Wednesday, September 7, 2011

everybuddy knows u do not pass up a watermelon snackie opportunity

dear diary,
mom says no matter where she looks, she always manages to find something that reminds her of me.  which i guess is why she came home from her bizcation thifty store adventures with a super cool toy dog n duk  (hee hee, remind u of anybuddies?), a roly poly circus bear, a softball, and a giant letter b.   all things i cannot wait to share with duk duk n chocobot n lil pink puppy because we were just talking about playing roly poly circus bear softball tag during recess tomorrowbut seeins how we did not have a roly poly circus bear or a softball or the letter B or a super cool toy dog n duk to serve as goalies, all we would  really be doin is talking and not playin if u know what i mean.  til now that is, now that we have everything to play it with.  well, now after i finish my watermelon snackie.  because watermelon snackies are yummy and everybuddy knows u do not pass up a watermelon snackie oppportunity.  even if it means roly poly circus bear softball tag must wait.  but do not worry diary, i will be finished soon and u can play with us too if u want! just be sure to meet us by mister turtle's secret playground hideout and bring your own oven mitt. i cannot wait til recess!!  :)

b. :)


Bludog said...

It turns out that Molly does like watermelon! It's the only fruit she will eat. We've been having a lot of watermelon, so I gave it a try - and she likes it! She actually likes it!

Any chance that letter B is off of my old cheerleading uniform? 'Cos, it might be...

Anonymous said...

Oh Baxter - I have not had watermelon yet - but you make is sound SO good!

I love your mom's neato new toys and cool stuff!
Is that ball for you?

Sending cool vibes your way!
XXOO - Hildy

Max the Quilt Cat said...

OMC.... you are so lucky.... what wonderful treasures your mom brought home. Have fun.

pawhugs, Max

kalyxcorn said...

ooh yippee miss bludog! mom always end up helping me with it so i do not end up eating the white and green part but i betchoo molly already knows how to eat it without any help at all! :) and u were a cheerleader miss bludog? so coool.

oh hildy, u simply must try it, but do not eat too much especially the first time cuz u never know, right? just a tiny tiny nibbleypoo! :)

hee hee thank u max. hey mom says she has enough scraps for a throw! but never enough time! :0

Amy said...

Hey Baxter:)

Mom & I had some yummy watermelon on Monday too!! She took lots of pics & if she's not too lazy tonite she might help me put them on my blog:)

Glad you got some cool stuff from mom's travels!! Have fun playing w/ all your goodies:)


kalyxcorn said...

thank u jasper! tell your mom that my mom said after u see tomrrow's post u will know why she did not open that package they that u sent me yet - heeyyyy wait - a package 4 me?? and it's not opened yet??? oh the dogmanity!! :)

Aimee of East Avenue said...

My doxies LOVE watermelon too! So cute :)