Saturday, March 31, 2012

the poopie dumpling gang



well boys, i see we have ourselves a bona fide d-i..., no, wait, d-i-l-i-m-m-u-....i see we have ourselves in a fine predica-dica-dookiement we do.  chocobot, how's about u trade in them keys u found for some grub for us whydontcha and in the meanwhile me n duk duk will think up another way to bust me out of this here pokey..

- baxter 5.25 years old, upon realizing he probably should have paid more attention in his spelling and vocabulary class, and that the keys his poopie dumpling gang rustled up to break him out of the pokey won't work without a keyhole to put them in.


Anonymous said...

Hang on Baxter!
I'll see if my mommy will let me send you a cake with a file in it.

Miss Dixie

Jane said...

Baxter, you are breaking my heart having to be in the pokey. But it looks like you are keeping your spirits up since your friends are stopping by. I see you have a good lookout too, so you can see the sunshine anyway. Keep getting better! :)

docsdox said...

well, i'll be a meercat's foofie! ain't right you bein' in that thar pokey, bax. ah thank iff'n ye call the local poopie snakes, they'll stink up the joint ta distract the sheriff an' git choo out!


Anonymous said...

Hi Baxter! Just checkin' in to see how you are doing! I had to get a bath this morning! Yuck! At least I always get a cheese snacky afterwards....
Take care of yourself!!

Oh, I was thinkin' wonder us sausage doggies get sore necks, we always have to look up at everything!

Love, Wishy

Anonymous said...

Oh, there are trying so hard to break you out . . .
Let me put on my thinking' cap maybe I can think up somethun'.

What if they climbed over the top and played inside with you?


Love you Baxter - you'll be out soon!
- Hildy & My mom Ms. Nancy

kalyxcorn said...

ooh miss dixie that would be wonderful, even if it did not have a file in it. pokey food does not taste as good as freedom food.

thank u miss jane i will try! :)

ooh good point ramsay. but all our poopie snakes in this neck of the woods do not carry phones. i wonder if they know morse code...

mmm cheese. so lucky u r, wishy! even though u had to take a bath. :)

hee hee i did not even read this til now hildy and it is so funny that u said that. lucky for us the ladder was close by..!