Monday, March 15, 2010

my buddy lulu

dear diary,
u know how sometimes nuttin is happenin and then the next thing u know, everythin is happenin? well yesterday was one of those days, cuz looky - one minute i'm sleepin on the couch and the next thing i know, i'm walkin with my new buddy lulu at the park! lulu is really cool. she's got long flowy hair and is super nice, just like her mom. we walkied like a whole two miles and can u believe she even showed me her tummy? uh, lulu, that is. not her mom. just to be clear. cuz, i kinda hope we see each other again. uh,lulu. and her mom. but u know. lulu. hey did u know we both like food?

anyways, i'm so glad we got a chance to get together cuz maybe it means we can get together more! o kibble tree, hurry up n grow already so i can have my kibble tree party!!



jiorji said...

oh wow...well i don't want to be TOO obvious avoid embarrassment, but i *think* our little furry friend Baxter has a crush. On Lulu. Not her mom. ;)

Lorenza said...

Lulu is adorable! Sure you had a pawesome time with her and her mom!
Kisses and hugs

jiorji said...

PS. You've been tagged for the "10 happy things" game :D
Check out my blog to see the rules to play :)
it's easy and fun

3 doxies said...

Oh Baxter, Lulu is beautiful. No wonder you have a crush on her! Looks ya'll had a great time.
we finally have the bloggy up but we got some tweaking to do. We'll be back to ur blog to catch up later.

Frankie Furter said...

Baxter your girrrl Lulu looks a lot like MY Ruby!! Very pretty.

Bludog said...

Molly sez ...."Grrrrrrrrrrr"

I think she's jealous.

Fernanda e Pink said...

I'm in love with these photos ...

kalyxcorn said...

hi jiorji! ummm, uhhh, since i really can't deliver the goods cuz of, well sumptin that happened like when i was little, well, i just hope we can be good friends, cuz, well, i, uuhhh, i really don't know much about it so i really can't say and whatever it was that was wrong with me got fixed cuz mom said so. u know. that i got fixed. so i guess i am better but i, uh.. hey I think I hear duk duk callin me so yeah...we'll talk later right? toodles! b.

Baxter's mom here, okay well. Oh I played the game! answers in the comment box at jiorji's site. And love her new goodies on Etsy!

3doxies!!! welcome. I can tell your site is gonna be swell. Just remember, entertain yourself and that's about all there is to it, really!

Hi Frankie furter! does Ruby's tail also double as a dusting wand like Lulu's? Love Lulu's sweeper tail.

Hi Bludog! Tell Molly her place in all our hearts is tight and secure! I am certain Molly would set us all straight if it weren't so!! :)

Hola Fernanda e Pink - how is the new car?? :)

Marene and Ali said...

Spring is in the air. What a great girlfriend. Amazing you have never seen her before. What a beauty. You be nice to her now Baxter!

Marene and Ali said...

Oh hey - forgot somethin'. Maybe you and Lulu could dance together. You know a whole routine. Just your and your sweetie. Like Dancin' With the Doxies. I'll be waitin' for the video.

Elizabeth said...

Lulu loved meeting Baxter. She's been dreaming about him ever since.

Marene, Lulu has no dancing skillz at all so please don't put your life on hold waiting for that video or anything.

angie said...

lulu is a little beauty!

kalyxcorn said...

hee - she is a beauty, isn't she?