Sunday, February 17, 2013

me likey dat: my new parachubrella


dear diary,

yesterday's snow turned into rain  by the afternoon and although this was a great disappointment, i was very glad at least to try out the new umbrella my mom scored at Tuesday Morning earlier this week.  And I am super relieved that she only paid five bucks for it because today me and duk duk hope to saw off the handle stick and turn the rest into a parachute. u know, the kind that explodes out the back of your nitrous foofxide super duper pedal car dragster  to slow it down after it crosses the finish line in first place at the races u planned for this afternoon.  because as u might have guessed by now, that is totally what we are planning to do today. and me and duk duk are so creaming chocobot n lil pink puppy's glam glam glitter go-mobile, let me tell u.

well diary, i must get back to helping duk duk put the flame stickers on our dragster because the race is in one hour.   i hope u have a wonderful sunday too!

b. :)


Bludog said...

Well, who won?

kalyxcorn said...

nobuddy. called off on account of foofie leak! :)