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Friday, May 2, 2014

baxter & duk duk's manners matter for little puppies: corn on the cob

Excerpted from Baxter & Duk Duk's Manners Matter for  Little Puppies, page 229:

"little puppies may not know that plain corn on the cob is a special treat that should be treated specially. if you are lucky enough to be given corn on the cob, congratulations!  to prepare for this special event, always remember to wear a napkin around your neck and carefully tuck it into your collar.  the napkin is not only cute, but couthy, as it will help absorb any juices that may fall while you are eating your delicious corn on the cob.  do not forget to insert your special corn cob holders as this will make your cob look really cool when you are finished . try not to get all grabby but it is understandable and even supercool smart older dogs do it so do not feel bad.

corn on the cob may be eaten in many ways, but the best and fastest way will require your mom or dad to hold the cob, so it does not fall off the table and get the floor all corny. to eat corn on the cob, nibbling with your front teeth is highly recommended, but if you still have baby teeth, or if your baby teeth are loose, eat it however u r able and let the napkin catch anything u drop so that you can eat the corn droppings later.

also, try to eat every kernel and leave a nice neat cob as seen in the figure below.

after finishing your work on the cob, do not forget to eat anything that might have fallen, focusing first on the table surface and then on to your napkin, working your way down methodically to floor where you will probably find many corn droppings to eat as your dessert. speaking of droppings, pay special attention to your poopie after you have finished your corn as you will be in for another special treat that the authors will not spoil for you here. happy corn eating, little puppy friend!"