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Sunday, June 30, 2013

city sampler: FIT to be tied

So, I told myself I wasn't going to stop by the garment district before we left.  I don't really need anything, and my studio shelves are pretty chock full already.  But who can resist the siren call of neatly arranged aisles of buttons and zippers, or the temptation of staring at finely crafted fashion on exhibit at FIT?  Not me, apparently. But I did survive with my credit card relatively unscathed, and with enough pocket change to get a little sumptin on the way home for my big boyfriend too.

mom this yellow mug u got on clearance from anthropologie for dad is super cool but u want me and duk duk to fill it with some monkey chow milkshake or maybe a double shot iced poop mushie? and why on earth didjoo let uncle dana talk u out of getting the red one too, with dog wearing the fez on it?  fezzes are cool!! :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

city sampler: dachs in the city

So who's more inclined to keep her camera aimed below the waist and close to the ground in NYC, rather than gawking at all the tall buildings or famous celebrities or all that other touristy stuff?  Yeah, you know the answer already.  Quite a few lovely little doxie sightings.  Except for one certain little special Charlie boy, with whom the planets will hopefully align next time. :)

ahem. um, excuse me. mom? sorry to interrupt but i was looking thru the pictures u were not going to post and well, i was noticing how all these doggies have to walk every where and well, next time u go into the city, can u please get me and duk duk one of these? we can paint it yellow and next summer maybe me n duk duk can go into the city and start up our very own doggie taxi service.  small dogs only. and maybe not girls because a taxi this size really has no over there for them to stand in if u know what i mean. but it would be perfect for everybuddy else, dontchoo think?  :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

city sampler: home is where my wifi and the doughnuts are

Feeling visually recharged from my trip to NYC, and thought you might need a recharge too.  Here, a glimpse into our rented apartment, and a couple of cool nearby sights :)

And here, a tiny chumley, who was very happy with his souvenir from my travels, even if it was only from his Uncle Dana's local Wally World.  Simple little joys for a happy go lucky little boy. :)

 oooOOoOOOoooooo! a hot dog hot dog guillotine! mom, u think this will work for poopie snakes too?? :)