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Monday, April 17, 2017

fun with thrift store scores: kids tee edition :)

hee hee...finest quality....superior workmanship...

...there are letters...f-e-e-d-m-e.    ...interesting....


not for someone else. 
this dud is for me!!

yippee!  thank u, mom :) :)



Monday, January 11, 2016

winter is coming :)

ooooOOOooOOOOOooooOOoo! my new scandawegian super wooly viking direwolf winter dud with removable pewter ninja throwing pin turned out even better than me and duk duk's drawing, mom! :) :)

Our fall and winter has been rather mild and wet mostly, but for one lucky little wolf, hopefully there will be a few days of sunny chilly walkie weather yet to come

Monday, July 28, 2014

dapper doxie dud: get me to the church on time

 Hello friends it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter! I'm reporting to you today about my friend Ted.  That's him, the black and tan on the right, only he is two years older now.  There are only so many pictures of him because he is a ranch dog, and ranch dogs, well they do not have a lot of time for pictures do they, what with the deer and the antelope to play with and the horse poop to roll in and, well, you get the idea. 

Anyhow, even though Ted has a super cool job already, he is going to have an even super cooler one to do this weekend, because he is going to be the ring bearer at his mom and dad's wedding!  Yeah, I know, it stinks that he will probably have to take a bath for it, but at least he will be walking down the aisle in style thanks to this dud my mom made for him, made from a subtle sandy colored checkered suiting woolen complete with super special little silvery buttons, a removable bowtie made from a vintage necktie, and two double welted teeny tiny ring pockets! I like the ring pockets because there are snaps inside so u know, important things do not fall out, and well, because there are two of them. Because, in a pinch, if during rehearsal he realizes the actual wedding might go long, he could plan ahead and stuff both rings in one pocket, and put some delicious jerky treats in the other. 

Anyhoo, I sure hope Ted and his family have a super super day come Saturday! Me, well, I've got a unicorn to appreciate super soon and I hope u do too because, heads up, Unicorn Appreciation Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, July 29th!! (I hope that's right - I do not have my calendar in front of me).  This is Baxter your roving reporter, wishing you the happiest of Mondays!  :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

dapper doxie duds: the lion poops tonight

 do not worry mom, me and duk duk have got this so please, feel free to go outside and help henry gumption with all the yard work that still needs to be done. and, i bet u we will be done sooner than u can say peter pooper pooped a pile of poopy poopers! 

okay i love u too, bye mom. 

hee hee, my puppy friend frankie junior sure is tiny. i hope i can get this thing to stay on for more than just a few...


hwuuuuuuuuuuup! okay duk duk - hurry and take the picture before it..



..pops open. hee hee, oh well, i guess i am too big to fit frankie's super cool dud. now we will have to go to plan b.

(shuffle shuffle, shuffle shuffle, fweep foo fwobble!)

beedy beedy beedy. i. am. frankie.  junior... puppy. robot. lion... take. me. to. your. pooper... beedy beedy beedy...duk. duk. i. think. we. are. done. here...beedy beedy about. we. play. another. game. now...beedy beedy beedy.


hee hee, last one to the creek is a rotten poopie snake! :) 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

dapper doxie duds: project h r d puffnstuff

hee hee duk duk,  u r way too close. although save the picture so we can post a chestie later to our instygram.


okay okay. i know u only have one wing, but try and hold the iphoney like this and then u will see that it will autofocus just fine. 

oops, hee hee sorry duk duk, i did not mean to bump u in the  - ow, quit it! hey look we promised we would finish today's blog posty about the second super cool dud mom made for me and u know how important it is for us to talk about it on account of it being our secret silent toyfriend club dud and a crucial if not somewhat misleading recruitment tool to gain more members in time for project hr depuffnstuff to succeed.   i mean, just look at the thoughtfully placed contrast double stitch lines, the double welted d ring hole,  and this super cute and slightly edgy image of the super cool stuffed bunny drawing from dad's old tee. they are sure to  turn heads and when people ask we can - ow! duk duk if u do that again i am going 2 pound --

oh hi mom. say what - the bus is coming? um, well, do u think we can work on our blog posty more after school? me and duk duk seem to be having some slight artistic differences. :) :)


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

come get some ham :)

Yippee! Finally a dud made especially for tiny chumley. With all the other things that have taken hold of my interests lately (and my sewing machine's most recent attempt to die an ungracious and costly death), I am relieved to know that even though I am still not ready to take new orders for duds, my sewing skills haven't deteriorated to the point of no return.  And I am glad to see that my new old twinnie Pfaff sewing machine sews just as wonderfully as its recuperating cousin at the repair shop. 

Tiny chumley's new dud was sparked by a thrift store score,  a simple little happy colored stripe tee in huggably soft 100% cotton that seemed to suit Baxter's happy go lucky, adventuresome ways.  It would make the perfect little summer dud, I figured, bound in deep dark espresso brown and contoured to accentuate his mighty little ham-like muscular shoulders. 

Embellishment as it often is was a little foggy when I first started work on his dud.  A simple summer tee is exactly that, right?  But I poked around my stash and found three little turquoise buttons that worked well with the dud colors and caught the light in ways that seemed to amplify and refract cuteness exponentially, and I mustered up the patience to pattern match the fabric for the secret snackie pocket that all good pupscouts require. Many stitches and one impatient doxie later, voila! Super cute dapper doxie dud a la Baxter. :)

hee hee thanks mom for finally making me a new dud that i just might wear to the weenie roast fesival and tomorrow i will take over and tell u about the second one we made. but in the meanwhile, just between you and me my friends, i wanted to show u what i already put in my snackie pocket. and - i hope u r sitting down already -  because it is not even a snackie...

's me and duk duk's super secret poopie snake admiral's club membership badge, entitling badge carrying members first sniff privileges wherever and whenever poopie snake piles are found, and opening the doors to many many of the world's top poopie snake collections held by both private collectors and public museums alike.  :)  ps - please do not tell anybuddy what is in my snackie pocket, okay? we had to save like eleventy thousand gigajillion gummy worm upc codes to get it and everything. :)


Saturday, December 14, 2013

dapper doxie duds: Kirby blossom dud

Some lucky little boy had a birthday when it came time to take pictures of this lovely new dud I just finished, which hopefully explains why he isn't here, modeling with all the glee a little boy with an opportunistic tummy can muster while wearing flowers and pearls.  But that's okay.  After a month or two when I start work again on the duds already in the pipeline, there will be plenty more for mister bottomless tummy to model. :)

For Kirby: Sweet coral pink micro gingham cotton dud with cherry blossom pink ribbon and red rack, vintage button, and removable hand dyed silk flower with freshwater pearl and seed beaded center. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

dapper doxie duds: smells like team spirit

mom, i know it is going to be really fun to model this supercool dud that tucker n tilly's mom ordered for tilly, but, are u for really really sure that cheerleaders do not wear football helmets??

- baxter, 6.8 years old, excited to be modeling a happy dud for tucker's sister tilly, but slightly disappointed to find out that cheer pom poms and football helmets are not interchangeable accessories. :)

Tilly: LSU cheerleader dud with embroidered patch, pieced poly ponte purple and gold overlay with gold and white trim, and removable pleated cheer skirt.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

dapper doxie duds: pretty in pink and orange

hee hee okay, lulu the tiger,  go tell mom i am going take the curlers out of my hair now and then we can start taking pictures of gingi's dud, okay?

and remember, if u see duk duk and he asks u where i am, tell him i am still at pupscouts and will meet him by the creek at eleventy oh five sixxy seven eight past twelven. 

what?? u know, when the big hand is on the three and the little hand is on the ten.

no, it does not matter where the skinny long hand is. that one just keeps going for some reason and never stops. unless u have to change the batteries.  hey, can u just get mom already? pretty ain't gonna last all day here.

hee hee, poor gunther.  i bet his sister gingi stinks like all girls do.  and by stink i mean the kind that makes u want them to stand over there. like, yucky purple flower stink, not super awesome poopie stink.  only, i guess gunther's lucky at least that gingi is his sister, otherwise goodness knows how cootied up he would get. i mean, it's not like he could get her to stand over there for say a family portrait or something.  i mean, she is family n all. and families should stick together, cooties and stink n all, especially when they are wearing such wonderful duds as....oh, hello mom, i was just thinking to myself what a wonderful dud u made for gingi!  well, shall we begin? this should be pretty quick - i think i have my poses all worked out!

 just give me one second to think of what i am going to say...

okey dokey let's go!

Why hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to you today on the super pretty dud my mom just finished for my friend and Gunther's sister, Gingi!  Gingi wanted something pink and orange and super pretty with a removable skirt and everything, so I thought I would take you through some of the pretty detail work on this dud, because, well the pretty pink and orange damask fabric you can already see, right?

 Here on my back u will see a lovely peter pan collar, slimming seam lines, and just a hint of orange picot edged ribbon peeking out from the pretty pink button detailed spine for texture and richness.


And moving on to the right side of my back, here is a pretty flower my mom made from hand dyed silk satin, freshwater pearls, and iridescent glass seed beads.  Can you guess the secret that this flower is hiding?

Well my friends, if you guessed that the flower is removable, then you guessed right! I saw mom do a lot of hand stitching to make sure everything still conformed the way it should and I think it turned out nicely, dontchoo?

And here are the many layers of swishy pink and orange tulle underneath Gingi's removable skirt.  I like the way it peeks out and says, "Hey, I'm tulle and I'm pink and orange and I'm here to make things poufy!".  I also think that tulle being kind of netty n all, that it might help contain any cooties Gingi might have. Oh, sorry mom, I mean, sorry Gingi.  If u stink I am sure it is not all that bad and if you have cooties I am sure u cannot help it on account of being a girl and all.  And no matter what I know you will still look pretty in this dress because looky....

even I look good in it and I'm a stinky boy!

(Hee hee, don't worry Gingi, I will de-boy stink it for you before my mom sends it off).  Well okey dokey that is my report for today and I hope you enjoyed it very much. And I hope Gingi really really likes her happy new dud!! This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you the super duper Sunday!! :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

dapper doxie duds: the happy gent

 what? for my friend gunther?? but mom, i know it is a little big on me but how could this not be my dud? especially since i need a new one so i can run for class president - this year the president not only gets to clean erasers, but he or she will also get to take out teacher's recycling too! promise me u will make me one soon, too, wontchoo?? :) :)

Gunther's Happy Gent Dud: Blue & Navy Argyle Cotton Knit with snackie pocket, happy button detailing, and very dapper removable red silk jackquard bowtie.  Perfect for class president wanna bes, and other happy gents :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

dapper doxie duds: four poops and a wedding

chugga chugga chugga chugga! woo wooo!
 skreeeeeee - stop the train!! looky duk duk, mom finished frank's dud!!

it's got a happening bowtie and everything because frank is going to be the best dog at his mom's wedding.

and it's got double double welted pockets with secret snap closures to keep his mom and dad's wedding bands safe while he walks down the aisle!

gee, it's too bad i cannot help mom model it today on accout of us turning ourselves into tiny plastic toys so we could skip school. but even if i could, it is so small that i would only be able to wear it on my head. but maybe if we are lucky frank's mom will send us a picture of him wearing it on their big day, right duk duk?  oooh, i know - even though i cannot help her in the way i normally do, maybe we can help package it up for her! let's do that,  and then go outside to play before it is time to pick up chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy.  now that we are small, i bet our poopie snakes will look ginormous!

(to be continued... :) )

Frank's Best Dog Ring Bearer Dud: Burnt orange & blue plaid woolen suiting, with secret snap closure double double welted ring pockets and retro removable bowtie. :) 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dapper doxie duds: lucy & nikki :)

Happy little doxie duds to share today, a second set made for the lovely little Nikki and her big sister Lucy.  I babbled on forever in yesterday's blog post, and the little kielbasa seems fixated on his  multi-social network campaign to name the new royal baby boy  Georgopotamus Poopsarexall Jaminicakes Jones Mountbatten-Windsor, nickname him Twinkie, so these pictures, I hope, are worth the thousand words we will spare you today. :)

Nikki,  Snoopy cotton tee overlay with water repellant treatment, french bound in purple plaid. For skippy summer days hiking on dusty rocky paths in the mountains.

Lucy, blue/green/black pieced dud with jacquard ribbon trim, water repellant treatment, and sterling silver and pearl embellishment.  Hand dyed corduroy, batik, and cotton print.  Because being an outdoorsy girl doesn't mean you have to be a frou frou girl. :)

heyyyy - mom, wait!  i know you are too young to read this Twinkie my friend, but if you happen to get named some boring ol thing today like the royals seem to always do by taking the same five names and just jumbling them up a bit, know that i tried my best, lil tiny buddy. 

long live his tiny highness prince georgopotamus poopsarexall jaminicakes jones mountbatten-windsor of cambridge!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

dapper doxie duds: funk soul highlander

Hee hee, I  hope a certain little somebuddy named Millie will have as much fun wearing her new dud and celebrating her family's heritage, as much as I did making it.  :)

Made for Millie: Vibrant peacock blue lace overlay vest harness on hand dyed cotton damask base, carmine red plaid binding.  Embellished with a Gordon Rennie Mackintosh sterling pin and removable brown and blue tweed woolen kilt and scarf. For romping through heathered moors, and other happy adventures. :) 

 mom, next time, can you please always make another one in my size so i can model it properly?  me and duk duk really wanted to wear kilts anyway for our scottish pirate adventure. they are so flattering yet so very versatile too.  and breezy! :)


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


so thankful am i for this my lunchy kibble ...

but please next time, 
could you make it
 more than just a nibble?
:) :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

dapper doxie duds: little lady liberty of london

My encounters with interesting fabrics of certain color combination or pattern at a thrift store can burn a hole in my consciousness at times.  It hits me like puzzle yearning to be solved, a rabbit hole begging to be fallen into.  A temptation, a fixation, difficult for my crafty mind to ignore.

A few weeks ago, I spied what looked to be a Liberty print shirt at the thrift store.  Nope, I realized upon closer inspection, it wasn't Liberty of London after all.  But it was Land's End and what a nice shirting fabric it was, in a fabulous color combination you just don't see every day. Which could make it really difficult to find a fabric to us for binding but dang if it wouldn't make the sweetest little dud, I thought to myself, seeing the dud in my head as I always do when I am inspired, as a peek to an image just out of focus, with enough form and composition to make my heart flutter, yet not so much revealed that the experience of making it would be a matter of rote execution.  It was the kind of creative itch that simply had to be scratched.

I embarrased to admit I have amassed more than a few combinations awaiting match with that special little dachshund out there somewhere that I have yet to meet.  But lucky for me and my creative itch, with this Liberty of Londonesque combination, tiny chumley and I already know of a certain little spunky somebuddy who turned 14 this weekend, who loves to be pulled in her little red wagon to the Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings, and for whom her mom and I had discussed long ago the fleeting prospect of including a cute little peter pan collar for a dud, only back then my experience and ability were nowhere where they are today.

Happy 14th birthday, Molly, my little friend.  Your sweet little dud will be on its way soon. :)

For Molly: Cotton Floral Print in Blues, Lavender and Turquoise with pintuck detailing and peter pan collar, removable hand dyed silk and freshwater pearl removable neck flower. Perfect for happy Sunday mornings at the Farmer's Market.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dapper doxie duds: fun for a girl not a boy

Hello my friends it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter!  Well okay, THAT's not me, that's my friend Tilly! 

You know, my friend Tucker's sister.  Tucker the LSU fan? And lucky for Tucker she is his sister otherwise I am sure he would be all cootied up by now, if this picture their mom sent is any indication of how well they get along.

Anyhoo, I am sure u noticed that Tilly is a little nakey nakey and that's because she has been waiting for a nice new dapper doxie dud. Wonk-waaaaah.  But she does not have to wait anymore because hooray, looky at what my mom just finished!  Yup, Tilly's very first dud is made from a sweet and soothing smoky blue and taupe gingham cotton and it is embellished with happy rick rack and super spring summery cherry blossom trim and a snackie pocket complete with a hand beaded button and ribbon flower!  Super cool right?  For a girl I mean...

...well, even though it is really comfortable and fits me pretty well, and oh it is so nice and warm on the bed here in the sun and (yawn)..this is the first time the sun has come out in like, hours, so I um...excuse me for a minute - mooom, can u please take tilly's dud off me so i can take a nappy poo, and maybe do a little tummy tan-...what? okay okay i will finish my report first but then can u please take this off it's duk duk's turn to do that i did it yesterday! okay okay let me finish here first anyhoo my friends, I hope you enjoyed this peekypoo at Tilly's new duds. This is Baxter your sleepy roving rover reporter wishing you a very toot-teriffic Tuesday! :)