Saturday, March 16, 2013

time paradachsnduks: rubber dukkie

"transformed into girls by the giant time bwoopsplosion, and now extremely concerned about cootie infestation, baxter and duk duk hold off on finding a solution to their girl transformation, and spend their saturday afternoon steeped in bubbles and song..."

to be continued :)


Jane said...

Baxter, I am loving your and Duk duk's story! You are too cute in your shower cap! :)

Lorenza said...

Kisses and hugs

Bludog said...

SCRUB! Scrub hard!

Kaunis Nelli said...

You're cute :)

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee thank u miss jane and lorenza!

tell me about it miss bludog. i really wanted 2 borrow mom's scrubby gloves but they only slipped on my paws. :)

thank u pretty nelli! i hope u r doing well! :)