Thursday, March 22, 2012

dapper doxie duds: tucker's LSU Sporty Dud

hee hee, okay, one more time mister dragon, but this time, kick AND foofie!

- baxter, 5.25 years old, on teaching the finer points of foofie football to his friend mister dragon.

Well hello, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter reporting to you today on another dud my mom made while me and duk duk were away on spring break camping on foofie mountain.  Today, it's all about football.  Or, LSU football that is. Which, I really don't know how to play even though I had a chance to learn and earn a badge for it back on foofie mountain but did not because I was busy making - er, hunting - poopie snakes, but as u can probably tell from the picture above, it really doesn't matter.  Cuz mostly I think u kick and tackle and run and well, all the stuff we do in foofie football except for the foofie part. So I hope my friend Tucker will still feel right at home wearing his new dud because from what I hear, his little sister Tilly is all about tackling him, just like it's done in either game.  Hee hee, come to think of it, maybe she needs a football dud, too.

Anyhoo, even though my tummy and I had a fine time modeling Tucker's LSU football dud, I am so glad to give you an opportunity to see Tucker modeling his own dud too. Doesn't he look swell?  I hope he has plenty of swell adventures in it.

This is Baxter your roving rover reporter, wishing you a very happy and poopie filled Thursday.  :)


Cassie said...

It's fabulous and Tucker love love loves it and Tilly want want wants it! It's perfect :)
Tucker is a little puffed up from having his picture on your blog!!
Thanks again! xo

Ash said...

oh my gosh! My Peonie may need an LSU one (a little more girly though!) and Paisley & Piper need Gator ones!! We have a divided household :) we'll have to do that before football season!

Anonymous said...

What does Dragon foofie smell like?

Like your sporty outfit!
You look so sporty!

Good to have you back Baxter!

- HIldy

Lovable Lily said...

Hey B! Your Mommy did a FANTASTIC job on Tucker's handsome harness. He looks so dapper in it too.

I'm sure with all of your pointers, he will be the bestest Quarterback on the team.

Lily Belle

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee miss cassie, tucker is so lucky he can puff up with all that long hair. me want long hair soo bad, especially since it is still a cold seventy seven degrees here.

sure miss ash whenever u want to start the process just drop my mom an email and just know to allow for plenty of time bcuz sometimes it takes a while to find the right fabrics in the right colors and such and of course there is the fitting and stuff and well there are options on how to make it girly that can be discussed and stuff. :)

thank u lily belle. sorry me so late in replying. what a week it has been what with catching up and all. i hope u are havin a wonderful weekend!! :)