Thursday, October 29, 2009

ooky oogly googly

In light of recent events, I am convinced now that some hypochondriacs may just merely be misunderstood. That they are just impatient people who wanna fix their problems now, even before they occur, so they can stop worrying about it. That they should really just be called overgoogliacs. Take it from me, who is now googling the daylights out of "ringworm" and "ringworm disinfection".

But let me rewind.

It's no secret that Baxter did something to hurt himself the day he happened to be hunting squirrels. Whether it's muscular or disc related, the little fella had something going on, and for precautionary measures we've been doing our best to restrict his activity without resorting to strict confinement, all of which is in line with our vet's instruction. I know because I worried about it all night a few days ago after researching IVDD on the internet, and called the vet first thing the next morning.

Since Baxter's vet visit, what I haven't mentioned is a slight return of Mr Stinkybottoms, the silent stalker that makes his less-than-pleasant aromatic presence known often while Baxter is asleep. Yikes, I wonder, should we have gotten his anal glands removed after all and if it really does make sense in the future to remove them, how do we factor in Baxter's possible disc problem? More googling on anal sac disease and expression motivated my call to the vet two days ago, who graciously told me to be patient, to wait 3-4 days to see if his glands settle back down from the stress of his injuries and the visit.

Then I catch Baxter scratching at his left ear, the one that always needs more cleaning than the other. And he is overdue for that very thing. But dang considering Baxter's neck issues should I subject the fella to something that's going to make his head shake all around? But if I don't clean it will he end up with an ear infection? Third call, and yes the answer is wait.

Late yesterday as I was giving Baxter a general looksy in the warm afternoon sun, I notice a unusual spot that I've never seen before. Poke at it with my bare hands. Sorta raised, dark areas don't wash off. Think about whether or not it could be the result of hard hunting in the backyard. Take pictures. Touch my face.

I carry Baxter back downstairs where my merry-go-round of impatience is granted another big whirl when I google canine skin problems. Hm. Come on now, really? Ringworm. You know, Baxter was licking at something in that general area. Incubation period roughly two weeks. Like...when Baxter was at the dog park?? Immediately, I call the vet and email him pictures. Take extra vitamin D. Scrub my hands under hot soap and water and scratch at my hairline, which has gotten significantly itchier than I remember it. Think about all the places Baxter has been in two weeks, then contemplate bleaching the entire house and all its belongings. And once again I wait for the vet to return my call.

In times like this, Google is my friend, yet it is also my enemy. Here at my fingertips is the ability to become both appropriately informed, and inappropriately informed. To take a shred of fact, and build a world around it of question and worry. With all the molehills that are my googled mountains, there can be no doubt what my halloween costume will be this Saturday. When I ring your doorbell, know that it is I, Girl in Giant Bubble holding Dog in Smaller Bubble. Now give us some candy and bleachwipes, dang it.


cheyne923 said...

I feel your pain. Jeeves has had a couple of small skin bumps that then fell off and he's bald in one of these tiny spots. His hair has become much thinner all around. So I searched and obsessed but the best reality check was my Chicago Dachshund Lover's group. They narrowed questions for my vet and I really chilled.

I bet Baxter is enjoying your TLC--he doesn't know you are 'examining' him. He just thinks you have new cuddling methods. I recommend staying off the Google and having a cup of tea!

Bludog said...

That is like the spot Molly has! However, let me tell you that we have been through the ringworm drill once before (with one of the G. Sheps) - it turns out that the test that the vet does for ringworm VERY OFTEN gives a FALSE positive. Just so you know... Ringworm is a pain to deal with, and he probably doesn't have it. Max didn't, even though he tested positive.

I cleaned Molly's little spot with a wound cleaning solution (just picked over OTC in a drug store - it's some sort of antibacterial wash), then put Neosporin on it. The trick is to do it right before she eats or something, so she doesn't try to lick the Neosporin off.


Frankie said...

Oh! I just read your blog for the first time and I LOOOVE it! Baxter is so cute and your pictures are all gorgeous. What kind of camera do you use? I need a new one. I'm sorry to hear about Baxter's issues - my dachshund (Frankie) has had medical issues from day one it seems like, and I agree about Dr. Google. It can be alarming.
:) Alli
P.S. That picture of Baxter in his bowtie is my FAVORITE. Oh, it's so cute. He looks quite dapper.

Alicia said...

The best surgical procedure we've ever paid for was the laser removal of Oskar's anal glands. Even the recovery went quickly and well. While he never even had an infection of the glands, his bee-hind is oh so tender and the smallest amount of backed-up goo made him spin and scream. Then, as if by magic, handing the credit card to the vet made all his issues disappear! Our entire family has been happy, pain and stink free ever since.
I only trust Google a little, as I've read bad information about topics that I'm knowledgeable about. Makes me wonder about them in general.

Brindusa said...

I just realize that animals related blogs are far better than Dr Google. I personally get very useful information reading your post and the comments. I never saw such a ... "thing" on my doxies, but now I know it exists.
And about Google, I have a very good friend who is pregnant and had some problems. After she did a research on Google she get so scarred of what she read, that only the doctor could cool her down. She promised herself she will never repeat the mistake of looking for Dr. Google.
I wish you all the best for your beautiful skin.

kalyxcorn said...

the doc was tied up today but said to go ahead and try the Lotrimin stuff - if it's simple ringworm it'll probably clear up in a day or two and if it spreads or we start scratching, then it's really time to talk. no need to burn all our clothes just yet ;)

i am practically convinced that some nice anal gland removal surgery is in order so I am glad to hear that the magic credit card works! I suppose it might be good to check with baxter's dad - whaddya say?

hi everybody & welcome frankie! I have an older model Sony Cybershot - like a DSC-T50 if I remember correctly. your camera looks like it works fine (I just visited your blog)! I'm sure we'll sniff each other often :)


Lorenza said...

Be patient and everything is going to be ok!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Twix said...

It is so hard not to stress when they have something going on. I think we worry too much sometimes but it is very hard since they can't tell us what hurts/itches/aches, etc. I am another over protective doxie are in no way alone out there ;o)