Tuesday, February 2, 2010

peep show: molly's dapper doxie duds

dear diary,
well can u believe i had to dress up again like a girl?? seriously, what is up wit dat? but to be honest with ya, so long as duk duk doesn't find out about it, i think i'm okay with the whole thing. i mean, the snacks aren't too shabby and look at all the friends i get to meet.

take my new friend, molly, a rubenesque red mini. now, i know what you're thinking and let me just say i don't think she looks like a sandwich either, but that's what my mom called her. i think she just looks pretty with all that white hair on her face n paws, and i bet you she'd be really soft to snuggle with, too. like a nice pillow. that is, if she'd let me. i'm not so sure cuz do u see those fangs on her? i wonder if she was just playing with one of her big dog brothers. sometimes the camera catches us at the most inopportune moment, know what I mean?

anyways, here is the first dapper doxie dud my mom made for her. molly's mom really liked the retro brown floral fabric from chloe's harness, and wouldn't ya know mom finally found some more and so she made this one for molly, only this time she bound the duds in fuschia hot pink hand dyed twill and skipped the yellow ruched ribbon in favor of a simple vintage button and glass bead embellishment. don't tell duk duk but i totally felt like marcia brady in this harness, and she was the popular one with all the boyfriends, right? molly is bound to turn some heads wearing this, i do declare, and yet she'll still be able to climb and dig into the log pile with her brothers.

now, for the second harness, molly's mom said that mom mom could do whatever, only they both agreed that maybe a bodacious side flower on the back wasn't molly's thing. partly cuz she's kinda rough n tumble tomboy and partly cuz of the whole sandwich thing. again, don't ask me what that means, though when i look at her recent pictures sometimes it seems like i am looking in the mirror and seeing the dog i was when i first was adopted, if ya know what i mean. so mom wanted to keep the lines simple (ie no ruffles or big ol flowers) yet still do something texturally interesting that would help break up her lines for a slimming effect. so here's molly's second dapper doxie dud, an arty serged patchwork creation using fabrics from mom's scrap bin, bound in a different hand dyed twill and embellished with a pink baroque freshwater pearl and brass tag. girly, but not frou frou girly. the kind of thing molly could wear to the opera or to the park.

well, that is all for now. i sure hope molly likes her new harnesses! mom says i should get some extra zzzs tonight because i need to help her prepare for another etsy post. how cool is that? maybe she'll even give me a sandwich.



Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Baxter
You make a great harness model and your mom makes great harnesses.
Love Ruby & Penny

Bludog said...

Only a quick note today, because we are too busy watching the mailbox for Molly's package!

We can't wait!

Signed - Molly and her mom

PS - our verification word today is "puggi." Seems like it should be "doxie." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Baxter--Your mom makes the most awesome harnesses! One is better than the next...

Hopefully you will get your squirrel soon--we can tell you they are very, very tasty!

We are gearing up for MORE Snow, tonight and all weekend next--stay warm! Kate & Allie

kalyxcorn said...

yippee! i fixed molly's video links. seeing her play with her big brothers is a sight to behold!!

stay warm, kate n allie!!

Alicia said...

Molly is one tough cookie! Rubenesque, yes, but very lovely. Besides, who really wants a Kate Moss doxie gal, especially when she has German Shepherds gnawing on her head. Molly seems more in the mold of a Maggie Thatcher, and she'll look just feminine enough as she puts the "big dogs" in their place. Beautiful vests, with attitude.



kalyxcorn said...

i love molly's videos - she's so fearless!!!

Amy said...

Love the videos but really love the retro flower harness! I bet it will look great - it looks great on Baxter Model man!

Sandra said...

Obviously your mom is very talented and you are a great model. A powerful combination. And you also look great in everything you wear.

Lorenza said...

Molly is going to love them!
Good job modeling them, Baxter!
Kisses and hugs

Fernanda e Pink said...

How can I have one?

kalyxcorn said...

Hi Fernanda - do you have a paypal account? there are directions on the sidebar, under "custom dapper doxie duds 4 u". Usually I like to send out a fit prototype, but with you living so far away...tell me what Pink's measurements are and maybe I already have a pattern that is close. There should be a link to help you with measurements. Email me at kalyxcraftopia@gmail.com and we can discuss more details! :)

angie said...

lol, love the molly collage!

Peejums said...

It's strange, but my partner made our girls a pair of harnesses out of the very same flowered material that you used. His were very similar in cut as well, but without all the little embellishments and other fancy touches. (By the way, I love your little label! That's one haute couture pup!)

kalyxcorn said...

oh yeah that was one swell corduroy! The first one I ever made for another doxie was also out of this fabric, for Chloe. Send me pics sometime cuz I'm sure your pups are cute in their harnesses!! :)