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Friday, January 31, 2020

simply irresistible:)




hee hee, got any questions? :) 

introducing the ferocious wooly bear hat. rawwwr tested, wolf strong. debut dooting this sunday in a tiny variety of cheerful and ferocious woolens and cashmeres, with more to come later this year :). 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

koalawomba (doot doot bee doot doot) :)

o m g, duk duk, look - mom finally finished our prototypes !! hee hee, i can hear our sales pitch now -  ladeez and gentlewolves, please hold on to your brains because they are about to explode! sprung from the minds of a genius wolf and falcon and made by their makey mom, part supercute koala and part amazing giant wombat, and one hundred percent adorable, i present to you our very special and very limited edition koalawomba hats for ferocious wolves and wolfettes (profits to benefit australia bushfire relief)!

and looky, even in cootie pink, they are still very ferocious! yeppies, i am glad we are making our first doot of the year a fundraiser. i mean, it will mean a few less gummy worms for us, but seriously all the koalas and wombats that i keep seeing in our reddit feed...i cannot even imagine if our poopie snake museum caught on fire.  quick help me put one on before mom comes back. 

ooo this faux fur is so soft! and omg, whodathunk it would be possible - i feel even more ferocious. 

okay now pull my ears thru but don’t yank... well, i am reminding u because even though  u should know by now, u always yank. and u know how delicate a wolf’s ears are. like, seriously, we have been friends forever now and u cannot even remember .. o, is this thing on already ? thank u for not yanking. finally. 

hee hee okay, whatchoo think, duk duk? does my head look massive?  tell me my head looks massive. yeah i know, this faux fur is incredible. mom said it was so messy to work with, the koalawomba hats will be a one time only makey make. how many? i think she said we will have a total of five, maybe six koalawomba hats of each color. then poof, that’s it. 

 what? well...

didjoo know wombats can weigh up to 77 pounds and can reach up to 3.3 feet long? and koalas? they eat so many eucalyptus leaves,  they pretty much stink of eucalyptus leaves? ipso facto, who wouldn’t want to be a  koalawomba? yeah we really must not be eating enough gummy worms cuz your smelly butt still stinks of - 

whoa i think mom just got home. i guess we will have to sneak back and try on the cootie pink koalawomba  and the wooly bear ones another day. but they should all fit the same bc mom used the same pattern we drew up for her, only the wooly bear ones will look smaller bc their ears are different they will not be so poofy! okay quick, help me take this off before she catches us! what’s that? o yeah i guess we should come up with a doot date and time, shouldn’t we? hmmm...

o i know, how could anybuddy forget this date and time?? how bout this sunday 02/02 at noon and midnitey nite eastern standard time? :)

Monday, November 25, 2019

then one smelly christmas eve:)

hee hee, see? i can too hold it between my toes, duk duk. seriously that was like way too ez. now pay up. wait, hang on let me hold my breath first. (hwoooooop! hwoooo-)

(phooooooooo) why smello, mom.  what’s that? breathing funny? hmm, i am not sure why u would be stinking i mean thinking that. 

this? o yeah, this. well, u remember the christmas story we are working on for cyber brown wednesday right?  u know, the one that makes sense of everything but only if the reader knows what we know they know we have known, like, forever now? well, seeing as how u are busy with the sleigh mecharamas, me and duk duk decided we could print turn it into an adorable tiny book ourselves, with a nice poopie brown paper cover and everything. 

um, and we might have used your shiny machine to shiny it.

but um, well,  we were not really sure how 2 use the shiny machine so some of the shiny is  kind of speckledy patchy but then we thought, omg that is just like how an old leather book looks, which is great on account of how u said i am not allowed to use real leather by myself yet until i can stomp chomp chomp chomping it. which is probably like never on account of how delicious that old book was that i ate over summer.  hee hee, mmm old leather books. 

hee hee, anyhoo, do u mind if me and duk duk help ourselves to some monkey chow before we make the rest of our tiny books bc i really think it will enhance our productivity. :)

Friday, November 22, 2019

reasonable request

oooOooooOOOOoooo! the teeny weenie brown super pooper sleighs are turning our even better than  me and duk duk described 2 u, mom. now make a zillion of them so we can have mecharamas  for everybuddy come cyber brown wednesday. :)   

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

editorial deadline :)

what do u mean i am crunching too loud? i cannot help it if i like 2 eat when i have 2 think.  and u know and i know we both know that we need to be thinking really hard because mom says we have have to hurry up and finish editing our christmas story this week if we are going to have any chance at all of factoring them in along with all our calendar and other supercool goodies for cyber brown wednesday on december 4th.  

okay okay. fine, let me just chomp gulp this chicken chippy and we both can get back to focusing on editing our story. hee hee, which is pretty peelarious and smelly genius if i do say so myself! 


... hmmmmmmm .... hmmmmmmm.....okay fine i will ask her. 

mom, well, because we are on a deadline and everything, and, well because we need to think, do u have any quiet snackies that me and duk duk can share? 

Friday, September 20, 2019

skeleweenies and ghostweenies and dragonweenies, oh my! (dooting soon)

hee hee hee i cannot believe how genius we are sometimes, can u , duk duk? i mean, first of all, halloween is all pumpkins and candy and stuff so how do u even try to bring our special brand of ferocious to it? and then, when the first creative lightbulb went off, well, it took forever to figure out how to draw the skeleton and then figure out how to paint it on there. and then, to have mom go back and paint on the glow in the dark stuff we made? well, it just adds that special layer of kalyxcraftopia design kapow, really. 

and then, when we realized our skeleweenies needed company, we were like, hmm, hmmm, o i know! why not make g-   hey, where did the others go? hee hee, o that’s right. let’s take the skeleweenie and move this party over there. 

so, like i was saying, remember how u said dragons and i said ghosts and then we said well, why not both? and while mom’s at it, let’s make the ghost all goopy, glow in the darky radioactive, because, well, who wouldn’t want that? and then we were like, well, they just can’t stand there, can they? ghosts have to float.  

so we had mom make a floating crank system and voila, mechanical radioactive ghost weenies that are hovering over their very own tiny mossy cemetery! hee hee, rest in poop... 

and then we were like, wait, this worked so well, we have got to have flying dragons too! like, really flying dragons. cuz dragons just don’t sit in a pumpkin patch like linus and his blankie, they fly over them with big long lumbering swoops. 

and, tons of thinking and wire later,  our mechanical dragonweenies were born

hee hee, i know, they are all so ferocious and adorable all at the same time.yeppies, pure genius! and now the only question is

 mom, do u think for our doot that maybe u can also make a haunted teeny weenie playhouse for them? u know, just somewhere where they can all party and eat candy and disco dance and stuff ?  :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

quality is job fun (coming soon 2 etsy)

 hee hee hee, phoo-wee!! okay, duk duk,  pretty sure we both can agree that one that means i won fair and square.  so u go do it first for a few times and then we will swap so u can see too. okay? okay. 

okay, ready?  now u see it... u still see it!

now u see it..

now u still see it!

now u see it..

now u still see it!

hee hee omg duk duk u have got 2 come and see this bc our idea totally worked! just leave the shades up and i will-

o smello, mom. did u have a nice time outside cleaning the hummingbird feeders? what’s that? why were the blinds going upsy downsy like a zillion times? o, well, u see, me and duk duk were just making sure the work u did was up to our standards and all and well, here at kalyxcraftopia, quality is job fun, dontchoo agree? :)

(psst - we are holding a poll now thru saturday 9/21 on our kalyxcornucopia facebook page to set the halloweenie doot date so please feel free to vote and we will announce our doot date after that and also show u more super cool things we will be offering soony soon!) 

Friday, June 14, 2019

projected personal usage rate

hee hee hee, omg yeppies these stickers are totally perfect for our new water bottles! 

thank goodness mom ordered them in weatherproof vinyl so that way they can be put on pretty much anything we want to really. 

hmmm, that is a very good question. we have two but they are both so different. i guess maybe u could the yeti on monday wednesday and friday, and i could take the hydro flask on tuesday thursday and saturday. 

then on sunday, we switch so that i would take the hydroflask on monday wednesday friday and u take the yeti on tuesday thursday and saturday!

wait...what? o.  i see your point. i guess we really need more bottles.  plus, shouldn’t mom have ordered like a zillion stickers bc seriously, by the time we will doot them along with our temporary tattoos this monday the 17th, we probably will only have like two left!  i mean, think about all the places that need a ferocious sticker like one of these - our pedal car, our laptop, our trebuchet...not to mention cassie’s furry butt.. hee hee well okay not really but u know what i mean.. okay let me tell her..

um, mom, two things. one, in order to properly share, may we please have another yeti and another hydroflask, preferably in racecar red and falcon beak yellow, respectively? 

and second, our projected personal usage rates indicate there might be a slight inventory problem for this monday’s semi serendipitous stickers n tattoos summer fun doot. so, maybe could u order like eleventy zillion more already? :)

Friday, May 3, 2019

planning for spring dootsday :)

hee hee,  okay okay, duk duk. i know u only have one wing and we both know how it got that way already so like i was trying 2 say before i was so ferociously interrupted, a wolf will count our spring doot inventory , while a falcon records said data so that way we can finally plan our work for the next two weeks. okay? okay. sheesh some dukkie totally  got up on the wrong side of his nest today.  alright, let’s get started. 

ooo! looky, first up, our super adorable magic double sided teeny weeny town and country play homes! put down three. okay i know u only see only one here,  but i remember we helped mom make these forever ago and you and i were supposed to make listings and get them in the shop before easter on account of how easter colory and fun they are but then we got distracted by - well, i do not even remember, but we but here we are and it still seems to fit nicely with the  spring doot, dontchoo think? and lucky for us, we already started making and posting the promo stop motion videos for them so - check! marketing plan donezo. well donezo enough - remind me to post out brownstone 5pm video this afternoon . hee hee, yeah, eeew. all that kissing.  but, i guess some people like those kind of endings and besides maybe at least this way they can get it all out of their system in present teeny weenie world and not in real life. oh yeah - make sure to write down optional play accessories. we will need to ask mom to hopefully make some so that way people can have as much fun as we did when we made those videos. o and we need to schedule a listing photo shoot.  okay, what’s next? 

ooo yes! made-to-order personalized holding hearts! put down 12 total, 6 large and 6 small 
split evenly across the noon and nine pm edt doot, with order completion estimated in 5-6 weeks. yeppies there is a lot of drying and waiting time.  o and we still need to figure out how many letters we can really fit on each heart but maybe for now, the best thing to do is let people tell us what words they want at checkout and we will see how to best fit it on there. and if we cannot fit it, well, hopefully they will read their convos so we can ask for alternate wording. i posted a pic on instygram and facebooky yesterday so check - first pass marketing donezo!  but maybe we should make a note to post about it again next week sometime because it is getting really hard to tell if we are getting enough eyes on our posts. o, and let’s see, as for photo shoot - luckily, i think we have pictures of the style differences already but we still need to make a new listing. okay, what’s next now? 

hee hee hee, why smello, my pee-utiful yellow key tidy friend! yeppies, this time it is all about color.  hmmm, quantity...i think we have two rainbows worth. but we should think on it more because i think mom said she can make more of the leather part and that means hardware on hand is really the supply constraint. okay, make a note to count how many posts and screws we have. o and also make sure we work up the instruction kit so it includes all the extra stuff we talked about to make sure things are easy to put together and stay together.  hee hee, i like the video we made for that, too. maybe early next week we can post it. and hopefully people will click for sound because it all really works well together.   okay, what’s next? 

ooo, our latest addition to the teeny weenie functional f(art)ware lineup! these turned out so cool!! i cannot wait for the world to find out what its top secret function is. mom made a video today that we need to edit so maybe we can release that midweek...oh, how many? seis for spring doot. but, we do have more on the workbench including a 2.0 mod that i think will be very nice for a later summer doot. yeppies, i like how clean lined they are, too. and they are so cheerful and useful! okay i think that’s it for the type of things we will have on may 19th, so how does the work tally up for everything? hmmmm...hmmmmmm...carry the one...minus the exponent... flip the sign and add infinity...times fourventytwelveteen. omg. that much work??  yeppies, duk duk, u r right. especially with our experience level and  quality of work. well, anticipated quality of work. okay, lemme tell her..

mom, based on our highly accurate and very scientific calculations, me and duk duk are fairly certain that the quality work contribution required to support spring doot requires an hourly raise of two bags of gummy worms per hour per falcon and per wolf, and a special one time bonus, payable either as one week access to your amazon prime account, or a three day all expense paid trip to the candy store. :)

Friday, April 26, 2019

incredoobitastidocious (mark your calendars) :)

hee hee hee, yeppies, duk duk, i agree. our newest additions to the mother's and father's day card lineup are even more incredoobitastidocious in person!  i mean, seriously, how else can u send so much cuteness and yet so much ferociousness? i am glad we got them in the etsy shop yesterday night. that way people who need cards can buy them now, and...

that way, we can spend all next week getting ready for our spring doot, which I think we should tentatively schedule for may 19h,  dontchoo?   hee hee, i know, i am excited too!  i cannot wait for everyone to see the 6 new teeny weenie wonderworld uknowwhats we have been working on for forever now. and, we'll ask mom if we can finally offer customized holding hearts, u know, so people can ask for names or other special words on their heart.  i mean, i know it will take a while for them to be made so we won't be able to ship that out right away, but i think it will be worth waiting for. o and maybe we can get mom to take orders for the uknowwhatwhats that will work really well with the uknowwhats, or maybe she can just hurry up and make them or something because i know she's had some of them in process for forever now.  plus, we cannot get too crazy with the custom orders. it's hard enough just to keep track of where all our backyard booby traps are, much less try and remember to do our chores and stuff. o, but speaking of chores and stuff... 

mom, do u think we can skip school for the next couple of weeks?  i mean, just 2 help u get everything together in time for the spring doot, which we kind of decided should be around may 19th? :) #pencilinyourcalendars #customholdinghearts #udonotknowwhats #udonotknowwhatwhats