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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Saturdoot is coming :)

..hee hee, well let's not count our snakeys just yet lil pink puppy. but yeppies, if we help sell them all this Saturday on Saturdoot at noon and nine pm EST,  then mom said we can have all the proceeds! and u know what that means - we can refurbish our trebuchet and goto the candy store and probably have enough left over to get flames painted on the pedal car.  well., i mean, if we are good about not spending too much on gummy worms.  which is probably like,, maybe instead of spending money to paint flames, we can just ask mom if we can borrow some paint and chocobot can provide the glitter if u know what i mean. hee hee yeah, chocobot.  wait, what's that, lil pink puppy? really? u think so? which one?

oh yeah.. i see what u r saying.  i guess even though they are all different, they are all like that really, what with the ferociously cute little wolfie dangle on each of them.  i mean, his face is almost as expressive as mine is, right? yeah, for something so deceptively simple in concept, well we all know how much work goes into making them, but for something so simple sounding as a gilded fetching stitch brooch,  there is so much depth to them when u think about it. so much meaning behind it. and look at all the texture and colors.  they are all so pretty, it's like take everything good about spring and summer and roll it up on a stick.

and, well, who says u have to pin them on your clothes, especially if u r like me and half of the year u go nakey nakey except for a collar? i mean, what do u do then?  u could put it on your book bag or a pillow or display it in a shadow box, or just keep it by your computer and play with the dingle dangle while u wonder why every day isn't take your wolf to work day.  yeppies, i can totally see why these would be good mother's day pre-..

-sents.  mom, did u happen to make an extra one for us to gi-, um, i mean, do u have a fav-,  is there one we can keep borrow for, well, um, no special reason? we promise we would give u back 2 sunday. :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013


hmmmmm...hmmmmm...o i know!

 mom, these are really cool and all, but, do u think maybe, well, to make them more useful, instead of salt n pepper, can me and duk duk fill them with powered sugar and pack them in our lunchy lunch boxes? :) :)

(hee hee, super cute doxie salt n pepper shakers by Threshold (item# 200022933), eight bucks at  Target. #score  :))

Sunday, July 21, 2013

my doxie treasures: hot dogs 5 cents

oooOOooOOoooooOOOOooo! thanks mom for thinking of us at the flea market today. this little fella will make a very nice addition to our doxie collection!!

ps - you did not happen to see if they had any super cool iphoney cases, too, didjoo mom? u know, the pleathery foldy kind with a tardis or u know, maybe ferocious dragon on it?  :) :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

the day before

hee hee, what do you think my friends?  i cannot wait til father's day morning tomorrow when we suprise dad with the super cool bookends we got him at the flea market today from mister randy! it was totally worth trading in the trebuchet for this -  dad has so many books and now he can display them as one super super super long doxie if he wants to!

what's that, oh yeah u r right duk duk, it is only three o'clock now and father's day is not for another eighteen hours.  if he sees us here with our gift then it would spoil the surprise. maybe we should hide it in the backyard behind the poop mushie stand.  nobuddy ever goes there..hee hee, or should, without wearing a gas mask at least.

anyhoo, these bookends are so heavy, i think we are all going to need to help push it out there, especially since it is still a little muddy outside and if we get stuck, well there will be no way we can bring it back in for father's day...

so i will get in front and pull but everybuddy else needs to get behind the wagon and push, okay? and remember, do not stop or we will get stuck!   

Sunday, July 15, 2012

my doxie treasures: vintage doxies


Well hello boys and girls, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter reporting to you today to show you a few more of the doxie treasures here at my house.  Now, I really don't have much to say about them other than, well, here they are and I guess they are pretty cool but no, apparently you and your dukfriend cannot pack them to trade with on your piratey adventures nor should you try unless you want your wii taken away from you for the rest of the day.  Which is why I am reporting to you today, if you know what I mean.

Anyhoo, seeings how we have plenty of time on our hands today, me n duk duk n chocobot n lil pink puppy all thought it would be a great idea to add to the doxie treasures treasure chest by carving a statue of me, out of soap! Which would also be a bonus because once we finish, there would be one less bar to take a bath with.

Anyanyhoo, I have been working on my pose and think this might be a good one, but if you have any ideas, please feel free to let me know. This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you the star shiniest of Sundays! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend update

dear diary,
yippee! my grandpa and grandma and uncle came into town this past weekend and we have been doing all sorts of fun stuff - except going 2 the flea market bcuz for some reason i could not go along with them yesterday which was a big boo hoo for me but then when mom came home she showed me what she scored and i was so happy to know that at least she was thinking of me and then everything got better bcuz then we all went to the park for a very nice walkie and i even shook hands with like a gabillion kids and showed them a few of my tricks and of course u know that meant i had lots of snackies.  so all in all it was a very very nice weekend.  how was yours, diary?

b. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

everybuddy knows u do not pass up a watermelon snackie opportunity

dear diary,
mom says no matter where she looks, she always manages to find something that reminds her of me.  which i guess is why she came home from her bizcation thifty store adventures with a super cool toy dog n duk  (hee hee, remind u of anybuddies?), a roly poly circus bear, a softball, and a giant letter b.   all things i cannot wait to share with duk duk n chocobot n lil pink puppy because we were just talking about playing roly poly circus bear softball tag during recess tomorrowbut seeins how we did not have a roly poly circus bear or a softball or the letter B or a super cool toy dog n duk to serve as goalies, all we would  really be doin is talking and not playin if u know what i mean.  til now that is, now that we have everything to play it with.  well, now after i finish my watermelon snackie.  because watermelon snackies are yummy and everybuddy knows u do not pass up a watermelon snackie oppportunity.  even if it means roly poly circus bear softball tag must wait.  but do not worry diary, i will be finished soon and u can play with us too if u want! just be sure to meet us by mister turtle's secret playground hideout and bring your own oven mitt. i cannot wait til recess!!  :)

b. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

wooty patootie

I remember last year when Robin and I started our journey to Bucktown and stumbled upon our first Goodwill Outlet.  We were looking for lodging for the night when I spied what I thought was a regular Goodwill store stuck in the corner of a decaying strip mall.  Lodging could wait, we agreed. 

And as you might imagine, our lives were forever changed by what I can only describe as a magical visit to the island of misfit toys.  Second chance stuff from other Goodwills, sold for pennies by the pound.  Yeah, you know we would be visiting these places again.

Today, a tiny peekypoo at some of the scores from our return visit, mixed in with a scores from other thift stores we visited as well on our way home.  So many places, so little time and space.  And yet I am pining four our next by the pound adventure.

next time mom, can u find a scooby doo for duk duk too?? :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

me likey dat: my snackie plate

hey, what's that?

is that what i think it is?

santa forgot to eat the snackie i left for him.

how awful that he missed out on such a delicious snackie.
u don't think he didn't want to eat it cuz i took a tiny nibbleypoo, do u?
i had to make sure it tasted good.

hmm, maybe i should mail it to him.

but maybe he didn't really want it
and he lives so far away.

and my tumbly is feeling a little rumbly...

nommy nom nom.
oh santa won't miss just this one little snackie, will he?
next christmas i promise to leave out a whole plate full.

(tee hee, thank u madeline for making me my very own personalized snackie plate for christmas! luv, b.)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my doxie treasures: vintage doxie christmas card

Well hello, it's me, Baxter! My mom was busy Christmas shopping all day yesterday so she asked me to fill in and write today's blog entry. I thought I would give u a peek at another one of my doxie treasures, and well, seein's how it's almost Christmas, why not a peek at my vintage Christmas card? I really like it cuz it is a print of a watercolor of a little doxie who looks a LOT like me, only he's wearing a red collar and he's standing in a doorway without a door and his presents are still stuck in that mail box that seems so far away cuz it's cold n snowy out. Me? I am pretty sure Santa will deliver them to my tree by way of the chimney, so I don't have to worry about being in the cold any longer than I have to. I wonder why Santa didn't deliver his presents like that. Maybe his house doesn't have a chimney or sumptin.

Well, anyways, I hope u like my Christmas card and hope u have a wonderful day!


Friday, September 17, 2010

my doxie treasures: one eyed louie

Yippee! A package in the mail this week from my thift store scorin aunt, containing this well-loved one eyed stuffed doxie. Pure coolness in a box!, I do declare. The little kielbasa didn't quite know what to make our new acquisition, approaching it ever so warily at first before giving our new friend a thorough sniff over.

louie, his eyes proclaimed when he turned back to look at me, one eyed louie's his name. and i am pretty sure he and i would both like a milkbone, please, especially if u don't want me to eat him.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

flea finds n doxie treasures

Well hello, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter reporting to you from my home today. I'm here to show you my mom's latest vintage scores. There really aren't too many on account of how hot it's been, but it is all pretty swell, even if I wasn't there to help her choose it.

Here, let me show u a close up of some things she found at the flea market.

So looky! Dontcha just love the imagery and colors in the Dali print? Mom says it's almost luminous. I say it's just super cool, just like that metal bowl thingy. Though I hope neither thingy melts like the stuff in Dali's later work. I know, cuz I'm in art class! oh and yeah, that little metal doll suitcase? Yippee, totally mine to travel with when she's not using it for display at her shows, cuz it's perfect for my kong toy n kibble n duds!

Now check this out. U remember my uncle who visited recently and helped make my new kitty perch? Well he gave us this super cool vintage green wooden doxie! As far as the holes on his back go, he says the big hole near its tushie had a black stick that was its tail but he sorta lost it, and the other tiny little holes all along its back? No idea. That's okay, I told him. I got like this small patch of furry loose skin between my legs - u know, kinda behind my unmentionable - and I have absolutely NO idea what that is for.

Well that is my report for today. This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing u the best of Thursdays! :)

toodles! - b

Friday, July 30, 2010

my doxie treasures: red pepper doxie

Today, a peek at a sweet little red pepper doxie present from tiny chumley's grandma. So very cute, but in Baxter's world, so disappointingly inedible.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

me likey dat: doxie wall art

A cute n happy score from TJMaxx/Homegoods, who has been steadily expanding their selection of doggie related items. Not exactly a one of a kind original, but all the same, a doxie treasure of tomorrow. :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

recipe for a happy friday

1) a little doxie storybook treasure
2) one cute kielbasa
3) new movie maker software
4) a happy song

Mix ingredients thoroughly and relax while watching. Repeat as necessary.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my new doxie treasure + i heart randy and john

So many goodies at the flea market on Saturday, thanks in large part to appearances of my favorite vendors, Randy and John, two buddies whose paths sometimes intersect as they each travel the country selling their tarnished treasures. It's always a treat to run into them, catch up with all their travels, and of course score all sorts of goodies!

First, a collage of pictures of the things didn't manage to make their way into my trunk, though I certainly wished they could have. Most are tempting treasures from Randy's booth, though the radiators are from a different vendor. Ooo the old radiators... the pair should be married up with an old narrow door to make for an extremely coolio sofa table or tall desk. I didn't even ask the price for fear of being tempted.

No pictures yet of my entire haul, but a peek at the palm sized doxie treasure I scored from John. Tiny chumley wasn't particularly impressed with this inedible thing, but he was happy nevertheless with his own scores for the day. As always, tidbits of popcorn snitched off the ground, and a fine time relaxing on the bench under the shade of an old oak tree with his dad.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

my doxie treasures: log dog

In our seemingly vast collection of doxie treasures, the vintage and the handmade stuff speaks to me most. Today, a look at Log Dog, a wooden piece created from pictures I had provided of Kep and Padua and carved by the fabulous Gay Foltz, a folk artist in residence at a gallery in which I've placed some things in the past. And yes, as you might guess, log dog's body is indeed a log.

Log Dog normally protects those who come to sit a spell in the library upstairs, standing at attention on high on a bookshelf out of harm's way, which is why tiny chumley wasn't aware of Log Dog's existence til it came time to take pictures in a much sunnier part of the house.

A few sniffs, just to make sure this thing wasn't a threat, and buddies did these two become. "Let's put out another bowl of food for him, ok?", Baxter must have certainly hoped. "If he doesn't eat it all, I certainly can help him!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

my doxie treasures: sgrafo modern dachshund

Boy, it's been a long time since I've been to the flea market. Hopefully, I haven't missed out on that special something I didn't know I even needed or wanted, but the fact is I just never know. Things like this swell modern doxie, that I found at a flea market in New York City, before my crafty fingers took flight, before tiny chumley came into our lives and before I seriously cut down on collecting doxie stuff.

I have no idea why it is I like the stuff that I do, or why I need such things in our home, but here I am, surrounded by the likes of doxies real and forever cast in a variety of mediums, by fabric and buttons and dye, by rusty weird things that I find really interesting. And by a little boyfriend and husband that let me be who I am no matter how many piles accumulate around them.

In all these gifts, I am eternally grateful. I can't wait to get back home this evening. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

five card draw

There are some things in life that I am certain Baxter should never try were he actually able to do them. Like climbing Mt Everest because he hates the cold, or working at a rawhide factory because he'd eat way more than he would ever get paid.

And then there's playing poker, a card game of skill that also requires a mastery of the art of bluffing. Whether he's hiding his rawhide or himself in plain view, I'm just not sure our little pup has what it takes to fake his way through anything.

Such was the case when I came home with our nifty new old peanut pup from the flea market and thought I'd take advantage of the light for a photo op before our evening walkies. We're done now, he quickly proclaimed, only a few shots into our session. Here ya go, here's that peanut thingy. Now let's go walkies.

Yep, what you see is what you get with our little boy, and that suits me just fine.