Saturday, August 28, 2010

an affair to remember

Having been away now for six days from little boyfriend, I must say the withdrawal symptoms are definitely growing. Sure, we video chat every day, but there's nothing like physical presence, the feel of a little snuggly round sausage boy nudging against me when I write these posts, the sight of a waggy tail when I have food to share, the companionship of a four legged little buddy boy. And so, on Friday I resorted to bribing the cockapoo that lives at the place we are staying, luring him into loving me with tiny bits of watermelon and partially fulfilled promises of walkies. While his mom was away at work and we had the house to ourselves, Roscoe the cockapoo became my surrogate buddy, and we both hung out like two refugees brought together out of similar circumstances and needs. We developed an understanding, Roscoe and I, an arrangement. With no one else around, he was my lap buddy and I was his lap, and neither of us would let our respective loved ones know of our tryst.

By Friday evening when the amazing miss Molly came to visit and Roscoe's mom came home, our relationship was but a memory. It was time to get a real doxie fix, and Molly was the perfect little pumpkin at Saturday's show, ambling about while her mom, Robin, and I worked, poking her head out from under the tablecloth with the perfect amount of cuteness to merit the snack that she knew was waiting for her.

Her big brother Max had visited our booth earlier, making himself very useful as a model for one of Robin's hats. I am so impressed, by the way, with Molly and her big brother and sister, they all do so wonderfully of leash and heed their mom so well!

By the late afternoon I was striking gold in the doxie fix department. Isabella stopped by to say hi and start up a conversation about dapper doxie duds (oooh, yes! maybe aqua with a modern/retro feel? we'll be talking soon!!)

Then the world's longest doxie brothers Ike and Otto showed up to join the party! Such beautiful boys, long, slender and oh so schnozzy. A pair of princes. Bringing a memorable doxie end to a super fun Saturday. Thanks so much bludog for EV-ertthing and sio and jeeve's friend and all the new friends that came out to say hi! One more day to go, and we'll be so sad to leave so soon. One day, we're totally bringing the little kielbasa so he can meet all his little buddies!! :)


Frankie Furter said...

Super Doxie Post!!

cheyne923 said...

Oh what fun! Perhaps Jeeves knew that I wouldn't be able to take him on the bus and train, he wouldn't eat yesterday and was vomiting. I overly panicked and took him to the vet, said his temp was okay and just watch him. Last night he ate a little bit of the bland dog food the vet provided and he drank water. Today he's still sort of ambivalent about food but he's not as listless. I'm so sad to not meet you! I'll talk with my friend later and with Ike and Otto's mom. Melinda and the slightly less peppy, Jeeves.

Lorenza said...

I am sure Baxter would love to be there sometime meeting all those doggie friends!
Have fun!
Kisses and hugs