Thursday, August 2, 2012

brought 2 u by baxter n duk duk: a dj scratch munky & skillit hedd video production featuring maus in dahaus and ottopiLot

What's a little dog and his toyfriends to do when it's cloudy and thundery outside and their plans for the day are spoiled?  Why, adopt electro-house dj personas and write a song about it and make their own music video of course. :)


AMY ANN said...

Love the video. We feel the same way.
Xoxo Dylan and Dixie

Jeanne said...

Yup! Poe's right there with ya, Baxter!

Ed and Jill said...

my girls are the same way.....poop on the patio when it's rainy out....LOL

Lisa said...

Too funny Baxter! I just pinned this to my doxie Pinterest board.

Bludog said...

Chocobot is quite a dancer!

Honey would like to second the motion about not pooping (or peeing, or even venturing out) when it's wet outside.

Marley said...

I totally agree Baxter. Is in monsoon where you are? I have to wear a raincoat and use an umbrella. It won't be dry until September.

~Must Love Dogs~ said...

That was so good and so every Doxie I know! LOL

Max the Quilt Cat said...

wooohooooo great video. That's the good thing about being a cat... we get to poop inside all the time.

Have a great day.

hugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

doxielover said...

love the video!!!

Lovable Lily said...

Hey Mr. Baxter!

I'm hiring you an Agent bcuz you're gonna be the next big hip-hop artist on the market. We're gonna contact DTV (you know, like MTV butt for dog's.) We've already talked to our radio station WBOL and they've agreed to play your new tune.

Then, all of Blogville can brag that we know you!

Lily Belle

Anonymous said...

B - The boys are in total agreement with you !! Just picture what my kitchen looks like on a rainy day with 3 (big) dachsies!! (can you say Lysol and air freshener?!)


kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, i think i read somewhere, always write about whatchoo know, and well, u know we know poop! thank u miss amy ann n dylan n dixie!

sometimes miss jeanne n poe, i think it would b nice to have a little covered pooping area, u know, like a car port? but a poop port!

oooh mister ed and miss jill, now dat's what im talkin bout. but at least my dad holds an umbrella over me while i am in the grass. :)

hee hee miss lisa, i wonder what pinterest people r gonna think! :)

chocobot says thank u miss bludog! and ooh, honey is so tall, i bet u could walk underneath her and stay dry while i poop!

well marley, it is not officially like that but for some reason lately, it always gets thundery in the afternoons here right now. which has like, never happened before. i like that u have a raincoat! :)

hee hee thank u mistermiss must love dogs. sometimes, it helps 2 write about whatchoo know, u know?

oh max, not only do u get to poop inside, but you kitties make the most WONderful tasting poops too! mmmm kitty pooop....

thank u mistermiss doxielover! :)

hee hee,ooo an agent! that would b great lily belle. DJ Scratch Munky n the Spunky Bunch, climbin the charts!

oooh, miss siol i bet it smells wonderful in your kitchen! well, til the lysol comes out. wet dog is like my second favorite stink!! :)

willy the wiener dog said...

baxter, i aksed my mom to pin it to her pinterest board 2. here is the linky

what a gr8 song and video u did! i luv it. i'm with u on the 'poop port', bax. i h8 it when it is rainy outside. sumtimes i poop on the floor by the door just so i don't have to go outside in that stoopid wet stuff. my mom n dad always say i'm lucky cuz i'm cute, whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

Poop, poop, pee doo!

You make us smile!


Hildy & my mom