Sunday, January 10, 2010

dapper doxie duds: kate & allie

Hey everybody! It's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter reporting again from my home, where I'm happy to follow up on my report about Kate n Allie's dapper doxie duds. You see, after Kate n Allie's mom chose from their selection of winter fabrics, my mom finished both their winter and summer harnesses and sent them off while we were on our trip. Here's a peek at how they turned out.

These are Kate n Allie's winter harnesses. Both are lined with flannel and have an inner layer of bottom weight twill to help the harnesses keep their shape. For texture and interest, my mom embellished Allie's red cotton cable knit harness with a flower my mom made from some velvet, and Kate's blue plaid harness has a flower on it that my mom serged from dupioni silk. That way the girls could sorta dress alike but keep their own identity, know what I mean? Believe me, after livin with 40 dogs, I totally get that.

These are Kate n Allie's summer harnesses. My mom made these from cotton interlock, u know like t-shirt or golf shirt type fabric. She interfaced the fabric and also used an inner later of bottomweight, again for structural sturdy reasons. Mom made the flowers by cutting irregular circles of different sizes out of wide ribbon, and then turned the edges against an open flame to seal the edges and give shape to each piece.

Okay are you ready for the best part of my report? Here are pics of Kate n Allie, first sniffing at their new duds, then getting dressed in their winter wear cuz it's cold out, and then runnin around! I sure hope to meet them one day. They look like fun!!

Well speakin of winter I best get back to sleepin next to George. Brrr it's been cold out, hasn't it? This is Baxter your rovering rover reporter wishing you a very warm Sunday afternoon!


Lorenza said...

Very good report Baxter!
I am sure they love them!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!


Hi Baxter,

Those are some beautiful coats! You could sell those on 5th Ave.! And warm too.

Hope you have a grrreat Sunday! Come by and see us.

Riley and Star.

Alicia said...

Great report Baxter! An also amazing to me is your familiarity with sewing terminology. I had to read it twice just to picture in my mind how those lovely flowers were made! Kate and Allie look so beautiful all dolled up in their vests. I'll bet they even look great naked. Is that OK for me to say?


Anonymous said...

Hmm--Yes our new coats are so toasty and chic to boot. It makes going out in the cold so much more fun! Nekkid---we don't know much about that now that we have such dapper new duds! Hope to meet all of you someday, sniff ya later, Kate & Allie

Anonymous said...

Can I be rude and ask how much those darling harnesses cost?

kalyxcorn said...

:) Not rude, but drop me an email at and I'd be happy to give ya the scoop. Or you can stay anonymous (I totally get that so don't feel the least bit weird about that) and check out the alchemy page of my etsy shop for even more details.

angie said...

so pretty!! i never get to play dress-up. i only have boys. two dirty boys...

Joey and Maggie said...

Maggie got so insanely jealous looking at these the other day. It was totally unbecoming for the refined little lady that she usually is. Great stuff.

Twix said...

OMD! Kaly, those are simply gorgeous! I would love to get one. Maybe I can sweet talk Mom and Dad into....what do ya think?

kalyxcorn said...

boy, i hear ya about dirty boys, angie. baxter's everyday harness is a blaze orange nylon, and he has a dark plaid denim trimmed number for roughin around, too. those things get quite the's been fun making for girly girls but it's also fun thinking about rough n ready wear, too. that's like a whole different part of my brain, which I'm sure Baxter wishes I would flex more often considering all the dandy stuff he's been getting.

aw maggie & twix! thanks for all the kudos. my head, as always, swells with glee. whenever you're ready, i'll be here to whip up a lil sumptin special. :)

cheyne923 said...

How very, very splendid these are, I bet Kate (the British one) and William will be calling for doggie duds soon (I don't think the House of A. McQueen does dogs).
And this Kate and Allie are just scrumptious little ones, the pics are great. Melinda and Jeeves