Saturday, August 6, 2011

etsy fresh: g is for guffaw

dear diary,
yippee! yesterday was almost going to be a so boring let's maybe get have fun even if it means we might get in trouble kind of day where me n duk duk would have taught lil pink puppy n chocobot how to play guess whose foofie even though we should know better and instead looky - i got to help mom take pictures of new etsy goodies!!  and yeah i know whatchoo r thinkin, why didn't u help mom and play that super swell game? and how can i play too?

well diary, the answer to your first question is, maaaybe we did, maaaybe we did not.  duk duk said i should plead the fifth. although i do not understand if it is the fifth why i had to do that first.

anyhoo, the even better news is the answer to your second question, diary.  bcuz me n duk duk decided our next super duper dognduk facebook event?  why worldwide guess whose foofie game day of course! but tomorrow i will tell u more about it because it is late as i write this and i still need to help mom load our new paper and magnet goodies into my mom's etsy shop .

i hope u r having a super saturday, diary - and me too!

b. :)


A MilShelb Mom said...

Your Mom is sooooo creative! Our Mom wishes she had some fun funky photos of us. We want her to put up HUGE pictures of us in the den. hahaha!! Anyhow, She's so creative and our Mom just loves her etsy store. She's going to send it to people for part of her Christmas wish list so maybe some people will buy her some things from you and your Mom!
~Milly and Shelby

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee thank u milly n shelby! and me so think u should get her a giant picture of u both for her den this christmas becuz it is very easy to do and u can get a giant picture of u online easy peasy!

A MilShelb Mom said...

That looks awesome! We went to see the link and Mom is now obsessed with this idea. She has one of me (Shelby) we just posted on our blog. Our living room has lots of reds and she wants to have that in the pictures some. It may take her some time (and way too much cooperation on our part) but maybe she will achieve this goal. haha!
~Milly and Shelby

Amy said...

Oh Baxter, you are just so lucky to have such a creative mom!! My mom says that your mom is gonna make her go broke... I'm not really sure what that means but everytime she says it we get lots of fun stuff in the mail so I think it's a good thing!!

My mom also has a cool picture that she wants to get blown up of me so I'll tell her to check that link as well.

Happy posing:) *Jasper

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee milly n shelby, i jsut visited and tried to comment but me dunno if it worked or not so i will say it here that i love that picture! and mom says there are many more options now with printing a big picture than when she printed mine a few years ago so luckee for u!! :)

oooh i cannot wait to see how your giant picture turns out jasper! mom says she got my print from kodak a long time ago and is not sure if they offer the same ol plain giant poster print only but it looks like there are many cool options out there now from a lot of people so i cannot wait to hear what u picked! :) b

Tammy said...

Hi Baxter!
I just wanted to say hi (again) and tell you I am still enjoying your blog. I emailed your mom a few weeks ago and told her about my doxie son named Rudy who looks a lot like you. If you want to take a look at him I posted some pictures of him on my website. I think he is a very handsome dog and I am sure you two would be great friends if we lived closer to each other.
You can see some pictures of Rudy by visiting this post on my website:

Max the Quilt Cat said...

We missed making our rounds yesterday. I love those new pictures....

pawhugs, Max

kalyxcorn said...

thank u miss tammy and i cannot wait to looky at your site. i am hoping to sneaky sneak a litle looky now before i have 2 go to bed! :)

thank u max! :) b