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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

pantalones de goma

dear diary,
you would think after all this time, the tushie man might remember what to touch and not to touch when he comes for my annual checkup. but every year,  just in case to make sure he remembers, me and duk duk always like to make sure it is abundantly clear. and every year, no matter how we say it, it seems he does not listen.

i sure hope next year mom finally finishes making me my rubber pants.

b. :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

sign language

dear diary,
you know how somedays u think u are so luckee because you wake up and find out from your mom that u can stay home from school, but then u find out the reason why is because the tushie man is coming to give you a three year rabies shot and then u do not feel so lucky after all?  well, today is one of those days.   and since he will probably be working close to u know what and i might be too excited to remember to say anything beforehand, i figured it was very important to make up and post a reminder for the tushie man where a reminder is most necessary.  i hope it does the trick.

b. :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

a hello to arms

Even when brave little boys boldly rush forward to meet their fate with the tushie man..

and even though everything turned out just fine and nothing was particularly invaded after all..

there is still nothing that feels better for a trembly little puppy happy to be back in his dad 's arms. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the tushie man cometh

Tiny chumley's ever twinkly halo of lucky charms and green clovers took a temporary tumble off his head yesterday, falling to the ground with a giant thud the moment he saw the big white van pull up and stop.
nooooooooooooooooooooo, the little kielbasa barked in protest as he sensed this familiar impending doom. it is only april and i do not see the tushie man and his lady for another six months!

Baxter, of course, was right.  He wasn't due for his annual checkup til October.  But yesterday was special.  Yesterday was rabies shot day. And despite the fact that everything went quickly, and no tushie invasion was required, and friends were made again all around, the little kielbasa still decided to voice his discontent one last time after left the van and reached the top of our driveway.   Barking, in no uncertain terms, that it was time for this unwelcome disruption to his day to come to an end.  And guarding his precious tushie all the while.

it's been great, come back again - when pigs fly.  hasta poop-ego. don't call me, i'll call u.  uh-reeve-uh-poopies! smell ya later!