Thursday, September 20, 2012

dapper doxie duds: much ado about something

but,  mom, if i wear nikki's new dud on my head like this i cannot wear this pretty flower crown i found in our play closet from when me n lulu were doing our pirate skit and i think it would go very well with nikki's new dud, dontchoo think?  and  i think i can fit it if i hwuuup hard enough,  and once i am dressed as  purple princess queen of the forest, i can recite the speech i wrote, u know, so it will be an interactive modelling session.  please? it will be so fun...oh yippee! okay will be right back!

(HWUUUUUUP! o thank u duk duk for helping my get my crown on...okay places everybuddy...)

"O friends and loyal subjects of the purple forest, we cometh here today to celebrate a new dud for my friend Nikki, who merrily is fond of climbing rocks and roaming the mountains of her native wilderness with her fair sister Lucy, and thus she did require a simple dud that was outdoorsy girly but not too frou frou - " (vroom, skreeeeee!)

hey wait, was that??? do u hear what I hear??  


(bark bark brik brak bark bow wow wowbark bark brik brak ribba ribba bow wow) hey, up here, man in brown! yeah  u know i'm barkin atchoo! (brik brik woof woof ribba ribba) i'm ruff and i'm tuff even in purple flowers and yeah just leave that package and run off now cuz i'm that scary.  (rowr rowr arf woof arf) yeah dat's what i'm talkin bout.  barkatchoo next time too, scaredy pants! (bwoof)

oh i am sorry mom, u were saying sumptin?  maybe...or um, yeah.  can we maybe,  start this modelling session over? maybe, after i go downstairs and see what the man in brown left me? cuz well, u know, it might take a while for me to get back into character n all. :)

(hee hee, I hope u love your new dud Nikki!! :) )


Lovable Lily said...

Gosh Baxter, she's at it again! Yup, Mommy has the tears rolling down her face again... She just loves being delighted by you. You were mighty brave to scare off the man in brown (especially dressed like that!).

Hope you have a totally pawsome day.

Lily Belle

Jeanne said...

Oh, Baxter, you're so cute when you're dressed up but not acting in character! I looooove this dud - the purple is amazing.

Kerri said...

OMG, the length of the top in the third picture is *killing* me! Remember the Baby T trend? It's like B has on a Baby D (for dud)!

Lorenza said...

You are a super duper model!
Aaaand.... I am sure the delivery man was afraid to come close to your home!
Kisses and hugs