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Friday, June 16, 2017


yeppies, mom, i understand. and under normal circumstances, we both know i would not be asking. but u were there and u saw what happened. desperate times require desperate measures. okay, i am ready whenever you are.

(garrrrggh arrrug arrrh garrrg)

oh yeth, hthere harr hat leath eleventhee hmillion cooteeth in hmy fronth theeth alone...:)

(ps -happy friday, friends and do not forget to skidmark your calendars for tomorrow's saturday double doot matinee at 11:00 am EST, featuring a litter of nine of our tiny remembering books made from vintage book covers, and a bunch of leather clippies. u know, like the ones below) :)

Friday, May 19, 2017

...over many a whiff of malodorous cooties galore...

...while i pleaded really ranting, despite my pleas and heartfelt canting,
arrived some one heavy panting, panting at my back room door...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

while i protested, bleak and scary

stay with us? seriously??? here?? for a few hours? mom, just one cootie, one single cootie, has an infection radius of 50 meters. that means anyone standing within 50 meters of a contaminated individual has a one hundred percent chance - one hundred percent chance - of becoming infected. not to mention the cootie's rate of cellular mitosis is unparalleled to even the most virulent of infectious diseases. the justinian plague, the black plague, the bubonic plague - they will all look like minor colds compared to what can happen in just five minutes with her in this room. that's why the infected have to stand way over there and that's why SHE has to stand way over there. dontchoo understand, mom???