how to pin your fit model

Hooray, you've received your fit model and now it's time to let your pup try it on. Remember, the fit model is for fitting purposes only so don't be alarmed by the lack of heavy duty hardware or the fabric selection at this time.

Ready? Follow these steps to ensure your pups finished dapper doxie dud fits like a glove.

1) Put the fit model on neck first, so that the straps just overlap enough to hide the velcro - a pin will currently mark where the top strap should end on the bottom strap, about a 3" overlap.

2) Secure the chest straps.

3) Take 3 pictures of your pup wearing the fit model
a) FRONT: a full body view so I can see where the neck straps rest
b) RIGHT SIDE: preferably with pup standing, from the pup's right side to see if any velcro is exposed on the chest strap
c) TOP: a full body top view, to see how it fits across the shoulders and back.

4) Email the pics to kalyxcraftopia at (or post them and send me a link)

5) I will respond, possibly asking for minor adjustments before you do final pinning.

6) Once things are adjusted for a good fit, I'll ask you to final pin where the ends of the covering straps touch the under strap, for both the neck and collar.

7) The once things are pinned, please send the fit model back to me and the fun begins!!