Friday, January 7, 2011

top view

I take so many pictures of the little kielbasa from the front that it's hard to remember there are other sides to him too, like the little mouse inspired top view I so often see when his interests are elsewhere.

sure u can call me a mouse, if it means i can have a piece of cheese. :)


Mary Anne said...

Sure Bax- you can have as many pieces of cheese as you want!

Hannalei said...

Come to my house Baxy and I will please you with all the cheese you can eat. Do you like the yams wrapped in chicken? My babies love those.

wanlai2001 said...

Hey I am called little mouse by my mom too!! Hee hee...And boy I love the cheese too!!!


Max the Quilt Cat said...

Baxter... you can have my share of the cheese. I never liked the stuff. Have a great weekend little mouse.

pawhugs, Max