Tuesday, March 19, 2013

timeparadachsnduks: one step closer, another step back

"disappointed to find that their mom's unfinished timey wimey device did not turn back time as they had hoped, girl baxter and girl duk duk are now faced with an interesting observation, and a time challenge of a different sort..." 

" ..hours later..."

to be continued (sheesh!)..


Stacey said...

"Blah blah blah" I'm cracking up!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the TARDIS, or even K-9(!!), will arrive soon to help you out - before the Cybermen (Cyberdoxies?) or Daleks show up. We are on the edges of our seats!


Lulu Belle Large said...

Hi Baxter 'n' Duk Duk: me 'n' my Dad love science fiction and are reading your story eagerly each day. We hope it all works out well, and when it does, will you tell me how to do it in reverse? I'd like to try being a boy for awhile. Slurps from your Arizona friend, Lulu Belle.

kalyxcorn said...

:) hello miss stacey!

well miss siol, i sure hope so. i have always wanted 2 meet k9! :)

hello lulu belle large! i think the next time jump window is in november, so i think u might b able to try it then! :) :)