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Monday, June 1, 2015

drawing with little friends :)

hee hee, that's right, it says no lifeguard on duty. little miss sarah did that part. and u see there is a dead fish floating in the water that is going to come ashore any minute now and when it does, me and duk duk, well u see, we are hiding behind that sandcastle, and when the fish washes up, we are gonna jump from behind the sandcastle and  pretty much from there it's "chomp, there it is!".  hee hee hee.

so what did u draw for your bookmark, little miss julia?

ooo - u drew weenies that look just like me!  i like the hearts coming out of their butts, too... what exactly are they do-..eeek!  i love you baxter?!?!? a baxters wedding?? me, giving a ring, to a girl??? um, yeppies that is very lovely, little miss julia...i cannot wait 2 see what u draw for your next bookmark...

pssst - hey can somebuddy hand me over some more bookmark paper and those sharpies? something tells i am going 2 need to hand out a ton of anti cootie bookmarks tomorrow at school. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

today is stomping day, another nother short story by baxter and duk duk, in lieu of the ninety page essay on the pros and cons of a spiced based universe economy, that we were supposed to write for writing class

The monster feet had been in stinky situations before.  Children may smell like children, but their feet stink too, and especially in slipper shoes like him because they never seemed to want to wear socks and their feet get all sweaty and the only thing left to absorb all the sweat is, well, him.  He used to think their feet smelled awful, only now as he sat on the thrift store shelf, surrounded by scuffed patent mary janes and tired old sneakers that no longer lit up when you stomped with them, he missed smelling like what he now felt monster feet should always smell like.

Forever seemed to pass at the thrift store as he watched moms and dads take pair after pair of more practical shoes home for their stinky feet children, while he remained, alone and wondering if he would ever get to stomp again.  Tired being passed over time and time again, the monster feet decided to go into a deep deep sleep.

A curious and very sniffy wet nose startled him awake.  What the heck??? This is not the thrift store, he realized as the rest of his senses came into consciousness.  Why is there a tiny red cabin in front of me and what's that smell? It smells worse than children feet - more like, meat mixed with duk mixed with poop mixed with - hey, that tickles!

The brushing sensation of curious but very appreciative whiskers gave way to two stubby and chubby but extremely awesomely ferocious paws, each slipping in to him with a stink, awe, and reverence he had never felt before. Hmm, the monster feet thought. I am not in a house with stinky children feet and yet I no longer miss them.

One of his feet was lifted high into the air as the faint sound of snickers danced about his ears.  Wheeeee!! Today is a new day, he proclaimed as he started to fall and the wind started whooshing around him.  Today is stomping day! :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

case of the empty verse

We now join baxter and duk duk's spoiler free review of tonight's season 3 episode premiere of Sherlock on PBS, already in progress.. :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

waste not whomp not

hee hee okay everybuddy stand back, stand back...


Pow-derrred Sugarrrrrrr! (whomp)

hee hee hee hee hee. oh yeah dat's what i'm talkin bout!  

soon all our yucky leftover candy will be smashed and we will have enough powdered sugar to sneak into school and sprinkle on our lunchy lunches for the next hundred years!!   :) :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

baxter and duk duk's fractured fractional fairy tales: fee fi fo fum

 ...and with a mighty inhale did the giant declare, 

 "fee fi fo fum! i smell the stink of a doxie bum!!"

to which the little dog responded in glee,

"thank you, kind sir, thank you for noticing my lovely air!"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

try try again




hee hee, nope. i guess i still cannot do it :)

happy hound party hats for everyday happy go lucky adventures,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime tales: dedicated to lulu, the little kielbasa helps a bunny (part 4)

Before our story begins tonight, me and duk duk just wanted to say that tonight's story is dedicated to the memory our friend Lulu, who passed away today without our even being able to say good nitey nite one last time.  Until we can say hello again, good friend, know that we will miss you very much, and that you can watch from above all the secret toyfriend clubs u want, without even having to stand over there.   ♥

(sniffle sniffle).  Okay,  on with our story...

"Strik's in trouble, Pussycat!" barked the Little Kielbasa. "He is trapped with his cousins inside their cage and if he does not get out soon, our pancake and salad party will totally not be happening. Please come with me to Farmer Wells's farm!! Oh, and bring your gas mask, because the air is pretty thick if u know what I mean."

Ooooh look at that, duk duk! Pussycat's got some skills.  If he were real I think we would totally offer him some gummy worms to help us get into the pantry so we can get more gummy worms! Oh, okay, so on with the story...

Pussycat elegantly opened the cage, striking a pose so the Little Kielbasa could take a picture with a camera that made a klink sound when he pressed the button.  Strik the bunny hopped out, happy until  he looked down at his paw watch and saw that now the big hand was on the eleven and the little hand on the five.  "Well, Little Kielbasa, there are only five minutes left until Bugs Bunny is on. How bout we go down to the lake and do a few cannonballs instead?" "Sure, Strik, and maybe while we are down there I can show you how to make underwater bubbles!"  The End!

Well boys and girls, I am sorry but that is the end of our bedtime story.  I hope you enjoyed hearing it as much as we enjoyed reading it.  Good night my friends, and to Lulu and her mom. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime tales: the little kielbasa helps a bunny (part 3)

Lucky for the Little Kielbasa and his new bunny friend, Strik knew just where to go to get some carrots.  After first stopping to drop off the things they had collected, they walked on to Strik's cousin's house on the farm.  "Knock knoooock! It's meeEEeee, your favorite cousin Stri-iiiiiik!" sing songed the bunny as he made his way into his cousin's hutch. "This is my new friend the Little Kielbasa and he is going to make super duper grade a stinkylicious monkey chow pancakes for everyone, and I am going to make a nice green salad.  It will be a party and everyone is invited.  Only we are out of carrots and I thought you guys could spare us some. I see  Farm Helper Kradsfignewton brought you guys some nice ones to-.... "  

Click!  The door to Strik's cousins' hutch snapped shut, trapping Strik, his cousins, and the delicious carrots inside.

"Ay de mi!" cried Strik. "Trapped like a bunny in a cage!  If I do not get out soon, all our plans will be in jeopardy because I have to be home by six to watch Bugs Bunny!" Strick turned to the Little Kielbasa, who had just let out a giant foofie and was disappointed that nobunny was close enough to his masterpiece to enjoy the subtle aromas of turkey, rawhide, and gummy worms that wafted about like a butterfly above a pretty yellow field of flowers. "I know! Hey, Little Kielbasa my new friend,  go fetch your friend Pussycat and tell him I'm trapped in the Bunny Hutch over at Farmer Wells' Farm.  Tell him to bring his gas mask and hurry!  Run, Little Kielbasa, run!

Oh Strik is in trouble now! Will the Little Kielbasa make it to Pussycat's in time to help Strik and the Litle Kielbasa throw their monkey chow pancake and green salad with carrots party in time so that Strik can get back home to watch Bugs Bunny?  Does Pussycat even have a gas mask and if he does not, will he pass out from the magnificient foofie cloud that the Little Kielbasa made that nobunny could appreciate because they were too far away?  Why is the Little Kielbasa so gassy??  If the answers do not come in your dreams tonight, then maybe you will find out tomorrow when we bring you the conclusion to our bedtime story.  Pleasant dreams and  nitey nite my friends! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime stories: the little kielbasa helps a bunny (part 2)

"What is new, Pussycat?" asked the Little Kielbasa, "May we please take this delicious bone that you are not using?  My bunny friend and I are planning to make monkey chow pancakes!  You are welcome to join us, too, and bring those super delicious u-know-whats that you make that I like so much. You know, the ones you always bury in the special treasure box just for me. :) "

After letting Pussycat know what time the pancake party would begin, the Little Kielbasa and Strik left Pussycat and stopped by the bunny's garden.  "Should we have a bit of green salad with our pancakes?" asked Strik.  "Well, maybe," mumbled the Little Kielbasa as he tried to hold on to the bone they had just gotten.  "It sure would be tasty with a nice gummy worm dressing.  Oh snap! I forgot we do not have carrots..."

Uh oh, a salad with out carrots!  What will the Little Kielbasa and his bunny friend do now?  Find out tomorrow night and until then, poopie dreams! Good nitey nite my friends !! :) b

Sunday, April 7, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime tales: the little kielbasa helps a bunny


Hello everybuddy and welcome to me and duk duk's very special nitey nite bedtime tales! For the next few days, me and duk duk will be posting later than usual so we can read you a bedtime story from the super cool book that mom got us.  Only because it is in another language that we do not understand, me and duk duk will be making up our own super cool story as we go along.  Are you ready to get into your jammies because here we go!

This book is called " The Little Kielbasa Helps a Bunny" by Dodo Baloney.  Illustrated by Paul Doolittle using mom's dinnerware, with Mona Goshopping. A Laddieman publication published in 1972, originally costing 1 kruppence.

Okay I am turning the page and I hope u got your jammies on because here we go :)



In a tiny enchanted corner of his backyard just to the left of his favorite pooping tree,and three paces from where he remembered he spied a turtle one hot summer day last year,  the Little Kielbasa was minding his own business digging a giant hole and having fun watching his foofies float away in the springtime breeze when he spied a little white bunny in the shadows of some tall tall grasses.  

"Hi, howya doin?" asked the bunny. "My name is Strik. You have beem making smells like a fella who might know this.  Do you know where I might get some delicious monkey chow pancakes?  I am not from around here and I am famished!"

"I am pretty good," said the Little Kielbasa. "And yes! I know just the place.  Here, follow me. We will need to stop and get a few things along the way."

(oops, sorry my head got in the way of the picture but the little kielbasa is talking to a bunny that is just under my nose.  u will see him soon., when u scroll down....)

Hoping that bunnies are not allergic to such flavorful additions, the Little Kielbasa led his new friend under a hole in the fence by the yard where his friends, The Little Misses, live, to get the stash of McCormick spices and extracts that they kept in their backyard playhouse.  He also considered whether or not he should get enough supplies to make monkey chow beignets, but thought better of it when he remembered what a hard time Strik had pulling his chubby hiney out from under the fence....

Hee hee, okay this book goes on for a few more pages my friends so we will pick up here tomorrow bcuz it is getting past our bedtimes. Pleasant dreams and nitey nite!! :) :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

time paradachsnduks: the end is here :)

"knocked out by a mysterious force when they tried to turn themselves back into boys by using pretty princess primpnpink's purposefully powerful pedaports without instructions, baxter and duk duk find themselves groggy and uncertain of their circimstances..."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

timeparadachsnduks: goodbye yellow brick road

"having left their doctor friend before getting critical information on how to use princess primpnpink's purposefully powerful pedaports, time-adventurers-accidentally-turned-into-girls baxter and duk duk and their soon-to-vanished friend susan carefully consider their options before going through with the only one they can think of.."


to be continued (but hooray,  not for much longer! :) : )

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

time paradachsnduks: gone without the windbag

"detoured by different extension of time, weary time adventurers turned accidentally into girls, girl baxter and girl duk duk, find relief, with a little help from a horse named susan.." 

"having ditched their long winded and time displaced doctor friend, girl baxter, girl duk duk, and a horse named susan who curiously looks like chocobot go off to seek princess primpnpink's purposefully powerful pedaports...and find them.." 

to be continue (phew, almost there!)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

timeparadachsnduks: one step closer, another step back

"disappointed to find that their mom's unfinished timey wimey device did not turn back time as they had hoped, girl baxter and girl duk duk are now faced with an interesting observation, and a time challenge of a different sort..." 

" ..hours later..."

to be continued (sheesh!)..

Monday, March 18, 2013

time paradachsnduks: the schwoomp effect

"having overheard their mom talk about the coming week's makey projects, girl baxter and girl duk duk hatch a plan to change themselves back into boys... "