Thursday, January 21, 2010

day 6: family tree (digger, part three)

Yippee!!! Day 6 so mom is coming home today. But I digress. It's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter reporting to you today from my walkies. But don't worry if you already went to the bathroom cuz I'm not a marker either. There will still be plenty for us to do. I brought along another one of my mom's stories for us to read.

"This is the Digger I met and have always known, the little brown dog with white face and paws and a baritone bark. A manly little dog, made even more so because he was, ahem, still very endowed.

Digger's life as a little senior dog was uncomplicated, just the way he liked it. When he would wander out back in his tiny fenced yard, he would walk the perimeter carefully, sniffing at Molly the Golden Retriever on one side, and, having confirmed that she was there, continue walking his beat in circles until he felt it was time to come inside, at which point he would let out a single chesty bark by the door. Digger must have liked orbiting. When dad would stretch out on the floor, Digger would orbit him just as he did his backyard, trundling about with his tail wagging happily.

Although Digger was very spry for his age, by the time his dad and I were engaged, Digger would often set his own bedtime and wander upstairs on his own to turn in for the night in his little bed.

There were other things, we would find out, that he probably did in bed.
Digger's cheeks would occasionally swell and we thought for sure he might have a dental problem and took him to the vet. But to our surprise, the vet didn't find signs of dental infection. He found kibble. Little food packs. Evidence, of Digger's inadvertent but serendipitous method of eating, the mechanics of which somehow trapped food in hamster-like fashion between his back teeth and inner cheek. Our first boy with his chipmunky jowls had become a hamster in his old age, squirreling away snacks to nibble at his leisure in the comfort of his own bed. "

Hey whazit mean to be endowed? Duk Duk said it is when somebody or an institution is given money for a specific purpose. Do you think whoever endowed him could endow me so I could buy some rawhide?

Anyway, this is Baxter your roving rover reporter reporting to you now from my home. Thanks for keeping me company while my mom was gone!!!


angie said...

yay baxter, glad your mom will be back! she'll buy you some rawhide, i'm sure.

i've often wondered why it is that dachshunds are, um, SO WELL endowed.

riley gets food trapped too!! he has his yearly checkup recently, and it was a morning appointment, a couple hours after breakfast, and the vet got to his mouth and was puzzled. is that food? did you just eat?? um, several hours ago... then she laughed and even uttered an ew. i've seen him, a little while after eating, chomping at the air - i figure that's him working on his cache. (kinda like at the end of this )

Anonymous said...

Baxter, you parents have a wicked sense of humor. I'm glad your mommy is back. I'm enjoying reading about Digger he looks like a stately gentleman.

Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing the Digger pictures and story, Baxter. We've enjoyed meeting him!

Now that mom is back, your family is intact...that is, everything that's supposed to be there is there. Digger was well endowed because all his guy parts were intact. But don't worry about missing anything yourself, ol' buddy! You're a great guy and your family is intact!


Alli & Frankie said...

Oh, Digger looks so cute in his bed! I love that picture.

Joey and Maggie said...

So glad mom is home, but you've done a great job while she was away Baxxie! The food storing Digger Dachshund had us laughing on the floor. We're going to try that little trick.

Twix said...

First of all, you look mighty handsome in your green shirt and orange harness. I'm glad it is time for your mom to come home. We hope she had a wonderful trip. These stories about Digger have my mom remembering things about her Max. It was fun learning about him and hearing about your mom getting to know him. I have that food in the cheek problem but my daddy always sticks his fingers in there and takes care of it for me....cause I can't get it out.
Always more than happy to keep you company, Big Guy!

kalyxcorn said...

ooh - that video was so cute - Riley reminded me so much of Digger, and I definitely recognize food pack at the end of it. Digger would do the exact same thing when we dislodged some of his stash. I love it! Baxter perked his ears when he heard your voice, and cocked his head from side to side while the video played.

thanks everybody for keeping Baxter company!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Baxter!
Those pictures of Digger are pawesome!
Sometimes I have that problem with my food and my mom takes care of that! hmmm...
Kisses and hugs