal off to school. 

hee hee, maybe more than a couple seconds if he - o yeppies, hook, line, and stinker! stinkbombs away!!  never try to outsneak a wolf when gummy worms are on the line! 

hee hee, i do not know if the groundhog even saw his shadow yesterday, butt no matter what, we definitely are gonna have at least six more weeks of stinking fun :) 

Friday, January 31, 2020

simply irresistible:)




hee hee, got any questions? :) 

introducing the ferocious wooly bear hat. rawwwr tested, wolf strong. debut dooting this sunday in a tiny variety of cheerful and ferocious woolens and cashmeres, with more to come later this year :). 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

koalawomba (doot doot bee doot doot) :)

o m g, duk duk, look - mom finally finished our prototypes !! hee hee, i can hear our sales pitch now -  ladeez and gentlewolves, please hold on to your brains because they are about to explode! sprung from the minds of a genius wolf and falcon and made by their makey mom, part supercute koala and part amazing giant wombat, and one hundred percent adorable, i present to you our very special and very limited edition koalawomba hats for ferocious wolves and wolfettes (profits to benefit australia bushfire relief)!

and looky, even in cootie pink, they are still very ferocious! yeppies, i am glad we are making our first doot of the year a fundraiser. i mean, it will mean a few less gummy worms for us, but seriously all the koalas and wombats that i keep seeing in our reddit feed...i cannot even imagine if our poopie snake museum caught on fire.  quick help me put one on before mom comes back. 

ooo this faux fur is so soft! and omg, whodathunk it would be possible - i feel even more ferocious. 

okay now pull my ears thru but don’t yank... well, i am reminding u because even though  u should know by now, u always yank. and u know how delicate a wolf’s ears are. like, seriously, we have been friends forever now and u cannot even remember .. o, is this thing on already ? thank u for not yanking. finally. 

hee hee okay, whatchoo think, duk duk? does my head look massive?  tell me my head looks massive. yeah i know, this faux fur is incredible. mom said it was so messy to work with, the koalawomba hats will be a one time only makey make. how many? i think she said we will have a total of five, maybe six koalawomba hats of each color. then poof, that’s it. 

 what? well...

didjoo know wombats can weigh up to 77 pounds and can reach up to 3.3 feet long? and koalas? they eat so many eucalyptus leaves,  they pretty much stink of eucalyptus leaves? ipso facto, who wouldn’t want to be a  koalawomba? yeah we really must not be eating enough gummy worms cuz your smelly butt still stinks of - 

whoa i think mom just got home. i guess we will have to sneak back and try on the cootie pink koalawomba  and the wooly bear ones another day. but they should all fit the same bc mom used the same pattern we drew up for her, only the wooly bear ones will look smaller bc their ears are different they will not be so poofy! okay quick, help me take this off before she catches us! what’s that? o yeah i guess we should come up with a doot date and time, shouldn’t we? hmmm...

o i know, how could anybuddy forget this date and time?? how bout this sunday 02/02 at noon and midnitey nite eastern standard time? :)

Friday, January 24, 2020

priorities :)

what do u mean write my thank u cards ? u said me and duk duk have until valentine’s day  and today me and duk duk have already planned a boys day out. the pedal car is already packed and everything. and trust me, with what we packed, u do not want to pet our pedal car sit in the driveway for very long. well, at least without gas masks anyway. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


hmmmmm.  hmmmmm....

well, mom, it is definitely mostly kind of what i was thinking...

but...maybe we can use another scrap 2 make it little bigger? like, longer. and poufier. 

o and definitely more handlebar-ier!  the most ferocious wolfstaches are always swoopy doopy with curlicues and everything! :) 

Monday, January 20, 2020

tidy bowl

well, mom,  not that either duk duk or i would ever even think of doing such a thing, and as u can see i have just been lying here quietly minding my own business but... well...i would guess maybe that whoever did put your rainbow bath fizzy in the toilet probably thought it would be really funny to watch. and then like, when it was done fizzing, they were like, the rainbow colors are we should just leave it in bowl for others 2 enjoy. i think that would be really thoughtful of them, dontchoo think? :) 

Friday, January 17, 2020

final answer

....(sniff sniff)... (sniff sniff)... o ezpz.

forty ocho, mom.  final answer. 

 well, okay, technically forty ocho whole ones plus two quartersies and one halfsie. and maybe twenty dos crumbs. which means it will probably be about two weeks before i need another bag of kibble.  now may i please have my lunchy lunch? :) 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

so many projects so little time

well, if we really are going to have the master bathroom redone in a few weeks, can u please at least make sure this time 2 get a bubble jet swimmy tub with loop de loop fun fun wolf and falcon slide too? :)