Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentine's day

hurry chocobot! valentine's day has already started and the air is thick with cooties!  we have to seal the hatch on our cootie fallout shelter now, before the cooties start sticking!

  okay now that we are all in, i will call mom so we can ask her to put the lid on and punch out air holes all over our shelter and wrap it in the one way super duper hypoallerenic hepa filtration filter system that we purchased on --- ppphhhhhhheeeeeeew!  duk duk, i told u - pheeeeeew! chocobot not u too!  did nobuddy get my memo about staying away from the monkey ch--- pheeeeeew! lil pink puppy too!  seriously who do i even bother putting out memos if nobuddy will read them?  sheesh! didjoo feel that? i think i just got cootied.  no time to tarry, i better call mom!

mom, i hope u like the valentine's card we made you and we are ready whenever u are! and when u come, um - can u please also bring all our gas masks?  and, my heart shaped snackies?  oh, and  a bag of charcoal please? 

okay if anybuddy needs us today, i think u know where to find us.   stay cootie free my friends, and happy valentine's day  :) ♥


SamCookie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Baxter, Duk Duk and Chocobot. With slurps from your Arizona friends, Lulu Belle, Rave and Harley D. Hound.

Jane said...

Happy Valentine's Day Baxter! You and your friends are so funny. I hope one day your mom decides to write a storybook about all of your adventures. It would be a sellout!

kalyxcorn said...

happy valentines day my friends!

hee hee miss jane, i think our book would be a gas! :)

Anonymous said...

Baxter - your Valentine's Cards were a big hit at my dad's workplace. Were they certified cootie free?
- Clifford

docsdox said...

happy cootie-free valentine's day!!!!