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Friday, November 17, 2017

baxter & duk duk's special friday matinee feature: weenie reindeer games :)

dear diary,
next week is thanksgiving week and as might imagine we will be very busy being thankful and eating and entertaining family and stuff so please do not worry if we are not posting regularly or responding very quickly. also, i am stilll washing cooties off myself from cassie's relatively brief but incredibly stinky visit, so there is that. but anyhow, even though we might still be posting a little next week, me and duk duk thought it might be nice to leave u with an officially awesome video we just made which we are sure u will want to watch with the sound on over and over again during next week's comedy drought. plus it has a very special announcement at the end. 

oh and if u were wondering, we hope to have a few goodies for cyber brown wednesday but we may not have a lot of time to preannounce what it will be so stay tuned because there will probably be ninjadoots! okay, me and duk duk need to pick up lil pink puppy and lulu the tiger from chukky poops so i will write u later and i hope u have a very good weekend. :)


Monday, July 10, 2017

happy skritchy monday monkey noises

hee hee hee, okay okay, mom n dad, maybe i am part monkey after all :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

watermelon break :)

dear diary,
finally school is out for summer and to celebrate and take a break from finishing up our leather clippies, i had watermelon. and it was delicious.

tomorrow me and duk duk hope to drop off lil pink puppy and lulu the tiger and chocobot at summer camp and then we will be back to start project uknowwhat. more on that later  :)


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

nightmare on cootie street

dear diary,
the  birthday party for little miss julia was really fun except for the part where i thought it was also my lucky day because i found a nice bone to chew on, which i did til somebuddy mentioned that it was probably cassie's and she had pretty much already slobbered all over it and i was like, "bleah, does anyone have any listerine handy?"

anyhoo, i guess it is just as well because now that i am all gunked up with cooties, i get to stay home and help mom get ready for our saturday double doot matinee at 11am EST.  i hope to tell you more about it on friday and show u some pictures but basically it will be a combination of a new tiny batch of tiny remembering books and more super awesome leather clippies !

b. :)

Friday, May 26, 2017

and now we break for a very special sponsored announcement :)

hee hee, yeah, duk duk, our tiny poopers turned out swell again this year - i am so glad mom let us off the hook for helping her make them so that we could focus on making the video for our back end marketing campaign. hee hee, if u know what i mean. oh hang on...

what's that, mom? oh yes we are about to do that now. we were just waiting it to load.

o is it ready, duk duk? okay lemme start...

ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our presentation of "the cootie" starring me,a wolf, and cassie, the cootie, to bring u this very special sponsored announcement, written and directed by a wolf and a falcon :). 

(okay duk duk hit the arrow 2 play...) :) 

Friday, November 4, 2016

bum ba da dum (#soonThereWillBeDoot mix)

Hee hee, tiny chumley and I will be busy this weekend, and thanks to a certain little wolf and falcon's mad video skills, here's a peek at why. :) 

Friday, July 1, 2016

twelve little duks :)

Twelve little duks on a hot summer day, popped out of the wolf's heat cave so they could play! :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

light saber therapy

dear diary,
even though things have been pretty boring in jail, things sometimes can get interesting.  like when I heard mom and dad signed me up for laser therapy.  at first i thought it would be all light sabers and jedi fighting, but nopies.  and then i thought it would be like, all laser guns and han solo running and stuff, but nopies.  mostly, i just have to sit still while doctor miss Erin waves her magic red eyeball wand all over my spine.  well, i think it is red but i cannot tell u for sure since i am not supposed to really look at it which is why i am wearing doggles.  all in all, it is not nearly as scary as i thought it would be, which is why me and duk duk decided to add our own super cool sound effects to the video we made of me getting my second treatment.    i hope u like it.

b. )

Monday, April 25, 2016

ob-la-di, ob-la-da

Despite his time in jail, life goes on for a little kielbasa and his toyfriend, especially with help from the springtime scents wafting in from an open window :)

hee hee, duk duk did u smell that? i think the stinky bassets ate turkey and cheese yesterday. no wait (sniff sniff). hee hee sorry, the turkey was me.  (pffewweeooooop! sniff sniff) hee hee, yep, definitely me. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sunday, September 6, 2015

happy sunday :)

May your Sunday be filled with tiny happy dreams :)

Friday, June 5, 2015

how 2 make sure your mom and dad never leave u home alone again :)

Though we always try to take him with us wherever we go, the oppressive heat of summer makes it impossible to take the little kielbasa with us for lunch and other little errands where he would have to stay in the car.  But try telling that to a tiny forlorn little weenie boy, who seems to know exactly what heart strings to pull and where to pull them now that we have a new sound activated web cam to watch over him.  :)

A video posted by kalyx cornucopia (@kalyxcornucopia) on

A video posted by kalyx cornucopia (@kalyxcornucopia) on

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

service please!

hey, service please, snackie mom lady! is this thing even working? sheesh, i know we are getting ready for grandma, grandpa, and uncle's visit this weekend, but what's a pup gotta do to get a snackie around here? :) 

- baxter, 8.2 years old, on making sure his tummy's needs are known, and why he will not be able to post as much in his bloggy world until next Wednesday.

Monday, November 10, 2014

chunky chicken water with the kitchen kielbasa

Hello friends, it's us, baxter and duk duk! I'm wearing a napkin today because I want to share with you an  easy peasy recipe we just created.  We call it Chunky Chicken Water.  And we call it ez-pz because all u need to ask your mom to thoroughly boil in plain water a boneless skinless chicken breast, the cooking water your mom cooked the chicken in (skimmed of any fat), and some raw carrots.   Then, when you are ready for a delicious and lovely special snackie treat, just pull these ingredients out of the fridge and follow these three easy steps to tummy nirvana...

1) Put some of chicken water in a very cute bowl.  No reheating is necessary but if u do, make sure it is not too hot, know what I mean?

2) Sprinkle in some raw carrots for color, texture, and tastiness.

3) Add as much shredded chicken meat as your mom will allow and there you have it, delicious chunky chicken water!

There are probably a million more things u could add to this, like cooked rice or you know, blueberries or stuff.  Just always be sure to check and make sure what u are using is going to be good for you,  and most of all, remember to hold on to that tasty cooked chicken water.  I know, so easy, right?  Oh, so how does Chunky Chicken Water taste? Well, see for yourself in this video we made too!

Hee hee okay, this is me, Baxter your roving rover reporter and friend, and duk duk, wishing you the happiest of Fridays and the weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

video cuteness: cash n carry

dear diary,
even though it is superfun for me and duk duk to take my pedal car and pedal to the pet store ourselves, sometimes i think it is also very nice to go to the pet store with mom and dad, mostly because when me and duk duk go, we eat all our gummy worms on the way over and by the time we get there, we can never afford anything. and when me and mom and dad go like we did the other day, they give me cash so i can buy a bag of snackies and then i carry it to the car all by myself.

anyhoo, i must go now so i can ask mom if she will make me a pair of cargo pants that i can wear to school that has extra extra big pockets. that way, well, let's just say some movies have the best ideas. toodleydoo! b. :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

mega movie tease monday: little gladiators

dear diary,
this past weekend i went to my puppy friend hank's house and something tells me once he settles down a little more on the chompy chomp, he and i will be very good friends.  how do i know? well, because he and i are already planning to make our first feature film together.  u know, something that will feature lots and lots of action and probably gladiators and lions and u know, stuff like that.

in fact, we went ahead and made a demo trailer.  it's a little rough and the trailer ends abruptly,  but as Poop T Barnum said, always leave them wanting more.  

b. :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

still life

Sometimes there isn't much for a little kitty poop eating dachshund to do when he isn't allowed to roam unsupervised in his backyard while his mom and friend Henry Gumption do yard work on a hot hot day. And so he sleeps his afternoon peacefully away in breezy air conditioned comfort, til finally it is time for everyone to come back inside, and his happy little pack is whole again. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

teeny tiny viney videos: #petstorescore

Vine is usually just a raw playground for tiny chumley's videos, but this series of vines featuring tiny chumley carrying his new snackies to the car from yesterday's visit to the pet store were so cute, they deserved its own little place our happy blog history.  :) #petstorescore

Friday, May 30, 2014

etsy fresh: a super cool gift for 5 lucky dads

Hee hee hee, hello my friends, it's me, Baxter.  You may know me as your roving rover reporter, but did you know I am also super shop assistant extraordinaire for my mom's Etsy shop? And did u know that Father's day is only three Sundays away? 
If u do not have time to make your dad a super secret stinkeriffic poopie based father's day present like I plan to, then why not check out my mom's Etsy shop, where not only will you find a lovely selection of Father's Day cards, but also a super cute new get well cootie card, and also these extremely cool tiny handmade wire doxie head forms, or busts as I learned u call them in art class.  I thought they would be great Father's day presents for five lucky dads, so I put them in the Father's day section of the shop.  Here is a link in case the hot links do not work.

Oh! And in every bust listing description, me and duk duk posted a link to the tiny viney videos we made of each bust like the one below,  because sometimes we figure, even though pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth like, eleventy million!  And this way u can see how super cool the busts are from every angle.

Well my friends, my friends Madwilly and Henry Gumption are coming to town this weekend so I just wanted to also say if I miss a day or two posting, u now know why.  But do not worry, I will still be helping mom ship out Etsy orders on time.  And I will be having lots of fun this weekend, like I hope u do.. This is Baxter your roving rover reporter and kalyxcraftopia Etsy shop assistant, wishing you the foofiest of Fridays. :)

PS - if u need for a happy hound birthday part hat really soony soon please convo me via the etsy shop because mom just finished a batch for boys and girls but they will not be posted to Etsy for a bit on account of all the fun I will be having with Madwilly and Henry Gumption. :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

baxter & duk duk's manners matter for little puppies: corn on the cob

Excerpted from Baxter & Duk Duk's Manners Matter for  Little Puppies, page 229:

"little puppies may not know that plain corn on the cob is a special treat that should be treated specially. if you are lucky enough to be given corn on the cob, congratulations!  to prepare for this special event, always remember to wear a napkin around your neck and carefully tuck it into your collar.  the napkin is not only cute, but couthy, as it will help absorb any juices that may fall while you are eating your delicious corn on the cob.  do not forget to insert your special corn cob holders as this will make your cob look really cool when you are finished . try not to get all grabby but it is understandable and even supercool smart older dogs do it so do not feel bad.

corn on the cob may be eaten in many ways, but the best and fastest way will require your mom or dad to hold the cob, so it does not fall off the table and get the floor all corny. to eat corn on the cob, nibbling with your front teeth is highly recommended, but if you still have baby teeth, or if your baby teeth are loose, eat it however u r able and let the napkin catch anything u drop so that you can eat the corn droppings later.

also, try to eat every kernel and leave a nice neat cob as seen in the figure below.

after finishing your work on the cob, do not forget to eat anything that might have fallen, focusing first on the table surface and then on to your napkin, working your way down methodically to floor where you will probably find many corn droppings to eat as your dessert. speaking of droppings, pay special attention to your poopie after you have finished your corn as you will be in for another special treat that the authors will not spoil for you here. happy corn eating, little puppy friend!"